Paper Cup Flying Ghost Craft


Do your kids love interactive Halloween crafts? We do! It’s so fun to make something and then be able to play with it too. This easy Paper Cup Flying Ghost Craft is sure to be a hit! Pull the strings to see the paper cup ghosts fly up and down! So spooky and fun!

This flying ghost craft is great for kids of all ages from toddlers to teens! It’s really easy to make a Halloween paper cup ghost that actually flies and you can have your spooky spectre up and floating about in just a few minutes!

Kids will love making these ghost crafts for Halloween. They’re great for decorating the house and super fun and easy to make with friends on a crafting play date.

If you like the idea of these paper cup flying ghosts then you might like to take a peek at some of our other ghost craft ideas too. These Ghost Luminaries are made from mod roc so are great for bigger kids to make. Jumbo Floating Ghosts are fabulous for decorating the house at halloween and making it look spooky and fun quickly and easily. Ghost Finger Puppets are a five minute craft great for tiny tots. Chocolate Ghost Popsicles are great fun to make and eat for the whole family!

Paper Cup Flying Ghost Craft Tutorial

Supplies To Make A Paper Cup Ghost That Flies:

How To Make A Paper Cup Flying Ghost Craft For Halloween

1 – Cut random zig zags lengthways across a sheet of white office paper.

2 – Cut strips upwards from your zig zags towards the top of the paper but don’t cut all the way through to the top. You want to create a band of hanging strips.

3 – Glue your band of paper strips inside the white paper cup.

4 – Use your black sharpie to draw on the ghost’s face.

5 – We drew the ghost’s mouth, eyebrows and eye background and then glued on oval googly eyes for detail.

6 – (Grown Ups Only) To make your paper cup ghost fly carefully make two holes in the base of the paper cup. We used a small pair of scissors and pushed and wiggled them in.

7 – Cut a length of white yarn. We used about two arm spans worth. Thread the two ends of the yarn through the base of the paper cup and pull the ends into the cup and out the other side. Tie the two ends together.

8 – Now your Paper Cup Flying Ghost Craft is ready to move! Hang the looped end of yarn over a door handle or hook and gently pull the two threads out to each side. As you open your hands out further and further apart the ghost will “fly” to the top of the yarn. When you bring your hands in together again the ghost will “fly’ back down!

We think this interactive flying ghost craft is so fun for Halloween. If you want to get an idea of what it looks like moving we have a video of a flying witch craft that uses the same method.

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