Top 70 Best Chair Rail Ideas – Molding Trim Interior Designs


When building, renovating, or simply updating one’s home, a lot can be overlooked in the details.

After all, we want our homes to make a grand impression, and the sweeping show-stealers are usually first and last on our minds.

However, those aforementioned details can make or break a home’s defining presence, leaving as much to be desired as what initially escaped the eye. Case in point: chair rail molding.

The name alone isn’t exactly an alluring proposition, but chair rail molding has been used for hundreds of years in the finest homes around the world, acting as both protector and refiner. Where the former is concerned, these top 70 best chair rail ideas and molding designs help to prevent scuffing along the walls caused by furniture and careless foot traffic.

In the case of the latter, chair rail molding establishes an interior’s proportion and scale, adding space and elegance to otherwise standard straight-up-and-down spaces. Available in a number of designs, from classic to cutting edge, and adaptable to any home’s color palette, chair rail molding is a seemingly minute detail that makes a night and day difference.

Have you ever stepped inside a home and felt a certain je ne sais quoi, an essence or detail you just couldn’t put your finger on that nonetheless left you in awe and eager to return again?

Chair rail molding was likely present, incorporated in such a subtle and refined manner that one would never suspect its effect–until implementing it into their own abode.


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