I Want to Feature YOUR Etsy Shop


I have smart readers. I have resourceful readers. I have crafty readers. I know all this to be true because I’ve seen it through your comments and your emails. But I just want to focus on the crafty part for a hot second.

Etsy Shop: JennysWreathBoutique

I know you make things, you pour your heart and soul into handmade goods and so many of you sell your wares over on that lovely little place called Etsy. I’ve seen some of your shops and I have been BLOWN AWAY! You guys are crazy talented and now I want the world to know!

Etsy Shop: AshleyMortensonArt

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, I’d love to promote YOU and your Etsy shop. I want to know what you sell so I can post it and share it, and so others can purchase all your goodies.

Etsy shop: BouquetofBaskets

Etsy is pretty freakin awesome for doing just that. I love selling on Etsy myself. Etsy is to showing, what Pinterest is to telling. It’s where thousands of the coolest, most talented humans on the planet come together to sell the most awesome handmade stuff.

etsy shop: artfulaccents

So I want to see YOUR awesome handmade stuff! Here’s your chance to promote yourself. If you have an Etsy shop, go ahead and leave a comment on this telling us what you sell and then make sure you post the link to your shop. Gift giving season is right around the corner so I would LOVE to be able to feature some of your items in a Mornings with Mavis post. Although I wish I could, chances are I won’t be able to post every single shop you share. But I’ll try to post as many as possible!

etsy shop: HeartlandStampCo

Don’t have a shop but want to start one? I’ve gathered some of my tips on How to Sell on Etsy. Check ’em out and see if Etsy is the right fit for you.

I’m so excited to see all of the hidden talents you guys have!


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