How To Have The Perfect Bohemian Bedroom


Creating a bohemian room is a lot of fun. There are really no rules when it comes to creating a bohemian space because it’s all entirely up to you. Although creating bohemian decor from scratch can seem daunting. Below are a few ways to help kick start achieving the bohemian bedroom of your dreams. Of course these are just suggestions, a bohemian space is all about making it unique and specific to you.

1. Random Colors

The first rule of a bohemian bedroom is that there are no rules. That means you can go crazy with colors and honestly sometimes that looks the best. Don’t limit yourself.

2. One Main Color

Alternatively you could always focus on just one main color, like in the photo below. You don’t have to limit yourself to just that color but it can be the one hue that is consistent throughout your entire room.

3. Antiques

Having a bohemian bedroom is a perfect excuse to try antiquing. You’ll be surprised what you will find and what will look good in your room.

4. Turn Your Clothes Into Decor

If you live in a smaller space and want a bohemian bedroom but don’t want it to look like a junkyard turn your clothes into decor. If you have incredible or unique pieces show those off.

5. Pillows, Pillows And More Pillows

A bohemian bedroom is all about comfort, and that can be achieved with a bunch of pillows. Find floor pillows, sofa pillows, basically any kind of pillow you would want to lay on all day long. Your friends will appreciate the options of comfort when they come over.

6. Mirrors

Don’t limit yourself to just one mirror. Feel free to have as many mirrors as you could possibly one. They will definitely make the room larger than it actually is.

7. Unusual Lighting

If you can change the lighting consider installing some unique lighting fixtures. If that can’t happen you can still look for strange and unusual looking lamps, or you could even hang a plug in lamp from the ceiling.

8. Rustic Furniture

Try to find furniture that looks slightly older than it actually is. You don’t have to go out and thrift everything, there are plenty of furniture stores that will provide you with rustic furniture.

9. Macramé

You could either buy some macramé or you could try making some yourself. Either way it will be a welcome addition to your wall art.

10. Decorate Your Mirror

If you decide to get a mirror you can totally decorate that as well. A lot of people drape scarves, fabric or fake plants from theirs.

11. Tapestries

Of course you’re going to want a tapestry in your room, that’s a constant staple in bohemian bedrooms. Bonus points for stringing lights up.

12. Utilize Your Headboard

If you don’t have that much space but still want to show off all of your interesting decor consider getting a bed with a headboard that can double as a shelving unit.

13. Canopy Bed

Become a literal goddess with a canopy bed. While they’re usually shown in super glam rooms you can hang fake, or real, plants from it and become a fairy queen.

14. Leave The TV Out

This might be hard but if you’re interested in a bohemian room that might mean you have an artistic side. If that’s the case leave plenty of space to express yourself.

15. Show Off Unusual Shapes

These mirrors below aren’t all the same, they’re different shapes and the third one is an entirely different pattern. But the coloring is similar which makes them all compliment each other. You could put up a bunch of different shapes that look slightly similar and that will look amazing.

16. Find Unique Pieces

Go to your nearest thrift store and then go crazy. Literally anything and everything you could possibly think of can and will be decor. Do you want teacups in your room? Do it. HOw about a random plate? Absolutely.

17. Simplicity

Having a bohemian bedroom doesn’t mean complete and utter chaos. You can definitely have a more tame room with slight hints of bohemian style, like in the photo below. If you want a simple bedspread get one! The one below is simple but the little tassels give it a little something extra.

18. Statement Wall

You can always paint a statement wall if you’re indecisive about what to hang on the walls. The one below is a beautiful shade that doesn’t darken the room at all.

19. Plants Everywhere

With a bohemian bedroom you can pretty much turn your bedroom into a greenhouse. Feel free to add as many plants as you could possibly want.

20. Worn Furniture

Having furniture that looks slightly worn, or is actually worn, will go perfectly in your bohemian bedroom.

21. Twinkle Lights

Of course twinkle lights are something you’re going to want in your bohemian bedroom. You could get the typical string lights or find ones that cover the entire wall, like the ones in the photo below.

22. Find Interesting Bedding

Having interesting bedding is a definite must in a bohemian bedroom. The one below is rather tame but the throw blanket is wonderfully different. Instantly your bed is taken from a basic bed to bohemian.

23. Be Slightly Consistent

Obviously the nice thing about having a bohemian bedroom is you don’t need everything to be matchy matchy. Although there can be room for some slight consistency, like in the photo below. The display case is made out of similar material to the basket in front of it. While it’s not that dramatic it’s enough to make the room look like you gave it some thought.

24. Large Persian Rug

One thing that tends to be consistent throughout most bohemian bedrooms are the dramatic, colorful, persian rugs. These rugs really bring the room together, even if their coloring doesn’t go along with anything else in the room. It’s a brilliant piece of bohemian decor that will catch the eye of anyone who walks into your room.

25. Fabric On The Ceiling

If you truly want to feel like you’re living in a bohemian decor dream consider putting tapestry and fabric everywhere. Rather than simply hang it up behind your bed try putting it on your ceiling. This will create the feeling of being in an elaborate, decorative tent. You’ll truly be living in a dream with this bohemian decor.

Do you have a bohemian bedroom? Comment below!

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