How to Choose the Right Print on Demand Companies to Create a Massively Profitable Business [+ List of the 100 POD companies]


Finding the best Print on Demand companies can prove very difficult when you don’t know where to start. The industry is filled with over a hundred print on demand companies and new ones are forever starting up.

It’s not just about deciding on one, it’s about knowing they are the right partner, knowing that they have great products, that are great quality, at the right price point. Whilst, I started in the industry with selling thousands of t shirts, making over $2,500,000 profit in 2 years, I certainly don’t focus on them now.

The margins just aren’t there to use them as a focused lead product. My fulfilment partner of choice offers the best in industry. Great customer service (for merchants & customers), fantastic quality products, low cost, high margin and forever focused on their conversion rate optimization.

I will let you know who they are shortly, and give you the link to a full on case study that breaks down everything I did to make over $732,000 in 3 weeks!

When it comes to the scale that we all aim to hit, it would be near on impossible to find a company that is perfect all the time, even Bezos has troubles with Amazon. With that in mind,

I am confident in recommending these platforms to you. What you’re about to learn;

  • Why Choosing the Right Partner Matters
  • Who the best Print on Demand Companies are;
    • The Companies Main Products on Offer
    • The Print on Demand Companies Pros & Cons
    • Where to find them

The Best for Print on Demand Companies

There is nothing worse than finding out you are married to a fulfillment company that repeatedly lets you down. I have had to go through the process of reuploading hundreds of designs after being let down by broken promises. This ultimately costs a lot of money and time.

It’s in that vein, that I have compiled this list for you so you don’t have to deal with those same issues. I have shared the best in the industry who I continue to trust to this day, and provided you with a list of almost 100 other Print on Demand companies for you to sort through.

Oh and once you’ve settled on a fulfillment company you will need some apps to help you promote your store. Check out this recent article I wrote for you “The Top 10 Best Shopify Apps”.

Why Choosing the Right Partner Matters

Choosing from an endless list of companies can be overwhelming. Seeking reviews, testimonials or referrals really is the only way to do it. The list that follows are companies that I have trusted, or would trust with my own business.

When you start selling, let alone scaling, you want to be assured that those you trust can fulfil on every order that is placed. If they can’t, what are they doing about it? Are they actively trying to right the wrong and go above and beyond.

Companies make mistakes, but so long as your customer ends up with a product they love then most customer service related issues will be gone.

With COVID you can imagine how important communication with your fulfilment partner needed to be. Constant updates in order for you to speak with your customers to put their minds at ease. Each of these companies navigated those waters exceptionally well.

When it’s time to scale

This is the time you really need to have a company that knows what they’re doing. A company that can put out hundreds/thousands of orders a day. ShineOn, for example, were sending thousands upon thousands of fulfilments out each day.

Alone we were doing 500+ units (I think it was closer to 700), Krste was doing about 30% more and there were about 5 others in the top sellers in that period… ShineOn did not let us down. They went above and beyond to make sure our minds were at ease by installing a livestreamed webcam that showed the fulfilment team was working around the clock for us.

This is how trust is built. This is how merchants are kept happy and ultimately how our customers become raving ambassadors for our own brands.

Other points to consider

The key factors in determining a good Prind on Demand Company;

  • Quality
  • Product Selection
  • Cost & MRP
  • Likely Margin
  • Shipping Times
  • Location

My Favorite of the Print on Demand Companies; ShineOn

Love me some phat margins.

I could certainly be described as biased when it comes to Shine On, however, I have not found a company that comes close. The HUGE success we have had with ShineOn over the years and the quality of the products the company fulfills is second to none.

Their product quality is far superior to anyone on the market. What that means for you as a business is that your customers get premium pieces of Jewellery that they’ll love! Customers that love your products come back, and businesses with repeat customers become successful!

Screenshots of our various dashboards with ShineOn. 2 are Shopify Stores and 1 is their platform.

I have been involved with Shine On since 2015, and struck my success with them in the September of 2016 and have now sold over 15,000 pieces with them to date. I wrote an in-depth review of what they’re all about to share with you why they are so amazing.


