How To Get Into London Fashion Week: The Ultimate Guide For Bloggers


How to get into London Fashion Week (even as a new blogger!), what to wear and what to expect. The ultimate guide to attending and surviving LFW.

Starsica AW18

London Fashion Week is one of the “Big Four” of global fashion weeks, along with Paris, New York, and Milan.

London Fashion Week takes place twice a year, in February and September, bringing us new collections and trend inspiration for the upcoming season.

The February shows display the coming Autumn/Winter fashion trends, whilst the September shows present the coming Spring/Summer collections. It’s a trade-only event, open to the press and buyers.

Are you a fairly new fashion blogger and you would like to go to London Fashion Week but don’t know how to get in and what to expect? Would you like to know how bloggers get invited and what they actually do at London Fashion Week?

This article reveals the whole truth – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

How To Get Into London Fashion Week As A Blogger

Jasper Conran AW18

In regards to how to get invited to London Fashion Week, there seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding what actually is a very straightforward process.

The official schedule for London Fashion Week is usually published around two months before the event, however, there is no actual date set in stone. To check if the upcoming season’s schedule has been published, head over to the official London Fashion Week website and click on the Schedule section.

If it’s already available, you need to scroll down the page, and on the right-hand side under “Downloads” click on “Ticket requests for press“. It will download an Excel spreadsheet with press contacts for all designers showcasing their collection at London Fashion Week.

Although this information is publicly available, I have seen a certain reputable influencer platform trying to charge a fee for releasing this information to bloggers wanting to attend London Fashion Week!

The next step is to put together a well-written email explaining who you are, with links to your blog and social media channels (Instagram page and YouTube channel being of the highest importance).

Explain why you should attend and how this will benefit the brand (e.g. offer exposure on your social media channels and/or on your website).

Make sure to include your postal address as some of the invites are still being sent by post as opposed to electronically to your email address.

Stories from Arabia AW18

If you are only interested in specific shows, send individual personalized emails to their press contacts. However, if you want to attend as many shows as possible, it gets a bit trickier.

You can email each press contact individually which will be time-consuming as there will be at least 80 different contacts on the spreadsheet which means sending 80 separate emails.

Alternatively, you can send one generic email to all of the press contacts without mentioning the name of the designer, saying you would love to “attend their show at London Fashion Week”. This is much quicker and works equally well.

Trust me, the organizers are crazy busy with all the preparations and they will not have time to deeply analyze your email. They will be most interested in who you are and check the links to your website and social media channels.

It’s worth mentioning you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers to get invited. You have a chance to get invited even if you have a small following as I have seen people with 2k followers getting invited to some of the shows or presentations. Having a fashion-related website will also work in your favor, even if you don’t have a crazy amount of traffic yet.

If you are just starting out as a blogger, it’s very unlikely you will get invited to some of the more exclusive shows like Gucci (although it’s always worth a try!) but you may get invited to several shows and presentations of less famous upcoming designers.

Claire Tagg AW18

Sending those emails does not guarantee you will get invited to any of the shows. It’s a case of waiting to see what comes in. Be patient as a lot of invitations may only be confirmed the day before the show, as the organizers tend to send them at the last minute.

From my observation, they seem to be quite disorganized. Sometimes they even send more invites than the number of available spaces which results in people not getting in despite being invited.

You can also apply for accreditation from the British Fashion Council (New Registrations -> Create New Application), which gives you a press pass for the whole fashion week.

Being accredited by the British Fashion Council doesn’t necessarily give you access to the shows and you still need to contact the press office of the individual designers. What it does give you is access to press lounges, networking, and potentially good seats at the shows that you get invited to.

There are also certain requirements you need to meet if you want to apply for accreditation, e.g. a minimum of 35k Instagram followers or over 15,000 monthly unique visitors on your blog and you will be required to provide evidence of this. These requirements may vary every season.


The London Fashion Week experience can be very intense, hectic, and surreal. I must say it’s not for the faint-hearted; it’s actually pretty exhausting.

