Top 70 Best Painted Stairs Ideas – Staircase Designs


We spend much of our lives going up and down the stairs, at home and in the world at large, but do we ever stop to really take notice?

If our homes are truly the stages up on which we present our lives, don’t we deserve to show off every aspect in the mode it was meant for?

Your own home’s staircase is likely a focal point and much-trafficked zone, so why not reassess its potential from the style side?

Painted stairs are as fun as they are eye-catching, instantly setting the staircase apart and elevating it to a conversation piece in its own right. From bright hues to intricate patterns, your painted staircase makes up the canvas you ascend and descend in splendor, and not just out of habit. Imagine making your grand entrance on a set of stairs of your own imagining, every color or figure within the pattern representing your personal aesthetic and home sensibilities. Imagine looking forward to making those ascents and descents, of smiling with pride at each footstep. The painted stairs ensure all of that, and then some.

Our homes are our personal palaces, and like true palaces, deserve to outfitted to the standards of our taste and scope for beauty. You are royalty in your own right when it comes to your home, and who but a king should descend the stairs in the manner he deserves to be seen?

Bold in palette or refined in pattern, these painted stairs ideas provide just the right touch of the decadent, and a lifetime of function at its finest.

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