January 2021 Top Sellers


Holy cow January flew! I swear it usually goes so slow, but this year it was crazy fast. Working from home definitely contributes to that! I have a feeling February is going to fly too since it’s a short month. I did a dry January and am thinking about extending it to Valentine’s Day or my b-day depending on what we decide to do those weekends. These are all of my January 2021 top sellers from LIKEtoKNOW.it! Thank you so much for supporting my business and using my links to shop, it means the world to me!

January 2021 Top Sellers Notes:

1 – This is a dupe! I had the real deal and it got ruined in a freak gasoline accident, so I bought the dupe version and it’s just as good!

2 – I wear my normal size in these tees.

3 – Another dupe that always hits my top sellers list! If you want to save $200+ definitely check out this version. I wear it around my hats!

5 – I love all my luxury items, but clothing is one thing I won’t spend thousands on. This dupe sweatshirt is super cute for spring and comes in multiple colors!

6 – This unisex hat is adjustable. My husband has the same exact one and we both love it!

7 – These tight dupes are so so good! I have the real deal and the dupes and literally cannot tell the difference.

9 – All my Hermes bracelets are real, but I linked a great dupe that is rated super well. Maybe I’ll buy one and do a comparison review one of these days.

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