You Need to Know the Best Money Making Crafts to Make Money


You might get surprised to know that a Harry Potter toilet decal is a popular handmade product on Amazon.

Moreover, Game Of Thrones inspired handmade crafts upsurge in sales during Christmas.

Also, some of the most beautiful crafts at local fairs finds no buyers.

If you are a handmade artist. Then, you can relate to the above statements.

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Since I am obsessed with handmade products ideas. My brain juggles to figure out the dynamics involved in running a handmade business.

So, to know more on the subject of selling and making profits from handmade products. I dug deep into the data from Amazon Handmade.

The website has a huge range of products from artists all over the globe. Though the best part is that you can sort the data on the basis of the sales figures. This feature is unlike its competitors where the sales data is obscure.

My research on that site helped me in knowing the best selling range of crafts. The data had some patterns that showed which individual craft items sold the most.

If you are a handmade artist wanting to do more sales. Then, you might want to read further.

Top 10 handmade items to sell online


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You Need to Know the Best-selling 10 Handmade Items to sell online on Amazon Handmade


Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is the most common form of handmade art. That is why earrings are one of the most sold items on this site.

It is interesting to notice that it is the custom design pieces that are a hit. Some of them include biology theme jewelry and origami shaped ones.

When I looked at the data from Amazon Handmade. Then, personalized name tag jewelry topped the sales.

So, if you are a jewelry artist. Then, you have a lot of options to make use of this niche. Some of the jewelry items that go well with name engraving are –

– Baby name bracelets

– Name rings

– Initials Necklace

– Ear Cuffs


Handmade Cosmetics, Toiletries, and Spa Bundle

I make and sell cosmetics and toiletries. Hence, I know they are one of the handmade items in demand.

The data on Amazon concurs the same.

With the growth in the trend of organic and cruelty-free skincare products. It is safe to conclude that the craze of safe cosmetics is here to stay.

Moreover, the category has numerous options to carve a niche. From handmade soap bars to custom spa bundles. There is a lot you can do cash on this expanding handmade niche.

You can jump into this category even if you are a complete newbie. Professional soap making courses can help you create your branded cosmetic line.


Personalized Art Prints, Decal, and Stickers

top 10 handmade items to sell online ~ nursery art print
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If you are a graphic artist. Then, it is the best time to start your handmade business.

In case you do not know. Then, let me tell you that art prints are one of the best money making crafts.

They are more or less made once and replicated multiple times.

Art prints exist in the form of wall frames, decals, and general stickers.

You can make these in volumes, thus, they save you time and money. That, in turn, brings in a good ROI for your handmade business.

The Nursery Art Print above is an Amazon best-seller. You can create such art prints for a variety of categories.

Another interesting one is the Genealogy blank poster. It is one of the latest craft trends that a handmade artist can make use of.


Energy and Healing Products

Balancing the body’s energy and aligning chakras is a rage these days. No wonder that the trend has fused with handmade products too.

That is why 3 such products are best sellers on Amazon handmade. The healing and electromagnetic force (emf) protection is their USP.

The common forms of these products are Orgone Pyramids and Pendants. Due to their healing properties. They are handmade crafts in high demand.

Thus, they are a part of the list of top 10 handmade items to sell online.


Personalized Tags and Badges

Do you know someone who gets possessive about their belongings?

Well, I know a lot of those. Even I am one.

I use name tags when I travel. They are helpful in demarcating my stuff.

Personalized tags/badges are popular these days. That may be the reason why they are best-sellers on Amazon Handmade.

Irrespective of your niche in the handmade craft. You must create them to get quick sales.

A few of the various forms of tags are – Pet Tags, Stethoscope Tags, Travel Badges.


Handmade Cards

Cards must be the crafts that everyone must have gifted/received at least once in their lifetime.

If you are a handmade artist with paper crafts as a niche. Then, you must include handmade cards in your portfolio.

If you reckon the data of handmade products sold on Amazon. Then, cards occupy a significant position.

Cards are no-obligation gifts that appeal to people of all ages. So, when someone is not sure what to gift. They end up gifting a card. If that analogy is true. Then, it works in favor of a handmade crafter.

The following ones with humor can work as Valentine’s Day and Anniversary gifts.

top 10 handmade items to sell online ~ handmade cards
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Handmade Keychains

I love to make key chains out of pop tabs. They are one of my favorite crafts that I enjoy to create for my loved ones.

Also, due to their utility. I have had success in selling them.

They are also best-sellers on the Amazon Handmade site.

There are even ones made with 18k Gold and onyx diamonds costing a lot of money.

top 10 handmade items to sell online ~ keychain
18kt Premium Keychain

Though the most common ones are custom tagged leather key chains.


Handmade Wooden Signs

Woodcrafts are one of the most popular things to make and sell. This site curates a lot of crafts made by wood by various artists.

The versatility of wood makes it an optimum material for creativity.

From a cabin lodge to toys, there is a lot one can do with wood.

But considering the popularity. Wood Signs are the most sold wooden crafts. Plus, they are easy things to make and sell out of wood.

If you a beginner artist with wood crafts. Then, you must begin with Welcome wood signs to make an initial flux of sales. They serve as personalized handmade gifts for people of all ages.


Homemade Slime

Although Slime started off as a product by a multinational.

Today it has become one of the profitable things to make and sell from home.

The unicorn theme slime listed below is a huge hit on Amazon.

top 10 handmade items to sell online ~ unicorn slime
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As a handmade artist, you can fuse in a lot of creativity to make slimes.

Since the raw materials to create slime do not cost much. Therefore, they are one of the most profitable crafts to sell.


Personalized Starbucks Coffee Cups

Creativity has no limits. These customized Starbucks Coffee cups are a proof for the same.

The whopping sales of these cups make them a best-seller on Amazon Handmade.

The artist of these disposable cups creates magic with Vinyl cut designs.

Such recycled crafts do good for the environment. Though they also prove good to initiate sales too.

If you are a newbie crafter. Then, you can start your handmade business with this one.


In Conclusion

The demand for handmade products has seen a rise in recent years. With the increase in their demand, the number of handmade artists has also increased.

This leads to competition. Hence, not all artists end up making sales.

If you have ever sold at a craft show, then you know the grill. But if you sell online, then it is a little easier to sell.

Amazon Handmade is a leading website to buy and sell handmade products. I sorted the data on that site on best-seller parameters.

As per that, this article lists the top 10 handmade items to sell online.

So, if you are considering to abandon your career in crafts. Then, this article will give you hope and inspiration.

Irrespective of your niche of handmade business. You can kick-start your sales with one or more of the items listed in this article.

Source of Data: Amazon Handmade

Header Image Courtesy: Pixabay