Top 10 Modern, Eco-friendly, Printed Fabrics on Etsy


Kalla Textile DesignThe task of finding modern, eco-friendly fabrics is daunting. Etsy is a fabulous resource of sprouting designers, but can be difficult to search. My original post on the Top 10 Modern, Eco-friendly Fabric Sources on Etsy was the top post on the Tiny Décor Blog in 2008 and continues to be in the top 3 posts so far in 2009. I have decided to again do all the research for you to create an updated list for 2009. There are some oldies, but goodies that remain on the list, but I have also found a few new gems.

Determining what is eco-friendly and what is not is often very subjective. At a minimum all the fabrics on this list are made of natural fibers with the least amount of conventional cotton as possible. Some of these fabrics are a linen/cotton blend that is more eco-friendly than a 100% conventional cotton fabric or a synthetic fabric. All of these fabrics are printed with non-toxic, water-based inks. Most of these fabrics are screen printed by hand by the designers themselves.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 modern, eco-friendly, screen printed fabrics on Etsy:

  1. Kalla Textiles are handprinted in Japan by designer Hitomi Kimura with water-based inks on cotton/linen blend fabric. I am personally enjoy reading the Kalla Design blog where Hitomi shares her studio, inspirations, and printing in progress.Kalla Textiles
  2. Aunty Cookie offers limited edition screen printed fabrics by designer Shannon Lamden. Fabrics are printed with water-based inks on a linen/cotton blend. Aunty Cookie also carries adorable screen printed fabric trims.Aunty Cookie Fabric
  3. Moyou fabrics are hand screen printed on hemp/cotton blend fabric with eco-friendly, solvent-free inks. Designer Amy Kerr creates a unique blend of Australian design and Japanese aesthetic. Learn more at the Moyou Design Blog.Moyou Fabric
  4. Cicada Studio offers linen/cotton blend fabrics professionally printed in the USA. The newest collection Mod Quad features 4 bold geometric patterns in contemporary colors. Learn more about designer Michelle Engel Bencsko on her blog Cicada Daydream.Cicada Studio Mod Squad
  5. Hollabee still has a few hand screen printed hemp/organic cotton blends on Etsy. At the end of last year designer Bianca van Meeuwen entered a joint venture with a couple other Australian designers to create Ink & Spindle. Her new works can be found at the Ink & Spindle shop.Hollabee Textiles
  6. The Daisy Janie offering continues to grow with a new collection due Feb/Mar 2009. The designs by Jan DiCintio are professionally printed in the USA on a linen/cotton blend.Daisy Janie Fabric
  7. MARAmiki designs are all hand drawn, then screen printed onto linen/organic cotton blend fabrics by designer Mara Snipes in her Chicago studio. She uses water-based, non-toxic inks and her fabrics are finished without chemicals or solvents. See all her designs on the MARAmiki website.Maramiki Linen
  8. Umbrella Prints are hand screen printed on organic cotton/hemp blend fabrics with water-based inks by designer duo Amy Prior and Carly Schwerdt. They have added a bunch of new yummy colorways this year.Umbrella Prints
  9. Of Paper and Thread fabrics are hand screen printed with solvent-free ink on a linen/cotton blend. Designer Danielle Smeets also shares a visual treat of in progress fabric designs at the Of Paper and Thread Blog.Of Paper And Thread Fabric
  10. Pippijoe fabrics are hand screen printed with environmentally friendly inks on hemp, hemp/cotton blend, or linen/cotton blend fabrics. Check out the Pippijoe Diary for more of designer Caitlin Klooger’s craft adventures.Pippijoe Fabric