How These Former Etsy Sellers Get Over 50% of Their Sales from Facebook Marketplace


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The January magazine is live!! We hope that you all experienced a growth in sales this holiday season and feel ready for a completely NEW year with NEW possibilities for your business! ❤️ We’re particularly excited about this new magazine issue because it’s filled with fresh ideas for 2021! Our first featured sellers, Brittany & Heather, blew us away when we found out how they’d launched their business via Facebook Marketplace and have doubled their sales yearly ever since. We also have a super helpful column about how to plan your 2021 from a jewelry designer who created over 30+ best selling craft magazines. Thanks to her experience as an editor, she has a lot of great insights about evaluating your business at the start of the new year and planning out your strategy for the coming months. She even included a download to help with your social media posts! Read on for a preview of this month’s magazine. 🙂

“We kept our focus solely on Facebook Marketplace to keep our costs low.”

When Brittany and Heather decided to try their hand at selling on Facebook Marketplace they only had $85 to their name, no tools, and no business experience. Now they’ve doubled their business each year, have a 4,000 square foot shop, and have always gotten over 50% of their sales from Marketplace even during the years that they made over $100,000 on Etsy. Read how they achieved it plus the tips they have for other sellers who want to begin using Facebook Marketplace for their business!

“Facebook Marketplace has always accounted for 50% or more of our sales, even during our two years of over $100,000 in sales on Etsy.”

– Brittany Dyer @beautifulfightwoodworking

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“I eagerly submitted my application along with my $1,200 application fee.”

Our second featured seller, Ellen, caught our attention in her application when she mentioned attending an expensive trade show event that produced no results for her. But it was because of that seemingly negative experience that she wound up creating a product she was passionate about which went on to be her best seller!

“To say that the event was a complete disaster would be an understatement. For three days my fellow vendors chatted with store owners, offered samples, and took orders while I struggled to hand out a single business card.”

-Ellen Brenneman @ellenbrennemanstudio

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Here’s a preview of the goodies inside the January magazine:

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After seeing some wooden signs on Facebook Marketplace, Brittany decided to try her hand at woodworking. Since selling their first item, they’ve doubled their business ever since and now have a storefront and 4,000 sq. ft. workshop! Read how they grew their sales through Facebook Marketplace and their tips for using the platform to grow your business.

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Anna Davenport helped develop over 30 best-selling craft magazines before launching her jewelry brand and now she’s sharing what she learned over the years about content planning and evaluating the status of your business.

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Through some encounters with nature and some health problems that her mom was facing, Kylie wound up creating a luxury candle business that she now runs with her young son close at her side.

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