But what did I actually do and how did I cope with the numerous challenges of London Fashion Week?

Those five days were filled with attending catwalk shows and presentations. For some shows, I had a first-row seat and for others, I didn’t get a seat at all.

I didn’t get into one of the shows I was invited to (Pam Hogg) but then I got into some other shows and presentations to which I had not received invitations, e.g. the STARSICA show. London Fashion Week is anything but predictable!

Early mornings and late nights are the norm which means getting very little sleep. The morning shows tend to start around 9 am and the evening shows finish around 7 pm but they are often followed by after-parties which end late at night.

These after parties are not to be missed as it’s a fantastic opportunity to network with the designers, models, photographers, press team, other bloggers, etc. Plus they are great fun and usually take place at very cool and exclusive venues.

with model Jalicia Nightengale @iamjalicia at Stories from Arabia Penthouse Party

The harsh reality of London Fashion Week is that shows never start on time and it’s not possible to attend them all.

I spent quite a lot of time in Ubers trying to make it from one event to another on time but I missed some of them anyway due to the delay of the previous show. Sharing an Uber is a great idea as it works out much cheaper and you will be always able to find people heading to the same show as you.

Queuing for hours in the cold whilst still trying to look fabulous can be tricky. The shows then usually only last about 5-10 minutes and are over in a flash!

My feet and back hurt like hell after standing in lines for hours and sitting on uncomfortable benches at the catwalk shows. My advice: wear flats! You will be in pain anyway but it won’t be as bad as if you wore heels. If you insist on wearing heels, have a pair of flats in your bag to change when the pain becomes unbearable.

On a positive note, I met some great people in those queues who became my close friends.

Merchant Archive AW18

Finding time to eat during London Fashion Week is also challenging to say the least. On some days there was just absolutely no time to grab something to eat and I did not eat until late at night.

Be warned that not everyone will be super nice. To give you an idea of what may happen, I was shouted at by a photographer after one catwalk show that “my elbow was sticking out during the show”! To that photographer – I hope my elbow is in ALL of your pictures!

The items that you should always have in your handbag during London Fashion Week are healthy and filling snacks, such as protein bars (not eating all day is never a good idea), an umbrella (because it’s London!), tissues, a bottle of water, a portable charger, and business cards (because you never know who you will meet at an event).

Stories from Arabia AW18

Taking a professional camera is not necessary as mobile phone cameras these days are great.

Don’t stress overtaking lots of pictures at the catwalk shows as you can always request press release images from the press team after the show. Sometimes they are being sent to everyone who was on the guest list.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Starsica AW18

Overall, despite some unamusing moments, I enjoyed the experience. I attended some wonderful fashion events which gave me a lot of inspiration and I made new friends so it was definitely worth it.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons, e.g. it’s physically not possible to go to every single show. Prioritizing some shows over others and making your schedule realistic will allow you to truly savor the London Fashion Week experience.


London Fashion Week is not only about the shows as the best style moments happen off the catwalk. The authentic fashion flourishes outside, on the streets. For these five magical days, London becomes home to the greatest festival of style.

The streets turn into catwalks filled with fashion lovers, fashion addicts, and fashion victims, curiously observed by the passers-by and hunted by the photographers outside the venues.

LFW Street Style

The more loud, flashy, creative, and in line with upcoming trends your outfit is the more chances of getting “papped” and featured in one of the London Fashion Week street style round-ups. Colorful coats, statement sunglasses, and hats always seem to draw a lot of attention.

I would not recommend spending a lot of money on something you will wear only once. A good solution is renting designer clothes. You can rent some truly unique designer pieces from Front Row or HURR.

Visiting your local charity shops is also a good idea as you might find some real vintage or designer gems there.

It’s very important to prepare your outfits in advance for all five days as you will not have time or energy to do it once the fashion week madness takes off!

Now you know exactly how to get into London Fashion Week and survive it!

Hope this post gives you an idea of what to expect and helps you prepare for the madness so that you can get the most out of this most prestigious fashion event.

Thanks for stopping by!



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