amazon top sellers from June


Time to share top sellers from the last month on Amazon! These are the items that you guys bought the most of when it comes to everything I’ve shared on my blog and IG stories lately. If you’d like to catch some of the previous month’s top sellers, you can check those out here.

I’ve received a great number of compliments on this $15 necklace set. They look so real! I love layering these together or wearing them alone.


We use these Rubbermaid Storage Containers to organize our pantry and store leftovers. They are incredible! The seal is so strong, it helps to keep food very fresh. Plus, they look so pretty!


This $20 men’s sweatshirt is one of my favorite things. I have it in a size medium. It’s soft, but not thick at all! I often just throw it over my shoulders like in the photo below.


I use jumbo rollers like these in my hair when I want it to look extra voluminous and bouncy. I have a tutorial here if you would like to see. The ones I use are about 15 years old, but this set is under $15 and you receive everything you need!



Long ago, I used Crest 3D White Strips to whiten my teeth and they worked so well. I swear by them!


This is THE BEST hairbrush. It makes my hair so bouncy and full. It also feels great because it has the super flexible Wet Brush bristles.


Silk pillowcases are a game changer for good skin and hair. These are so highly reviewed on Amazon. We have them on our bed and we have these as well!



I love this little mesh bag to throw in our beach bag. It’s the best and under $10! We use it to hold sunscreens.



THE BEST PILLOWS EVER. Honestly, I just can’t get enough. We have six of them on our bed alone and I’ve put them on all other beds in our house as well. They are cooling. They aren’t too soft or too hard. They are the perfect pile height. And you can get two pillows for around $40. Check out the reviews—there are about 130,000 of them.



This is the anklet I’ve been wearing since the spring. It’s simple and delicate.



Here are the faux diamond earrings I’m always raving about. They might be the best selling item I’ve ever shared from Amazon! They are $21 and come in white gold and yellow gold—I prefer the yellow gold because you can barely see the metal on there anyway and the yellow gives a more “real” look, in my opinion. I have the 1.5 carat size and it’s perfect.



This best selling swimsuit was a favorite of y’all’s this past month! It’s so cute on.



This $22 top is a big favorite of mine. I recommend maybe going up one size if you like a relaxed fit!



This bathing suit is under $25 and such a fun color!



You guys have been loving this bathing suit coverup. You absolutely cannot beat it for $26!


This is the hair dryer I’ve used for years now. It’s amazing. It snuck into the top sellers last month because it was a prime day deal, but I just noticed it’s pretty much at the same deal now!


I love these faux orchid stems. They are SO lifelike. When you have a real orchid that dies, you can stick these right into the soil and it looks like your orchid is alive and beautiful again! A great trick for in between bloom cycles.


I love this $7 watch band. I was wearing it a lot last week and y’all scooped it up, too! It comes in a bunch of colors.



This clutch will be the best $19 you’ll spend this summer!



This $16 bracelet set is incredible! I’m so glad y’all have been loving them, too.

(They have been on the best sellers list for a few months now!)


If you’d like to catch some of the previous month’s top sellers, you can check those out here!

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