Top 60 Best Concrete Walkway Ideas – Outdoor Path Designs


Have you ever visited a home where you knew you were in good hands from the first step onto the walkway?

The journey from curb to door was nothing less than a luxury, an experience you almost didn’t want to come to an end.

There’s no denying the sway of a perfect walkway, and concrete has long been the go-to choice for many a discerning homeowner.

Gone are the strictly industrial days of concrete, for the concrete path is truly a work of both landscaping art and genius craftsmanship. Stamped or colored, lined with brick or inlaid with stone–there is truly no limit to what visions can be achieved with this easily implemented material.

Guests will no doubt linger awhile longer as they stroll up your artisanal concrete path, and you can take pride each morning as you depart and likewise return knowing you created an experience of your own worth savoring as well as sharing. Concrete is a material that adapts to its surrounding habitat, and whether you live in the arid desert or a lush green suburbia, your concrete path can be laid to enhance your front and back yard scope.

We take great care in tending to our lawns and gardens, and making sure we strike only the best impression upon first sight, so why not extend that sensibility to the walkway as well? What carries you and your guests to the front door should be a year-round pleasure, and because these top 60 best concrete walkway ideas never go out of style, you can rest assured it will be a lifelong joy.


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