DIY Fall Hydrangea Wreath in 15 Minutes


Using a few faux floral stems and a grapevine base, you can create a DIY fall hydrangea wreath in 15 minutes! Enjoy the rich deep tones of this DIY fall hydrangea wreath on the inside or outside of your home!


Do y’all remember my 15-minute gorgeous wreath from last fall?

And then how I used the same grapevine wreath base to do my spring succulent wreath in 10 minutes?

Well, my sister texted me last week and said, “Juls, can we (“we” meaning you), make this wreath for me, for less than $100?” (Go ahead, click the link for the inspiration image)

I said, “Uhhh, pretty sure I can… for like $99.” Well, WE think we are funny.

Of course, we immediately hopped on over to the local craft store (my sister lives down the street from MWA), purchased what we needed, and made the wreath in about 15 minutes… no joke!

So, here’s how YOU can create this lovely diy fall hydrangea wreath in just about 15 minutes (maybe less)!

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What You’ll Need for a DIY Fall Hydrangea Wreath

You really only need a few items to create this luxurious look for your decor:

Easy enough, right?

Like us, you probably already have the last three items, and we even had the ribbon, too! So all we needed were the stems and grapevine wreath base!

How to Make a Fall Hydrangea Wreath in 15 Minutes

Seriously… this is just too easy!

  1. Cut the heads off your hydrangea leaving about 1.5 inches of ‘stem’ (see close up on second photo)
  2. (Pro-tip: Before using glue, add the hydrangea heads to the grapevine and then space them out accordingly. THEN go back and take them out, add glue, and place back in the appropriate spot. Remember, bare spots can be covered with leaves!) Take your first hydrangea and add hot glue to the stem and stick it in the grapevine wreath. I know it seems obvious, but take your next color and then color number three and add to the grapevine. Do this same sequence two more times.
  3. and 4. Seperate your leaves from the stems and add them to the grapevine wreath, underneath and between the hydrangea heads. See the finished product photos below for tips on placement.

Add the bow, and your are set for your fall door decor!

Where Can I Put a DIY Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for your outside door (thought that is where my sister put hers)! Here’s some more ideas of where you can place an autumn wreath:

  • Inside your entryway door! Yes… a wreath inside the door is a great addition to your seasonal decor. Uhhh, I’m thinkin’ My Wee Abode needs that right now… I’ll be back in 15-minutes!
  • Okay, I’m back. Wreaths are lovely on china cabinets. My friend Crissy from First Day of Home adds TWO fall wreaths to her dining room cabinets!
  • Add a wreath to a large mirror! This look creates a 3-dimensional decor that can’t be beat!
  • Kitchen cabinets… little mini wreaths hanging down kitchen cabinets are so pretty! (I know this is for Christmas, but you can really do this for any season… and I love me some Worthing Court!)
  • Share with me YOUR ideas for adding wreaths to your home decor!

DIY Fall Hydrangea Wreath in 15 Minutes

Oh, I almost forgot… here’s the finished hydrangea wreath that my sister ended up getting for her birthday… from me! 😉 (Yes, she’s one of those zillions of people born in September!)

She immediately put it on her front door… outside. 😉 What do you think? Pretty close to the $100 wreath, right? This cost just about $50 (IF you get the items on sale).

My sister opted for this green ribbon I had in my stock-pile rather than the gold crinkle ribbon on the photo from Etsy. The sage color is definitely more my sister’s style anyways.

Let me know where you like to put your seasonal wreaths. Do you have a wreath in your home for the seasons? Do you even ever use a wreath? Will you now? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉 And no judging, I promise! 😉

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