  • Print Cards!!! These things are absolute money and their product creatives are amazing.
  • Amazing Pendants, Eternity, Love Knot, Forever Love are all massive moneymakers
  • Printable heart pendants – Necklace & bangle
  • Double braided bracelet – (real leather) w/ charm (printable round & heart)
  • Luxury bracelet (think snake chain) w/ charm (printable round & heart)
  • Printable circle pendants – Necklace & bangle
  • Printable oval pendants – Necklace & bangle
  • Custom inserts
  • Artwork swapper for personalization


  • Responsive to requests
  • Good shipping times
  • Quality products
  • GREAT customer service. If something is wrong they go out of their way to fix any issues.
  • Great Customisability with product inserts.

Install ShineOn


I’ve come to know and love CustomCat and they’re certainly a staple in our Print on Demand Companies lineup.

They offer not only some of the best in class pricing on several products (look at the mugs) but they also have shipping times the other POD companies envy. Their shipping times are usually 1-3 business days. Recently, the shipping time across all decoration methods was 0.9 days (which is absolutely bonkers).

One of the best things I love about them is their direct integration with Etsy. It stops us having to get our VA to manually input every order! Oh and their personalization feature is the bomb. To really make those pieces connect with my using personalization helps to skyrocket sales.


There are far too many to list so I will just cover off on their catagories.


  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hats
  • Jackets
  • Polo Shirts
  • Button Up
  • Tank Tops
  • Pants
  • All-Over-Print
  • Misc. Apparel
  • Women’s Apparel
  • Babies
  • Youth Apparel


  • Drinkware & Mugs
  • Blankets
  • Ornaments
  • Towels
  • Wall Art


  • Bags
  • Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Misc


  • Been in the print on demand industry for more than 20 years
  • All production takes place in-house at this facility
  • 3 decoration methods (DTG, sublimation, embroidery) & more than 300 products
  • Top products are mugs, apparel, canvas prints, & blankets
  • Most products are produced in 1-3 business days
  • White label shipping (no packing slips, customizable return address labels)
  • International shipping to all countries except Cuba, Falkland Islands, Iran, North Korea,Somalia, & Sudan.
  • 3 shipping methods (Economy, Ground, 2nd Day)
  • Direct integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, BigCommerce, & CommerceHQ
  • Personalization feature available for Shopify & WooCommerce


  • I am not a big fan of their app interface (personal preference).
  • Subscription cost for Shopify users. This is quickly offset when you sell a few pieces!

Install CustomCat

When I work with companies I generally prefer to get to know the people in charge. Uygar is an absolute legend and has gone out of his way to accommodate my needs as a seller.

Their quality and attention to detail are second to none. One thing I absolutely love is how their cut to sew takes the extra care and attention to color matches the stitching to the actual garment color.

AOP+ has over 200 Classic and Premium products and variations.


  • Adult and Kids Flip Flops
  • Adult T-Shirt,
  • Polo Shirt,
  • V-Neck T-Shirt,
  • Vest Top,
  • Muscle Top,
  • Sweatshirt,
  • Hoodie,
  • Zip Hoodie
  • Baby Onesie Bodysuit,
  • Kids Hoodie,
  • Sweatshirt,
  • T-Shirt,
  • Zip Hoodie


  • Adult Apron
  • Jersey Apron
  • Adult Tank Top
  • Panel T-Shirt
  • Pocket T-Shirt
  • Tote Bag
  • Women’s T-Shirt
  • Adult and Baby Blanket
  • All Over Towel
  • Bandana
  • Batwing Top
  • Cushion Cover
  • Doormat
  • Flag
  • Kids T-Shirt
  • Neck Warmer Morf Scarf
  • Performance Adult T-Shirt
  • Tube Sock
  • Wall Plaque
  • Tote Bag
  • Women’s T-Shirt, Tank Top, Polo Shirt, V-Neck T-Shirt
  • Leggings
  • Pet Bandana
  • Satin Sports Scarf Sequin
  • Cushion Cover
  • Women Performance Tank


  • Responsive to requests
  • Good shipping times
  • Quality products
  • GREAT customer service. If something is wrong they go out of their way to fix any issues.
  • Based in EUROPE!!! Opens a massive audience with great shipping times.


