Ikea Hack Attack! Making a Side Table


Why do Ikea Hacks always feel like cheating? There is almost a residual guilt that I feel when something so awesome comes from glorified trash. Not that Ikea makes trash, but that the materials to make this piece were quite literally about to be in the trash before I had an idea to make this table.

Like I mentioned last week, Connor and I have been in MAJOR spring cleaning mode. We have had two of these Ikea clothing hampers since we got married years ago:

And as you can see, it was doing a great job of holding my wrapping paper and other miscellaneous items. It kind of ended up being a catchall when we were moving in December – you know how that goes. Once I cleaned it out, we took the fabric hamper part off of the metal frame, and that is when I saw this little hunk of junk with new eyes for the first time. Suddenly, this throw away Ikea hamper had a new look – I had never noticed the perfect rectangular lines of the frame. Instantly, I visualized this frame with a little black spray paint and a beautifully stained piece of wood on top of it. Which is exactly what I did.

I had some stain left over from the table that Connor made , so all I had to buy was a piece of wood and some black spray paint. I found a lovely, thick piece of wood at the hardware store and had the nice gentleman who worked there cut the wood to fit the frame. After a little sanding with some fine toothed paper, I put two coats of stain on top.

And then, we wait…

A little tequila soda with lemon helps to pass the time. While the stain finished drying, I spray painted the frame with my favorite, Rustoleum 2X Coverage. Lastly, simply drill some holes into the metal and use wood screws to fasten the wood down to the frame. I think some sort of wood glue or epoxy would suffice, also.

I knew this project was a success when Connor gave me his enthusiastic seal of approval =) I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and I needed a little table by the front door to fill that empty corner space. Not bad for an Ikea Hack.

I would love to hear what you think!

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