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Affiliate links | Welcome to my first roundup of vintage homeware, cottage core and pre-owned home products from around the web. Some of the links – but not all – included in the post are affiliate links, which I will earn a small commission from (at no extra cost to you), if you choose to make a purchase.

I absolutely love shopping for my home. I especially adore charity shop hunting, and I feel this has been somewhat stolen from us since the pandemic. It’s legitimately one of the things I miss the most about “normal” life (after my loved ones of course).

Despite my love for homewares, I now live in a teeny tiny rural cottage. It’s small. It’s 3 full rooms and a bed that’s up in the eaves (we have to clamber up a ladder to get to our “bedroom”). We had been thinking about van life for a while and it’s a good job we’d got used to the idea because our little home is barely more than a hobbit hole. We LOVE it, but it does mean we have to think hard about what we own and what we buy.

With limited space and limited funds, a lot of the most beautiful items I find just fade from my memory in time and I would absolutely love to unite some of you with some of the treasures I find.

I’m passionate about giving items a second lease of life and so I’ve worked to find some pre-owned beauties for you to enjoy. This means some of the items on this list may have gone by the time you see them (depending on when you’re reading this). Please don’t be sad, it just means that someone out there is getting the chance to enjoy something wonderful, I promise you’ll find your own piece and be just as happy!

(please read full descriptions and measurements before you purchase pieces, I’ve definitely been guilty of jumping the gun and ordering the wrong items for my own home in the past. all prices and descriptions correct as of 10th February 2021)

Support small businesses

This gorgeous Teapot Bird House and feeder for £27 from MJDFineWoodwork on Etsy. I want one!

This bumblebee decoupaged tin pitcher for £15.00 from BandonDesignsUK also on Etsy.

This caramel coloured bee vase from honey bee home is so lovely and Mel, who runs this small homeware business is such a wonderful human! Get it for £15

This lavender scented vegan soy wax candle from VeganBunnyCo starts at £9.99 for 25 hours burning time.

This cottagecore autumn inspired print from Peaches and Bees is a steal, starting from £5

Eco-friendly homewares

These patterned washing up pads from &Keep. £5.95 for 2 (if there’s a particular pattern you love, please add to the notes at checkout – I like the hedgehogs and mushies!)

This Echo Planter from sustainable cork based brand Mind The Cork. It’s £30 and the creator has such a lovely vision. Loads of beautiful items on their website!

This coconut bowl for £7.50 from Bambaw. It’s made from a shell discarded during the production of coconut oil, so you know you’ve got a cute bowl AND you’ve reused a waste product to help the environment. Awesome!

This triple pack of spring scented soy wax candles by Parkminster for £18.50 (also keep an eye out for their coffee and chai varieties that are currently out of stock – they sound divine!)

This upcycled hot water bottle for £24.95, also from &Keep.

Second hand treasure

This hand-painted vintage jug from the 1980s is so cute and homely and it’s only £15. It’s SO CUTE though. SO. CUTE.

My Grandma actually had these pots and I remember them well from childhood, so I really struggled to pass them up, but I have DONE my shopping for this month, so I’m gifting you with this tip. The pans are gorgeously decorated and start at £15 for the smallest, but you can get the whole set for £45. Just don’t gloat, please.

This 1970s deer Hornsea vase is usually sold for a lot more than the £10 it’s being offered for here!

This fruit garden ceramic storage jar is super cottagecore and cute. £8.99 is a small price to pay for something so adorable IMO.

For £24.99 you can bag this vintage cup and plates set by Barratts of Staffordshire from Angel Garden Online (same seller as the storage jar above, so grab both??)

Luxury items

These linen mushroom patterned curtains start at £90.12 plus postage, but they’re so gorgeous that I can’t stop thinking about them. Get them from GrannetHome on Etsy.

This hand knitted chunky blanket from Etsy is available in a huge range of colours. I like powdered violet. Super dreamy. Prices start at £64.45 and go up by size.

This original autumn garden oil painting from the 1990s by Ukrainian artist Y. Kukhtina has a really wonderful feel to it. It’s £100.11, which is a really good price for an original painting that you’ll admire and treasure forever.

This solid wood blue-grey vintage chest of drawers painted in high quality mineral chalk paint (specially formulated for furniture) has been restored, but still has the original vintage drawer pulls. Free delivery throughout the UK mainland.

These super cool hand vases from BelginBozsahinArt on Etsy would look really cute on a deep windowsill. They’re £75.

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