10 Etsy Products To Purchase That Will Bring Out Your Emo Side


Etsy products are the ultimate find, the website is full of handmade treasure and things that you never knew you needed in your life. Reminisce on the years of 2007-2008 with these 10 Etsy Products To Purchase That Will Bring Out Your Emo Side.

1. ‘Retired emo kid’ t – shirt

This Etsy product says it all. What more do you need to bring out your emo side then a shirt that literally says it?

2. Black bath bombs

Bath bombs are very popular and a must have for a relaxing evening. Put a dark twist on your bath time and instead of soaking in brightly colored water pick a darker bath bomb. A black bath bomb will leave you feeling like your true emo self as you soak the stressful day away.

3. Pencils inspired by Edgar Allen Poe

Etsy products that inspire you are the best products. These pencils are inspired by the creepy and sinister writer Edgar Allen Poe. Use these when writing your next scary story, or just finishing an assignment for school.

4. Skull dice

Use this Etsy product the next time you have a game night with your family and friends. Swap out the normal dice that come with games and show off your dark side with this different alternative. The numbers for the die are incorporated into the artistry of the die.

5. Skull and brain candle

This is a very cool and interesting take on a traditional candle. The wax is formed into a realistic colorful brain that sits inside of a crafted skull base. As the candle melts the wax slowing drips out of the eye hole openings of the skull emulating a melting brain effect. Choose from lots of different colors for the skull and the brain candle.

6. Anatomical heart necklace

This Etsy product is one of my personal favorites. Instead of your basic heart necklace that everyone has, this one emulates real life. An anatomical heart is unique and interesting and will have everyone asking where you snagged this cool piece. You can choose from color options such as red, gold, or rose gold.

7. Skull headband

This Etsy piece is super cute and can be worn throughout the the entire year and is not just limited to Halloween. Inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas you are sure to stand out in this unique piece.

8. Black tea set

Invite your friends and family over for them to enjoy the dark tea party of their wildest dreams. This unique tea set includes cups and a kettle for you that makes is easy for you to enjoy your favorite hot beverage.

9. Moon phase earrings

The phases of the moon are super popular and are being represented on everything these days. From clothing, tattoos, and even now jewelry they are everywhere. There are tons of Etsy products that have the phases of the moon phases incorporated into them. These earrings show off various phases in a drop down style. Pair this with your favorite emo outfit for your next night out.

10. Philips head screw earrings

This next Etsy product is definitely one of a kind. These earrings have been designed to give off the illusion that you have actual screws in your ears. With a Philips head base screw on the front and the back it is really portraying an authentic look. In reality, there are no real screws in your ears. The earring itself is actually standard size ( around 20 g ) so you do not have to worry about stretching out your ear lobes.

Which of these Etsy products will you be adding to your shopping cart?
Featured Image: https://weheartit.com/entry/174310549

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