Top 70 Best Modern Fireplace Design Ideas – Luxury Interiors


Few can deny the nostalgic joy of a good old fashioned fireplace, to say nothing of the warmth and heavenly glow provided on a long cold night or at an intimate gathering.

And while many homes built during certain periods feature built-in fireplaces, they may require an update to keep with the times and one’s personal needs.

The best modern fireplaces, much like the best modern homes, pay homage to the past without being restricted by it; they incorporate the best of what came before while looking ahead and welcoming what is to come.

Today’s modern fireplaces not only keep your home basked in that long-savored firelight, but offer a convenience not readily enjoyed by our forefathers. With updated gas components, which allow one to flip a switch and instantly luxuriate in hearth ambience, rather than labor over logs and starter fluids, modern fireplaces also come in a range of designs that implement all your household values while maintaining the fireplace’s traditional place in the home.

Concrete, granite, steel, and distressed wood are just a few popular materials adopted for the nouveau fireplace, with each module selected to compliment the interior setting. Inlaid or attached, modern fireplaces can accommodate entertainment systems or punctuate works of art, further allowing them to blend with one’s home and sensibilities, rather than stand apart from them.

The incomparable joy of gathering around a fire with your loved ones or reflecting in solitude on the crackling flames will never go out of style. We may live in seductively convenient times, but some things simply can’t be replaced. The fireplaces of today not only celebrate what connects us to our early brothers, but continue to earn their rightful place as modern heirlooms for generations to come.


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