Tips for Selling Digital Products


Selling digital products is a fantastic way to earn passive income, and what’s better than making money in your sleep?! Nothing. You design and create it once and then you can sell it over and over again!

I have an Etsy shop, which is where I get the majority of my sales from. However, I also sell on a couple of other platforms too. I feel like I’ve done pretty well and almost every month since I started, I have increased my income compared to the previous month.

Here is my Etsy income from when I started selling digital products in September 2019:

I want to show you that if you work hard and focus on your goals, you can successfully sell digital products. Below is a list of tips I have compiled for you on what I have done to be successful at selling digital products and making sales daily.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something

Types of Digital Products

Before I get into my selling tips, I wanted to talk about what kinds of digital products you can create. And honestly, the list goes on and on. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • templates
  • eBooks
  • e-courses
  • graphics
  • fonts
  • printables

You want to create products you have knowledge of or enjoy designing. I’m a graphic designer so I mainly create and sell social media graphics and templates which is something I love to do! You’ll also want to make sure your product solves a problem that will make someone need/want to purchase your product.

Another reason I love creating digital products is that the overhead is so minimal. All you really need is your computer, graphics/fonts (but you can always use commercial free ones), and your time.

Design Tutorials

Sans Serif Font Design

High-Resolution Texture Packs


At the beginning of each month, I create a goal of how much money I want to earn from selling my digital products. Having a goal always seems to make me work harder and really focus on how I’m going to achieve that goal.

It always feels so good to reach or even exceed the goal I created for myself. And if I don’t make my goal, it just gives me more motivation to reach it the next month and find out what I can do differently to do that.

Onto the tips...

#1 Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is by far one of the best ways to advertise your digital products. Since I started my Etsy shop in September 2019, Pinterest has brought in 71% of traffic to my Etsy shop. That’s a HUGE chunk! There are so many people searching for things on Pinterest, so it’s important to take advantage of that!

Creating multiple pins per digital product is one of the first things I do to advertise my products and get eyes on them. The pins need to have eye-catching titles that make people want to click through to your website instead of scrolling right past.

The pins below are a couple that have received some of the most clicks. Since these did so well, I always try to make pins with the similar format for the Instagram highlight covers I sell.

To make sure your pins get seen, use keywords to find out what people are searching for on Pinterest. You can find the keywords by using the search bar right on Pinterest!

Pinning consistently is also VERY important. Don’t go days without pinning. I use Tailwind to help schedule my pins and keep my posting schedule consistent.

I also highly recommend checking out Pinterest with Ell! Ell created an in-depth Pinterest course that I absolutely loved! She is a master at Pinterest and I really learned a lot from her course to increase monthly blog views. She goes into detail about Pinterest SEO, keyword search, pin design, Tailwind, and more! (PS…it’s affordable too!)

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#2 Selling on Multiple Platforms

One way to get more eyes on your products is to sell them on multiple platforms. The platforms I sell my digital products on are:


As I mentioned earlier, Etsy is where I get most of my sales. It’s also the first place where I started selling my digital products. Etsy is a very popular website, so if you work at it, you can do really well selling on there. I suggest you start your selling on Etsy first since there is already such a huge audience on there.

Make sure you focus on SEO for your listings! I use eRank to help with my Etsy SEO. It’s free and I highly suggest using it! eRank helps you craft your titles, tags, and more so your listings are more likely to come up in search results.


The Woocommerce plugin is easy to use and easy to add your products to. An advantage of selling digital products on your own website is that you get to keep 100% of your earnings. Most other places you sell on take a percentage of your sales.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles is a website where you can buy and sell digital design items. You can find fonts, graphics, textures, and templates. I’ve sold a decent amount of my products on there, so I would recommend setting up an account. I even made a sale my first day selling on Design Bundles.

Creative Market

Creative Market is another great platform to sell digital designs on. I purchase products on there all the time to use. I will say, it’s harder to get approved to sell on Creative Market. I got denied twice before I got accepted.

#3 Write Blog Posts

If you don’t already, I suggest starting a blog on your website to go along with your products. This is an easy way to talk about your digital products!

For example: I sell Instagram templates so I wrote a blog post on Instagram branding. This topic made it easy to mention and link my products throughout the post.

Create pins for that blog post to drive traffic to your post, which will get more eyes on your products!

#4 Email Marketing

Do you have an email list? If not, start one NOW! Having a list of subscribers and people to email is another way that has helped me sell my digital products.

You don’t need a huge email list to make sales either. However, you don’t want to send emails solely about your products. That can come across spammy and annoying which can make people unsubscribe. The important thing is to provide valuable information in your emails where you can mention your products.

If you’re wondering how to even start an email list, I wrote an entire blog post on how to do that with Flodesk and how to get people to subscribe. Take a look at the blog post here.

Having a good email marketing strategy can really help increase your sales, let your subscribers know of upcoming sales, and to give out coupons if you decide to.

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#5 Optimize Your Website

There are a few different way to sell more products right on your own website.

  • Make sure to have related products shown on your product pages. This way, someone may see another product they want to add to their cart.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your digital products. This can help sell higher-priced items.
  • Provide multiple payment options (PayPal, debit, credit, etc.) to make it easier for customers to easily purchase.
  • Create a “Resources” page that’s easily accessible. Chances are some of the products you are creating and wanting to sell are solving a problem for someone, which can be a resource for them.

#6 Final Tip!

If you are really serious about selling your digital products, I recommend taking the course; Mastering Sales with Ell. This is the ultimate course for creating passive income from the start. It is jammed pack with so much valuable information for selling, so it’s not something to skim through. It’s for serious sellers wanting to take the right steps to grow their business. You’ll get an in-depth look at mindset, setting up your website, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and more! Plus, lots of worksheets and printables to help you along the way!

As you’ve seen from all of these tips, there are lots of ways to advertise, promote, and get your products seen and sold. These tips help me get daily sales and create daily passive income.

I love that I can create a product once to be sold over and over again.

I hope these tips help you in selling your digital products! Let me know if there are any other tips you have!


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