The Complete Guide on How to Use Pinterest for Etsy Sales


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    Have you ever asked how to use Pinterest for Etsy sales? You’re definitely not the only one.

    Pinterest seems to be that “secret-sauce” everyone is trying to dissect and get their hands on.

    Often times, I think that it is portrayed to be a strategy that is a lot harder than what it actually is.

    Developing a consistent and valuable Pinterest strategy is simple, quick, and uncomplicated. All you need is the right elements of the puzzle to piece it together in a way that works best for your brand and business.

    I love love love Pinterest because of all of the amazing opportunities it gives people in a relatively short period of time and without the sweat of gaining followers in order for people to see your content.

    With my strategy, you don’t have to track your followers or your monthly views on Pinterest (unless you really want). You just have to be consistent and that’s it! Easy-peasy.

    Ready to rock and roll?

    Before we do, take a moment and grab a FREE Pinterest Strategies Guide where I go even more in-depth on how you can better utilize your Pinterest account to drive in massive amounts of traffic! I share with you my exact process and help you get started on actionable tasks that you can complete starting today!

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      First things first, we have to lay out on the table the difference between a healthy, thriving Pinterest strategy and one that is lacking in effectiveness.

      If you are simply pinning your Etsy products directly from Etsy using the “Pin It” button every once and while then you are NOT being effective with your time on Pinterest. It requires so much more than this and you will see such amazing benefits for your biz if you put some more time and strategic effort into it.

      There is a much smarter way to pin that is going to up your game on Pinterest that includes attracting your targeted audience onto your Pinterest account, optimizing your account to turn your browsing audience into a buying audience, creating clickable and converting pins, and finally mastering Pinterest SEO (yes! You have to think about SEO not only on Etsy but also with Pinterest. Don’t shoot the messenger).

      All of these tips and tricks will directly funnel your visitors into your Etsy shop and turning your expensive hobby into a thriving business.

      How to Use Pinterest for Etsy Sales

      Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

      The truth is, you can have thousands and thousands of followers, but if they’re not clear on what your brand is about or they’re simply following you for the cookie recipes you pin, then there’s no way you’re going to convince them to click on your images and buy your products on Etsy.

      To optimize your Pinterest profile, follow these steps:

      1. Create a Business Account
      2. Change your profile photo to a picture of your face (no logos!)
      3. Change your Pinterest name to + 1-2 main keywords
      4. Link your website (we’ll talk about this later). If you’re dead set on not creating a website, link to your Etsy shop homepage
      5. Write a clear and concise bio that includes a description of who your business helps and an opt-in incentive (freebie) to get your audience to sign up for your email list
      6. Research your Pinterest keywords
      7. Create the right boards that will benefit your audience

      Optimizing your Pinterest profile, while tedious, is going to set your account up to be found by your target audience and keep them engaged on your account because they are going to know that your brand is there to serve them directly.

      Pin the Best Pins

      Odds are, you aren’t pinning the right type of stuff for your target audience!

      Let’s face it, we can’t pin the same things a blogger or other businesses can, but it can be difficult to determine what content you should be sharing.

      Listed below are some pin ideas to give you an idea of what kind of pins you can create:

      • Entire Shop Collage
      • Shop Feedback
      • Behind the Scenes
      • Individual Item
      • Shop Categories
      • Individual Item Collage
      • Blog Posts

      Design Stunning Pins

      Even if you do absolutely everything right on Pinterest, if your pins aren’t attractive to look at, you won’t see any results with your traffic. Your pins should:

      • Be long and vertical. Try using the dimensions 600px X 900px or 600px X 1250px
      • Have excellent Pinterest SEO
      • Have an interesting/engaging title that makes people want to click through
      • Have wording on them that is easy to read.
      • Be wary of script fonts and light colors
      • Have your Etsy shop name or logo on them to prevent them from being stolen
      • Use clear and quality photos

      There are multiple characteristics of a Pinterest pin that can make it stand out and be more favorable and let’s face it – get you more clicks!

      Crackdown on Your Pinterest SEO

      When you’re doing keyword research for Pinterest, it’s best to utilize the Pinterest search bar, as it gives you basically all of the information you’ll need.

      It helps you to narrow your focus and find more relevant results.

      Using those keywords, place them within your Pinterest board names and your pin descriptions.

      Don’t be afraid to include in-depth details about your blog post or Etsy product in your descriptions. Tell your audience how the product will benefit them, how they can use it, or an interesting face about the product or blog post.

      Within your descriptions, make sure you utilize a few hashtags at the end.

      These are a super cool way to help categorize your pins into a particular subject that users can easily discover. Your hashtags may very well be exactly the same as your keywords, but they also could be different.

      Having a Solid Pinterest Strategy

      I have heard everything under the sun when it comes to having the best pinning strategy.

      There are some who swear by manual pinning, while others, like myself, have found the most success with pinning with a scheduler.

      So, I’ve boiled it down to personal preference and what you think is best for your business.

      However, I will say, there is one thing that is absolutely crucial to any Pinterest strategy and what will guarantee the best results for your Etsy business.

      The one thing everyone has in common across the board who are seeing fast and long-term results…

      Creating a Website!

      Here’s a simple breakdown of this killer Pinterest strategy that works for thousands of Etsy sellers (including me!):

      1. A visitor finds your pin that has value and is designed nicely, and they click through to read more (because of those handy call-to-actions you’ve put on your pin).

      2. Next, they are redirected to your blog, where they read a fantastic blog post from you on whatever your blog post is about.

      They notice that you’re offering them a FREEBIE to further help them solve whatever problem it is that you are trying to solve.

      3. They then click on that freebie which prompts them to sign up for your email newsletter in order for them to receive that freebie.

      4. They fill in their name and email, and hit “Sign Me Up”.

      5. And BOOM! You’ve got a customer for LIFE. I told you it would be simple!

      Using Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop is a great way to get extra targeted traffic to your shop in a short period of time!

      If you can implement all of the tips and strategies that we discuss in this guide one by one, soon you won’t even have to rely on Etsy SEO anymore – dream come true!

      I hope that this Pinterest Guide has been very helpful for you and your Etsy Shop!

      Make sure you work through each of these blog posts and start on your Pinterest journey today!

      Until next time,

      Hey Babe! If you’re ready to create the Etsy Empire you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!


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