Top 70 Best Wood Wall Ideas – Wooden Accent Interiors


Accent walls are a wonderful way to add eye-catching dimension to your space, as well as showcase key notes and objects of personal significance.

If you’re wary of picking up a paintbrush or implementing something that may seem ultimately appear out of character, why not opt for the natural uniqueness and striking appeal of the wooden accent wall?

A wooden accent wall, divider, or behind-the-bed headboard piece creates a richness of texture and depth, and is surprisingly simple to install. Whether you’re looking for a cabin in the woods feel, with rugged edges and less symmetrical lines, or a trendy Pacific vibe a’la stained-and-stripped surfaces, there are dozens of finely worked wooden options to choose from.

Even darkly stained russets and mahoganies provide an accessible but oh-so-sumptuous allure to your abode. Polished or pallet-style, your wooden accent wall is a bespoke extension of your most poignant tastes and sensibilities.

A wooden wall achieves what paint and wallpaper are seldom able to do; that is, create a setting apart from the greater scheme, ultimately achieving a standalone work of interior art. Easily constructed and providing years of splendor and fluid style transformations, these wood wall ideas will grow with your home and throughout your own renaissance periods. Like you, the wooden accent wall will only get better with time.


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