Sale Samurai for Etsy Sellers: A SEO, Keyword Research & Analytics Tool


Do you sell on Etsy? If you do, then you may be interested in this Etsy SEO, Keyword Research, and Analytics tool. The product is Sale Samurai, and it’s another one of Neil Lassen’s excellent products. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Neil as he also created Merch Informer and Book Bolt.

I use Sale Samurai (SS) to help grow my two Etsy stores. I sell mostly mugs in my 1st store and use SS to improve my existing product listings. Though I’m no longer creating new mug designs, I am creating new printables to sell in my 2nd Etsy store. Sale Samurai helps me find printable ideas that are in demand with little competition.

In this blog post, I go over how SS helps you improve your shop listings and find product ideas.

Analyze and Improve your etsy listings

Sale Samurai pulls in your Etsy shop data so you can analyze and improve your product listings:

My Etsy Store Data

Because the above screenshot may be hard to read, I split it up into two. This section gives information about your active listings:

The right side of the screen lists your products and gives you additional information about them:

By clicking on the symbol in the “Details” column, you’ll get more information about the product. I mainly focus on the “Tag” section. I like it because it lists all my tags and their search volume.

SS provides many more details than what’s shown in the screenshot.

Since I often have keywords with a low search volume, I use the SS “Search” feature to find better ones for my title and tags:

Once I find more, I add the higher volume keywords to my title and tags.

Discover Etsy Product Ideas

In the Etsy training videos that I’ve seen, the instructor often teaches you to find product ideas by doing an Etsy keyword search, looking at the Bestsellers, and then creating similar products.

I like looking at the bestsellers to see what people are buying. However, I’m also interested in knowing the keyword search volume and competition.

Therefore, I’m delighted that Sale Samurai includes a Chrome extension that displays the keyword search volume while you’re in Etsy. When you search for a keyword, you’ll see a list of suggested keywords with its search volume and a “more” column:

When you click on one of the “more” links, the Sale Samurai Keyword Suggestions page comes up. Here you’ll find more keyword suggestions with the Search Volume, Competition, and Word Count.

The Chrome extension really helps with finding product ideas. For instance, in the above image, I searched for “Printable” and immediately saw that “Printable Wall Art” has the highest search volume. I then clicked on “248 more” and was directed to the Keyword Suggestions page:

The actual page has 248 rows of data.

As all the keywords have a lot of competition, I niched down further by including object keywords (animals, plants, food items, etc.) in the search bar.

For example, I searched for “fruit wall art” in the Etsy search bar and found two keyword phrases that don’t have too much competition: Dehydrated Fruit and Loquat Fruit.

I’ll save those two search terms to research later by downloading them to a .CSV file.

More Sale Samurai Features

You can do much more with Sale Samurai than what I discussed in this blog post. A few other things you can do are:

  1. Track other Etsy shops and compare them to yours.
  2. Auto-upload your artwork to the included Print on Demand platforms.
  3. Plan for holiday-themed designs by viewing the “Calendar,” which even includes the weird and unofficial holidays.
May 24 and May 25, 2021 Holidays

Sign up for sale samurai

If you’re ready to use Sale Samurai, click on the image below to visit their SALES PAGE and sign up for a free account!

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p.s. If you haven’t opened your Etsy store yet, get 40 free listings by joining through my REFERRAL LINK. I’ll get 40 free listings too! Thank you in advance for using it.

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