How to Use Instagram for Your Etsy Business–10 Tips for Success!


Let’s talk about how you can use Instagram to boost your Etsy business!  It’s not as hard as you might think, and using Instagram is like getting free advertising!

A picture is worth a thousands words, right?  But, what if a picture could be worth a thousand dollars???  That works for me!  It’s not crazy at all to think that you can share an awesome photo on Instagram and have it go viral.  It happens all the time…every single day!  That’s part of the magic of social media.  I’ve actually had it happen myself, and I can’t even explain the thrill of watching the sales come in that holiday season!

Selling online takes more than just having a great product.  You have to get out there and get your products noticed.  It can make a world of difference in your success, and Instagram can help make it happen!

1O Tips for Success on Instagram

These tips and ideas will help you whether you’re new to social media or a seasoned social guru!  So, even if you haven’t started you Instagram account yet…this is for you!  Whenever my social media growth starts to stall I go back to these basic social media tips and put them into practice to kick things up a notch.  They work.

  • Consistent style will attract the right customers to your shop.  You don’t have to do the exact same colors or styles with every single post, but keep it in mind as an overall theme to your Instagram feed.  If someone is deciding to follow you they are likely to scroll through your Instagram feed {your photos}.  You’ll want it to be consistent.  So, don’t post all food photos if you’re trying to sell crochet hats!  You might sell one, but you won’t be building up followers that love crochet and can’t get enough of it in their Instagram feeds.  Look for a few examples of businesses that do this well and learn from what they do.
  • Hashtag every post!  When you add a post to Instagram immediately think what hashtags will work best to bring new people your way.  If I add a photo of pottery I’m making it might look something like this…#pottery #Etsy #shopEtsy #shop #handmade #clay #shophandmade #gifts.  You get the idea, right?  I try not to go super crazy and add 20, but I do want to reach new people.  I usually add less than 10 hashtags.  Many people search Instagram by hashtag {myself included} and you can find so many new followers this way!
  • Map It.  Are you at a craft fair or farmer’s market while sharing your Instagram photo?  Share your location.  This way people can see your post when they are viewing posts of that location.  Imagine someone at the same craft fair noticing your awesome products and looking for you to purchase them.  It could happen, for sure!  It’s a tiny extra step that could pay off.  You can add a specific location from your Instagram profile.
  • Tag Someone!  When you tag someone it will show up in their Photos of You section as part of their profile.  So, if you purchase something awesome from an Etsy shop and take a photo of it, you’ll want to tag them!  It’s a great way to make new friends!  Social media friends can really help you out by sharing your posts on Instagram or other social media channels.
  • Profile Style – Make sure your profile clearly tells about your business and you.  If you don’t mention your business at all they won’t know right away that you’re sharing something they can purchase.  They might just think you are taking a photo of one of your favorite things.  It’s best to send everyone back to a blog or shop with your profile link.  I highly suggest having a blog for a million different reasons. You can read more about Starting a Blog for Your Etsy Business right here.  So, make sure your profile helps you out by sending them to a great spot that really represents you and your beautiful handmade business.
  • Connect it.  When you post a photo on Instagram you have the option of connecting that photo to Facebook or Twitter and having it post there at the same time.  Do it.  It’s a great way to let people on other social channels know that you have an active Instagram account that they need to go over to and follow!  Everyone doesn’t see every single post, so go ahead and do this each time you post to Instagram to help grow your followers.

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  • Make Friends!  Make friends by being a friend. Easy, right?  Social media follows many of the same rules that you learned as a child…be nice, share and be there to help.  So, if you know someone is trying to share a special giveaway of one of their Etsy products…share it and help them spread the word.  Comment on posts that you like with more than “awesome” or “love it” on a regular basis.  Thoughtful comments are appreciated by everyone!  Show interest in their work and they’ll be your social media friends forever!
  • Be There.  You have to be present to grow your Instagram followers.  Posting every week won’t really help at all.  So, you’ll need to make an effort to grow your followers and post at least once a day.  If you can post a few times a day that’s even better.  You can post in-progress photos of a project, a sneak peek at a new product, a glimpse of your creative space or what you’re doing that day.  Staying active is an excellent way to grow your followers…try it for a few weeks and you’ll see!  It may seem a bit hard at first, but it gets easier.
  • Follow Like-minded People and Businesses.  Fill up your Instagram feed with companies that compliment your products or people with similar interests.  They are most likely a great sample of your customers.  It also makes it easier for you to interact with them by commenting.  You’ll find some great followers this way…and hopefully a few customers along the way. {Tip – Do you know a business that has the perfect customers for what you’re selling?  Go to their Instagram account and follow their followers!  Many will take a look at your Instagram feel and follow you back!}
  • Giveaways and Contests – You can do a special giveaway or contest at anytime!  What a great way to find new followers.  Many people make it a requirement that they tag a friend and follow them to be entered…that works!  You can also have a contest for your customers that share the best photo of your products.  Fun stuff!

Bracelets by Sweet Auburn Studio

There’s so much more that I could say about using Instagram, and I’m sure you will find just the right mix of posts to grow your followers.  Be you and share.  You can’t go wrong!

If you put in the work and focus your efforts you will be thrilled with the outcome.  Social media is an amazing blessing for any online business.  Where else can you advertise your work without spending a dime?  Time to get out there and get discovered!

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