12 Digital Products That Are Selling Like Hotcakes


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My very first monetization course I took was about 5 minutes after I started a blog.

I always knew I wanted my blog to be a business. As it was, I started blogging in order to generate an income from home.

The person teaching the course was all about “products, products, products”

Of course, not knowing anything about the online world, my mind went to “physical products” not digital products.

Thus started the etsy shop.

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My Etsy shop was a success and a failure all at the same time. People liked my stuff and bought it, however each product needed to be individually sewn and put together. I sold things like military inspired blankets, dog collars, keychains, etc. They were embroidered and would take me anywhere from an hour to a day to create.

The orders piled up and soon I had a two week wait list and was spending almost ALL of my time at the sewing machine. Cursing at it and getting frustrated.

I hated it. I quickly decided this wasn’t for me and I needed a way to generate a more passive income.

And then I learned about digital products.

The thing about digital products, especially for bloggers, is that it can be a hit or miss. Luckily they cost almost nothing to make (especially when you design them yourself using canva).

The key is to build your audience first, and your product second.

Ask them what they want, survey them, hang out in facebook groups where they are asking questions and keep a running list of reader questions/concerns.

Once you know your readers’ problem, then it’s time to brainstorm solutions.

If you do that, they will buy it.

And if you design it where it’s visually appealing and easy to use.. You’ve hit the jackpot.

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12 Best digital products (that sell like hotcakes!)

1. Workbooks

Workbooks are something that works for almost every niche. There is something you can teach your audience that can be stepped out into a workbook. Take a moment to brainstorm!

I’ve seen everything from cleaning and organizing, to budgeting and finances. Seriously, I’ve even seen a workbook on parenting techniques and getting your child to listen (cool, right?)

Workbooks sell because it’s a step by step way of teaching that walks someone through the process of solving their problem. I’m a workbook junkie- show me a Pinterest-pretty workbook and I’ll buy it.

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2. Workshops

Workshops are somewhere between workbook and e-course (kind of a combination of both, actually). This is an interactive e-course that includes worksheets and other learning material.

The selling point of the “workshop” is that the person is able to interact with you and other students, rather than a e-course which is self paced and usually though a program like teachable.

Workshops are not generally held all the time because of the need for the creator to be involved. But, when a course is not constantly open for enrollment, it builds suspense and urgency and people are more likely to jump on it when it opens.

Another amazing thing about workshops is that you don’t spend nearly as much time “creating” it. Full e-courses can take months to build. If you decide to sell a workshop, you can spend about an hour outlining what you’ll cover in the class and set up a sales page. That’s it!

The “product” is created when you spend the 1-2 hours teaching and then you’re done!

3. Planners

People LOVE planners and there are so many ways you can go with this. You can create a life planner, budget planner, organizational planner, chore planner, meal planner, etc etc.

Here’s a tip: create multiple themed planners and then give people the option to purchase multiple ones! That way, they can essentially “customize” their planner by having the sections they need and you can get repeat sales!

Once you have a few planner options, you can also offer bundles at a lower cost.

Planners also make fantastic tripwires. Again, show me a Pinterest-pretty planner and I’m in!

4. E-Courses

E-courses are great because it helps your reader learn something and it also creates a passive income for you. They can either be created for free through email or through a platform like Teachable. When you create a e-course through a platform, you can also set up an affiliate program and get people to promote your course for free.

The best e-courses also have worksheets, checklists, and video content as well. Take the time to make your course awesome and it will absolutely pay off.

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5. E-books

E-books are a great tripwire, opt-in, or digital product. You can sell it through your blog and you can also put it up on Amazon, or even Etsy! E-books are pretty easy to make can you can repurpose a lot of your existing content, particularly if you have a blog post series or a lot of posts on one topic.

The key to an e-book that actually sells is a killer cover though, which I go over in my course Confidently Canva. You can make an awesome cover in canva and the upload it to myecovermaker.com and create an eye catching 3d model. They say, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but people totally do, especially online.

