Social Distancing Products Are All The Rage on Etsy


Social Distancing is not a phrase we heard much about back in 2019, but it has become a prevailing theme in 2020. So much so, that creative Etsy sellers have found a way to add a bit of fun to an otherwise stressful situation.

We live in unique and unusual times. And although the pandemic that swirls around us raises fears about our health, safety, and financial security, it is sometimes nice to take a moment and look at the lighter side of things.

That’s what some of these creative Etsy sellers have done by taking a difficult topic and turning it into unique items that can help us laugh – even for just a moment or two.

We don’t take the Covid-19 outbreak lightly. It has changed the way we work, it has put our friends and family at risk, and it has taken away some of the social freedoms that we used to take for granted.

But what it has not – yet – cost us is our sense of humor. And sometimes you need to laugh.

For that reason, we thank these sellers for creating some fun – and some handy items – to help distract and protect us during these challenging times.

Our Top Picks for Social Distancing Products on Etsy

These are some of the social distancing themed products that caught our attention. But if you want to see them all for yourself, you can skip our picks and go straight to the entire Etsy Collection of Social Distancing Products.

Stay 6 Feet Away Sweatshirt

A not-so-subtle reminder to those around you to maintain social distancing rules, even when you are out and about on essential trips, such as trying desperately to find toilet paper somewhere. (PS – If you find some, please let me know where in the comments below!!!)

Available in a variety of colors, so you can wear a different one each time you go out over the next 6 – 12 weeks. So you’ll need – maybe – two of them??

Contactless Delivery Sign

Having packages delivered but don’t want to come face-to-face with the delivery man? Or, are you working from home and don’t want the sudden interruption of needing to answer the door in the middle of a video conference call?

This wood sign gives clear instructions on how to drop your packages for contactless delivery.

Sending Hugs Soy Candle & Live, Potted Succulent Gift Box

Know somebody who could use a little pick-me-up as they struggle their way through self-isolation and working from home? Send them some love with this delightful gift box!

Social Distance Birthday Card

Show that you’re still thinking of them while you’re keeping your distance with this fun social distance themed birthday card.

Just don’t lick the envelope before you pop it in the mail… as that sort of defeats the purpose. Use a damp sponge instead.

I Was Social Distancing Before It Was Cool T-Shirt

Celebrate your proud heritage as an introvert with this irreverent t-shirt that shows how you practiced social distancing long before there was a viral need for it.

It’s Not Drinking Alone If You’re Social Distancing Wine Glass

Go ahead and enjoy that glass (or 3) of wine with dinner tonight, even if you’re doing it on your own. Drinking alone is practically your civic duty during these times of social distancing!

Quarantini Greeting Card

Speaking of drinking.

Plus, it’s downloadable, so you don’t even need to worry about a virus. See how times have changed!!!!

Quarantine and Tiger King Social Distancing Coffee Mug

We know everyone is stuck at home and practicing social distancing but at least we have Joe, Doc, and (that b***h) Carole to keep us company.

This is the perfect cup to hold your drinks all day while you binge watch Tiger King as many times as you want. No judgement here.

If You Can Read This You Are Too Close | Social Distancing T-Shirt

I remember this as a bumper sticker. Who would have imagined this becoming something we’d put on T-shirts. Obviously this Etsy seller did.

My Quarantined Life | Personalized Quarantine Journal

Just a little place so that you can jot down your musings while on quarantine so that you don’t end up writing some random, weird social distancing blog post like somebody we both know.

Social Distancing Door Mat

Custom coir doormat that makes it very clear that you don’t want visitors. And don’t worry about not needing it 6 weeks from now, there will ALWAYS be times when you don’t want visitors… and now you can just say you’re social distancing.

Quarantine & Chill Social Distancing Calming Candle

Soy blend candle. Calming scent. Funny sayings. Who could ask for more?

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