Boho Home Decor Trends You Need To Try


Bohemian style decor has taken the interior design world by storm, and let us just say, and we are here for it. From leather furniture to ravishing neutrals, from welcoming patterns to urban boho twists, we can say without a doubt this is one of our favorite decor trends to date.

While many think boho decor is where the style is made up, and matching doesn’t matter, it is much, much more. We want to show you exactly what we’re talking about, so we’ve combed through the internet searching for the best boho home decor trends that you need to try. Needless to say, we know you will love what we have found. Here are the best boho home decor trends to follow.

Use Leather

Leather is a great, anything-goes material to use when creating your boho look. Try adding a brown and buttery leather sofa. Style it up with some fur or leave it plain. Either way, it will serve as the perfect focal point in your boho-tastic living room. Boho is all about contrasting textures, so adding a few geometric sequin pillows is a great way to put an urban twist on this look. When it comes to adding leather to a boho styled room, you really can’t go wrong.

Add Modern Furniture

Adding a splash of modern decor can make turn your boho-inspired room into a chic and stylish living place. Adding a glossy, white, modern coffee table surrounded by vintage textiles, hanging plants, and a colorful Moroccan rug is trendy AF. You will be the house that everyone wants to hang out at. Adding an unexpected modern accessory is a great way to balance out the old and the new. Plus, it looks fabulous!

Minimal Color

When you are trying to achieve a minimalistic look, it comes without saying that you may want to stray away from an explosion of color. Urbanized boho areas tend to stick to a strict color palette. Neutrals are your friends, not your enemies. Let the pop of color come from your plants or maybe a colorful pillow or two. When you keep all other elements in the space neutral, it will create a relaxing and pulled-together vibe.

Bold Flooring

OK. This has got to be one of the best ideas out there when it comes to adding boho home decor. Traditional boho often features bold elements anywhere and everywhere, but in 2020 bold flooring with a simple wall is trending hard. Try adding a gorgeous, bold floor with bright colored Moroccan-inspired tiles paired with a simple backdrop. This will brighten up your room and let the floor shine through as the focal point of the room. Painted tiles are unique, colorful, and hella cute!

Antique Accents

Add something old, something new, something borrowed, and your boho decor dreams will come true! There is something special to be said about adding antique furniture when building up your boho space. Boho home decor trends are all about reusing items from the past. This will create a sophisticated spin on the traditional decor you are used to.

Add Natural Wood

Nothing is perfect, which is why using natural wood pieces as a staple in your boho decorating is trending right now. Adding natural wood will add some texture to your room. While a colorful couch itself is tailored and modern, add boho pillows if you want to add warmth in the place.

Weaved Baskets

One of the easiest ways to weave urban boho vibes into your love for the organization at home is to use baskets. For a look that is timelessly pulled together, use matching baskets that will pull the room together. If you are looking for a fun and messy boho look, use different baskets of many sizes. Whatever you decide, it will look fabulous.

Use Outside Furniture Inside

Another great trick when creating an urban boho space in your home is to use outdoor furniture inside. Whether it is outdoor chairs or and outdoor table, these lovely outdoor chairs will look perfectly at home around your dining table. Many may not know it, but wicker furniture will pull your boho room together.

Lighting And Accessories

Ambient, understated light fixtures will unify your Boho room and complete the calm and welcoming atmosphere. Instead of installing overhead light fixtures, decorate with multiple lanterns, candles, and floor and table lamps. It will be cozy, and may we add romantic AF. Stray away from shopping, leading retailers; they won’t have what you are looking for. World markets and even thrift shops will make it easy to find a variety of shapes and styles—perfect for the mix-and-match look boho is famously known for.

Add Plants

Embracing the natural world is the main inspiration to this style, so be sure to bring your room to life with ferns and hanging plants (macrame plant hangers would look great). Not only do they bring vibrancy to a room, but plants also improve air quality, and can improve your mood. You may also consider succulents—easy to care for and available in many shapes and styles—which are great for people with a less-than-green thumb. These eye-catching plants need little more than a sunny spot and occasional watering, and they will make your boho room chic and lively. When it comes to boho home decor trends, plants are an absolute must.

Make It Personal

The last thing you need to do to pull your boho home decor trends together is to add some personal heirlooms that you will absolutely love. From hand made items to objects from your travels. Accessories should tell your story, so feature what you love. Whether it be tapestries, vintage bottles, maps, or mismatched china, have it replicate you and what you love. Just because its bohemian doesn’t mean that it cant scream chic and fabulous, so do not be afraid to try out an ornate chandelier or dare we say a chunky antique mirror.

Boho home decor trends are larger than ever in 2020, and with these tips, you will have the best room in your squad. What are your favorite boho trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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