Install AllOverPrint


Another absolutely amazing player in the Print on Demand Companies award goes to Subliminator. I have known Hicham for quite a few years as he has been very active in the Print on Demand circles. The thing is with this industry. The good guys tend to stick together and the fly by nighters quickly disappear.

Subliminator offer some of the coolest products I’ve seen in POD. The oversize hoodie is amazing and their most popular products (hoodies, baseball jerseys & leggings) all sell amazingly well.

The standout for Subliminator is the attention to detail on all their products. There’s no cutting corners. They make sure that the stitching matches the print of the product for each and every unit they manufacture.

There are so many features it is truly hard to cover them all in a quick review of each company. Let me assure you, we will soon do a deep dive on Subliminator and show you how fantastic they truly are.


As with the other companies, their list of products is far too long ot cover. I highly encourage you to check out their catalog here and see how amazing their products are. Check out their Facebook group now.

There are 2 keys to selling successfully in POD. 1, amazing designs. 2, amazing products. Put those 2 together and you’ll soon be creating viral products.

Men’s Clothing

  • All Hoodies & Sweatshirts
    • Hoodie
    • Zip-Up Hoodie
    • Sweatshirt
  • All Shirts
    • Pocket T-Shirt
    • T-Shirt
    • Baseball Jersey
    • Tank Top
    • Shirt
  • All Bottoms
    • Jogger
    • All Jackets
    • Cloak
  • Swimwear
    • Swim Trunks


    • All Hoodies & Sweatshirts

      • Hoodie
      • Zip-Up Hoodie
      • Longline Hoodie
      • Sweatshirt
    • All Shirts

      • Pocket T-Shirt
      • T-Shirt
      • Baseball Jersey
      • Tank Top
    • All Bottoms

      • Legging
      • Yoga Legging
      • Jogger
    • All Jackets

      • Cloak
      • All Sports Bras
      • Sports Bra
    • Swimwear
      • Swimsuit

PLUS much more! Again, Check them out here.


  • Cut & Sew
  • No minimums
  • Custom Branding
  • Free Signup
  • Fully automated
  • Fast Delivery for Cut & Sew
  • Catalog of readymade designs available
  • In-house manufacturing

Install Subliminator


In 2019/20 Suhail & I were lucky enough to hang out with the Dreamship team in San Francisco. It was a hell of a trip and we learnt how intense it is behind the scenes to run a Print on Demand fulfilment business. The team planning, the meetings, the OKR’s (objectives and key results), the masterminding, the keeping merchants and customers happy and everything in between. This company runs like a swiss watch.

Everything Dreamship touches was fine tuned and it shows in their product offerings and relationships they have built with key players in the industry…i.e. Their Google Partnership and whitelisting of Shopify stores.

The product quality (I got to see it all first hand as it was all over the office) is truly second to none and the product range is innovative and continually growing!


  • Best Selling Products

    • 2D Apparel
    • Mugs: ceramic & campfire
    • Matte Canvas – Posters
    • Pillows
    • Flags – Yard Signs
    • Blankets
    • Puzzles
  • Trending

    • Mugs in Set
    • Matte Canvas in Set
    • Pillows in Set
    • Tumblers
  • House

    • Doormat (beta)
    • Framed Art Print 1″ & 2″
    • Rolled Fine Art
  • Wall Art

    • Posters
    • Peel and stick posters
    • Acrylic Print
    • Metal Print
    • Metal Cut
    • Art Print
    • Frame Art Print
    • Frame Canvas
  • Pets
    • Dog bowl
    • Dog Placemat (beta)


  • Amazing partnerships with Google & Shopify
  • US Based
  • Easy user interface
  • Fast shipping
  • High product quality
  • Fast & reliable production
  • Highly viral products


Install Dreamship


I have not personally scaled Printful items, however, I continually hear good things about them. From time to time I do use them but they are somewhat prohibitive in terms of pricing. To read more in depth about why Printful still remains one of the best choices check out our review here.

