Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft


Ready for the coolest paper plate pumpkin craft ever? This Halloween craft for kids is here to take the spotlight as it looks almost like a real carved pumpkin, the wonderful little tea light candle (battery operated) makes the Halloween magic happen.

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Kids get really excited about Halloween and pumpkin carving. Real pumpkins can get pretty messy, not to mention the carving process isn’t really kid friendly.

This Halloween paper plate craft however offers a fun, safer alternative. These can easily be displayed on the window and make a cool kid made Halloween display.

How to Make a Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

What you need:

  • two paper plates
  • black paint
  • orange paint
  • tea light candle (battery operated)
  • green pipe cleaner (you can omit it or switch it for green paper) – some tape to secure the pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil (or similar)

Step by Step Tutorial

You can make this craft with either small paper plates or big ones. We made ours with smaller ones.

Paint the inside of the paper plates (the part where you put the food on) black.

Paint the back of the paper plates orange.

Let the paint dry before moving to the next step.

Place the paper plates on top of each other – black parts facing each other. Cut a straight line (see picture bellow).

With a pencil (or marker), draw the pumpkin face on one of the paper plates.

Cut it out. For easiest (and safest) cutting, have the kids punch a hole (with pencil or similar) through the mouth, eyes and nose if they made it and use the hole as the starting point for cutting.

Curl up a pipe cleaner and stick it on the paper plate.

Apply glue on the edge of the paper plate. Do not apply glue along the cut.

Place the other paper plate on top and wait for the glue to dry. We use clothespins to secure the paper plates while the glue dries.

This is how the bottom part of the paper plate pumpkin craft should look.

Push the tea light candle inside the opening at the bottom. You can secure it with some tape too.

Turn on the tea light candle and enjoy the flickering.

Turn off the lights in the room and enjoy the show.

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