Top 60 Best Wood Backsplash Ideas – Wooden Kitchen Wall Designs


The backsplash is frequently emphasized by the design world elite when it comes to upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or bar space.

As understated as it is expansive, the backsplash takes up a considerable amount of space, and yet is often treated as an afterthought–when thought of at all.

With so many materials and designs to select from, such as timelessly on-trend wood, why not elevate your space from mere functionality to the best in show?

A wooden backsplash can suggest many things depending on the type of wood you choose, as well as your source of inspiration. Stripped wood suggests the rustic saloons of bygone ghost towns, or otherwise a creaking ship’s galley, while the wooden backsplash polished to a deep shine evokes nothing short of speakeasy chic.

Mountain cabin or quaint farmhouse, Pacific bungalow or cottage cool–your wooden backsplash is your chance to make a big impression in an astonishingly straightforward manner. Like all the best design implements, a wooden backsplash will never overpower your space, but blend in perfectly with the backdrop you’ve worked so hard to curate.

Wood has enjoyed a major comeback in recent years, and for good reason. As near-indestructible as it is unmatched in beauty, wood is a material that adapts to the hands that shape and select it. Upscale or pared down, industrial or refined, wood is the ideal “wow factor” material, and these top 60 best wooden backsplash ideas will no doubt garner more than a few murmurs of admiration.

The next time you find yourself in your kitchen or bathroom, why not dare to imagine the possibilities staring you right in the face?

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