Printful is one of the main Fulfilment Companies for Print on Demand that you’d use if you were creating a streetwear brand, where the best quality shirts/apparel are key.

The company is big, offers quality products & is based in the US making it a great option for those selling into North America.

With over 1200 5 star reviews it needed to be added into the list.


  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Leggings
  • All-over shirts and tank tops
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Phone cases
  • Sublimated socks
  • Posters
  • Framed Posters
  • Canvas
  • Mugs
  • Embroidery
  • Totes
  • Throw Pillows
  • Beach Blankets


  • Offers warehousing (great if you need help fulfilling your own products)
  • USA Based (EDIT: They now have an EU location and ship worldwide)
  • Quality products
  • Easy to use


  • If you have other fulfillers you work with you will need to exclude any new launches that you don’t want on Printful. Get’s annoying with the notifications.

Install Printful

Spring (Formely Teespring) – Love these guys.

I absolutely loved Teespring. It was one of the best print on demand t shirt companies, if not the best. Despite the massive boom in Shopify land, Teespring remains close to my heart. They were the company where I really learned to master the art of Facebook marketing for POD.

They were arguably the first company to create massive interest in this style of marketing and what paved the way for companies like Shopify. Every time I look back on my time with Teespring I look back with nostalgia, of the people I knew and the company it was.

Teespring is massively reinvigorating the POD space with awesome products coming to market and a new global launcher. For the new marketer, Spring is probably no longer an option. They are now full focused on Influencer print on demand. If that happens to be you, by all means check them out.


  • Apparel
  • Home decor
  • Stickers
  • Phone cases
  • Socks
  • Tote bags (all over print/sublimation)
  • Leggings
  • Towels
  • Flags


  • Allows you hyper-focus on mastering direct traffic
  • Allows you to focus on design ideation
  • A simplistic way of selling online
  • Low barrier to entry
  • No customer service issues
  • Global launcher


Finding Print on Demand companies can be tough and there are only a few who do it well. In any Facebook group, you will see people complaining about their fulfillment companies and the screw ups that are inevitably made.

Through my own experience, this list is ones I have either used personally or have heard great things about and would most certainly trust. Choosing the right partner can have a huge impact on your business and make your life much, much easier.

If you have found your fulfiller make sure you check out The Top 10 Best Apps on Shopify to make the most profit possible on your store.

The only way you will find a fulfiller that meets your needs is by trial and error. If you have another to add to the list, comment below!

Check out our full list of Print on Demand Companies Below!

