Living Decor Twins on Instagram: “Love this with my Pilea plant. He is off to his new home today I …


Living Decor Twins on Instagram: “Love this with my Pilea plant. He is off to his new home today I will miss this one. 🐙 . . . . . . #pileapeperomioides #pilea #planters…”

The design of gardens, balconies and terraces is among the most popular themes here on. Today we have brought you a new Trend with which we bring the garden into our four walls. Indoor gardens are really big in coming, because a little more green in the house can never hurt. Especially not if the result looks as stylish as the projects we have put together here. With these sensational ideas, even those of us who do not have a garden, courtyard or balcony can finally call a green oasis their own.

You want to bring some plant-based roommates home, but are afraid for their lives because of your non-existent green thumb? Then, cacti are the perfect choice. They are easy to care for, hard to take and forgive you even if you forget to water. In addition, the prickly beauties are the hottest Trend in the Interior area and make a lot in every facility. You will feel most comfortable in the group and beautifully illuminated, as seen in this photo. Just group together a few cacti in different sizes and shapes. It will be especially beautiful when the color and style of the pots are coordinated – and you will feel like you are in a Mexican courtyard in your apartment.

Everyone can put potted plants on the windowsill. Here the green roommates are made to float – and that makes a powerful impression on your guests, bets? A cool concept for rooms that you don’t want to be too crowded. The floating room greenery ensures a very special, individual and creative overall picture and makes every room look airy and stylish.

Vertical gardens are the perfect solution for spaces that need to be brought to life with greenery. Such a jungle wall is not only a real Eyecatcher, but also actively contributes to a better indoor climate. And you feel like you’re swimming in a tropical jungle hut. Only the birdsong in the ear is missing.

The green wall also works wonderfully in a smaller setting. Here, the short wall of a guest toilet has been completely greened, giving the room more depth. The trick: Behind the wall there is a window that provides the room with natural light. The perfect option for more privacy in the bathroom and a great way to conceal an ugly view.

With cleverly selected and perfectly staged houseplants you no longer need a garden, we find. This stylish living room becomes with a few simple steps and a few green companions an absolute oasis of well-being, in which the plants play the main role in a pleasant way.

Another extremely creative idea for anyone who wants to spice up their home with a little green and who is too bored with ordinary potted plants: how about plant pictures on the wall? Modern art is a thing of the past with these lively works of art that become an eye-catcher in every room.