Grab the free ebook template (for Canva OR InDesign) now!

6. Membership Sites

Membership sites are fantastic for recurring income. The possibilities for membership sites are pretty endless.

Maybe you’re a fitness blogger– create a membership site that provides different workout routines, meal plans, and accountability meetings each month.

Maybe you sell sewing patterns– each month you can release a new set of patterns for your members.

The list can go on and on.

Some memberships are less about “new product” delivery and more about community and interaction. Many include weekly or monthly meetings, some have support groups, and others have challenges. You can really get creative with it!

7. Coaching Sessions

Coaching is less “passive” than most other digital products. It does involve time with your client but it allows for individualization and a personalized approach for your customer, which is a major selling point.

Plus, much like selling digital workshops- coaching doesn’t require actually creating anything ahead of time! The “product” is the time you spend with your client so there’s really not much to do prior except setting up a sales page and possibly an onboarding system (to allow your client to sign contracts, book appointments, and pay. I used and loved Dubsado when I did coaching)

Each person learns different, and each person is at a different point in their journey. Allowing a set amount of time to talk about where your client is, where they want to be, and how to get there is priceless. Not to mention, a lot of people are willing to pay higher price points for this.

8. Apps

You do not need to be an app developer to create an app. All you need is a killer idea. You can hire an app developer to create it for you and then you can sell it (find a developer on Upwork.com).

Another way to make money with apps is to treat it as it’s own sales funnel by offering the app for free and having an upgraded paid version or in-app purchases.

9. Templates

“Done for you” solutions are always a bit hit! Especially anything that has to do with copy, spreadsheets (with formulas), etc.

Templates are essentially fill-in-the-blank mini-products that someone can customize to make their own. It gives them a jumping off point and saves them a ton of time (like my templates!!)

Copy templates, speadsheet templates, and many other versions of templates can easily be shared via google docs. Make sure the doc or spreadsheet is in view only mode and instruct people to make a copy before editing!

10. Patterns

Typically, this is more for the craft niche. Sewing, knitting, crochet, etc. These patterns are awesome digital products and they totally sell like hotcakes- people love them!!

Not to mention, things like these make great tripwires, bundles, and opportunities for a membership site.

In my opinion though, patterns fall under an “instructional format” digital product. This can include things like recipes, DIY, etc. Anything that requires a list of needed items and then step by step instructions.

You’re essentially teaching someone how to create something and it’s amazing!

11. Downloadable Files

If you know how to create files like fonts, embroidery art, clip art, stock photography, etc then you have it made.

People, especially bloggers or any content creators, pay good money for things like this!

Plus you can sell it on your own site along with sites like creative market or Etsy. If you do stock photography, sell it to the major stock photo sites and boost your income even more.

Of course, these things are also great to sell to clients as well. Selling to clients requires a little more “time-for-money” than other digital products. However, you can sell it at a much higher price point.

12. Swipe files

People love to know how you did it! Swipe files are a file (you can create one in google drive) that includes your exact copy for things like sales pages, launches, emails, etc.

The idea is that they will personalize it to their own style of writing that fits their product (similar to a template), but you are giving them direction. It’s a huge bonus if you have had success. If you can say something like “the sales copy that made me $10,000 in 3 days” you are pretty much guaranteed to make sales.

The benefit of this is that you’ve already created it, you’re just packaging it up and selling it. The downside is that you may be exposing yourself to copycats. Be sure to make your terms of service very clear!

Of course, having the idea for the product is one thing.

But knowing how to make it is another.

The majority of these things can be made or designed in something like Canva (you can also grab my free Product Design Planner to help you get started!).

It doesn’t take a fancy, expensive product to make your product sell. It just takes a eye catching design that stands out among all the other things fighting for your clients attention.

Once they buy it, your amazing content will keep them coming back for more.

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