Print On Demand Company Rating Number of Reviews Free/Trial period
Air Waves: Print On Demand Free to install
Amplifier 5 2 Free plan available
AOP+ Easy Print on Demand 4.2 124 Free to install
Apliiq ‑ Print On Demand 4 208 Free to install
Art of Where ‑ Print on demand 3.4 43 Free to install
Artsadd Free to Install
Brush Your Ideas Designer Tool 16-day free trial
Burgerprints: Print‑on‑Demand Free
Completeful: Print on Demand Free to install
Contrado: Print on Demand 4.8 4 Free to install
creativehub 4.5 52 Free
Custom Sunglass Designer 7-day free trial
Customakers Free to install
CustomCat ‑ Print‑On‑Demand 3.9 479 Free plan available
Customized ‑ Print on Demand 5 4 Free plan available
Drop Shipping & P.O.D Textiles Free
DropShipCN ‑ Print on Demand 2.7 13 Free to install
DTGUK ‑ Print on Demand Free
Electric Creations 2.6 18 Free to install
EPROLO ‑ Print On Demand Free
Factory4me ‑ Print on Demand 2.1 4 Free to install
Fuel: Print on Demand 4.1 173 Free
Garment Decor Free to install
GearLaunch ‑ Print on Demand 3.6 24 Free plan available
Gelato: Print‑on‑demand 4.2 46
Gelato: Print‑on‑demand 4.2 46 Free to install
Gooten: Print on Demand 4.2 324 Free to install
Hufy ‑ Print on Demand
InkGo POD Product Personalizer 4.1 11 Free plan available
Inkthreadable 3.2 61 Free to install
JetPrint: All Print On Demand 4.5 161 Free
Kin Custom 3.2 61 Free to install
LA Sublimation ‑ Custom Masks 1 2
Live Product Options Preview Free plan available
Merch.Music 4.6 2 Free to install
MerchLoop: Print On Demand 5 1 Free to install
Merchmake: Print‑on‑Demand Free
Mockupify | Print On Demand 5 5 7-day free trial
MonetizeSocial 2 1 Free
MyPack‑Print on Demand Designs Free to install
OGO Australian Print on Demand 5 3 Free to install
OrbitKit Print‑On‑Demand 4.5 6 Free to install
Painterest ‑ Print On Demand 4.8 16 Free
Picanova: Print‑on‑Demand Free
Pixels ‑ Print On Demand 2.8 83 Free to install
PixFulfillment Free to install
Plixpod 4 21
POD Personalizer 5 1 Free plan available
Podify Dynamic Print on Demand 5 21 Free to install
Posterly 5 30 7-day free trial
Print Aura 2.9 56 Free to install
Print Genie ‑ Print on Demand 5 5 Free
Print Melon ‑ Print on Demand 4.4 68 Free
Print Partners 2.8 13 Free to install
Printcart ‑ Product Customizer 2.4 7 Free
Printful: Print on Demand 4.3 3293 Free
PrintHolo: AOP+Print On Demand 5 3 Free
Printify: Print on Demand 4.2 1577 Free plan available
Printmotor 3 5 Free to install
PrintPro 2.9 15 Free
Printrove ‑ Print & Dropship 3.6 13
PrintTech: Print On Demand 3.9 7 14-day free trial
Printy6 ‑ Print On Demand 4.1 556 Free
Private Label On Demand 14-day free trial
Prodigi Print on Demand 4.2 25 Free to install
Shapeways Fulfillment 2.9 6 Free to install
Shirtee: Print‑on‑Demand 3.5 45 Free
Shirtigo: Print‑on‑Demand 4.3 22 Free to install
Shirts Mark Free to install
Shop3D ‑ 3D Print on Demand 4.3 6 Free to install
SinaLite: Print on Demand 4.5 13
Slaite POD 5 1
Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping 4.6 2310 Free plan available
SPOD ‑ Print‑on‑Demand 4.4 539 Free to install
Stensiled Product Builder 5 1 Free plan available
Streetshirts 1.5 14
Subliminator 4.1 86 Free to install
SuperFast POD 4.8 11 Free to install
T‑Pop: Print on Demand 4.8 119 Free
Tailor Shirt Shop 5 2 30-day free trial
Teehatch Canada POD 5 1
teelaunch: Print on Demand 4.5 580 Free to install
Teescape Fulfillment 4.2 64 Free to install
Teezily Plus 4.6 25 Free to install
THE PRINT NATION Free to install
TheBreedBusiness Dropship App 3.7 21 7-day free trial
Troupe ‑ Style On‑Demand 1.2 10 Free to install
Tshirtgang TShirt Fulfillment 4.6 52 Free to install
TSP Prints ‑ Print‑on‑Demand Free to install
Tsunami Print On Demand 2.0 4.7 9
Tunetoo 2.1 44 Free to install
Two Fifteen ‑ Print On Demand 3.2 6 Free to install
Vimando Dropshipping Free to install
Viralstyle Fulfillment 2.9 58 Free to install
WC Fulfillment Print on Demand 3.3 412 Free to install
WowFulfillment:Shoe POD 4.7 21 Free
Yoycol: Print on Demand 5 27 Free to install

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