50 Chic and Practical Small Bathroom Ideas


Have you been gifted with a small bathroom in your house? Don’t worry about it! Even the tiniest of bathrooms can have the most luxurious style! A small bathroom means cozier and comfier and with a great design, it can look amazing!

Some design techniques include using an extra long shower curtain, utilizing light and bright color schemes, going for lightweight furniture pieces and charming the visitor with unique wallpapers or vintage items that will help them forget how small the room actually is!

The internet has a ton of extraordinary inspirational photos of small bathroom ideas that can get you excited about your renovation project. You’re going to have so much fun and after checking out these 50 chic and practical small bathroom ideas you’ll be ready to start designing!

1. Bright White Walls

This small bathroom uses a combination of shiplap boards and tiles but in both cases, it uses a bright white to make the room feel larger and lighter.

2. Bold Wallpapers

If you’re bathroom can’t be roomy it can at least be interesting! Go for a bold, funky, unique wallpaper that will distract from the size!

3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are less clunky and help give lots of extra storage space for a small bathroom. Above the toilet is a great empty space that could potentially be used for storing towels!

4. Sliding Barn Door

Swinging doors often get stuck on furniture pieces and can take up valuable space. A sliding barn door is a simpler option for a tiny bathroom!

5. Simple Sink

Instead of a big clunky cabinet holding your sink go for something simple and light to make the space feel larger. Add a cute basket under the sink if you’re looking for more storage!

6. Extra Long Shower Curtain

By creating an extra long shower curtain it will naturally make the ceilings feel higher and therefore your bathroom bigger!

7. Thematic

Pick a theme and stick with it! A tiny bathroom is a cute bathroom and therefore should be decorated so! I especially love this “peachy clean” theme!

8. Soft Browns

This small bathroom stays away from pops of colors and instead uses soft woods and white tiles to accomplish a modern and sophisticated look.

9. Shelves Above the Bath

Add a simple minimalistic shelving unit above the bathtub for your lotions, potions and creams!

10. Brick Walls

If you are fortunate enough to have brick walls in your small bathroom, leave them be! Use them in your design to give a warm feeling to your cozy bathroom.

11. Interesting Tiles

A bold tiled floor might be exactly what your tiny bathroom needs! This monochromatic floor is a great example of how stylish it can become!

12. Bar Cart

Check out this clever idea that uses a bar cart as a portable bathroom shelving unit. This is a great way to create space where and when you need it!

13. Thin Framed Mirror

Remember to stay away from clunky! (Unless of course you know how to make it work!) A thin-framed mirror (Image nr 43) is a great example of non-clunky!

14. Wire Baskets

If you are wanting to go for cabinets or shelving units for storage you can try lightweight wire or wicker baskets!

15. Trough Sink

A rustic trough on a simple wooden bench can become the perfect stylish sink for your tiny farmhouse bathroom!

16. Antique Window Cabinet

Recycle old and used materials to become new statement pieces that are both functional and fabulous!

17. Vintage Details

When decorating your bathroom use timeless vintage pieces to add charm to a small space.

18. Sophisticated

Sophisticated floors, dark wooden cabinets, gold accents – this small bathroom feels luxurious and therefore enjoyable to be in.

19. Under Sink Curtains

Use a retro design technique of small curtains to hide all that cleaning supplies that you’d prefer to have out of sight and out of mind.

20. Bold Color

Your bathroom should be a fun place to be and a bold bright color can really liven things up and distract from the size!

21. Walk-In Shower

If you aren’t particularly a bath person then a walk-in shower will do the trick and will also make the room feel more open.

22. Vessel Sink

A vessel sink is a huge space-saver! Just check out how sleek and minimal it looks resting on that vintage table.

23. Towel Ladder

A great way to keep towels off the floor is by upcycling an old ladder into a rustic place to hang your damp towels!

24. White and Gold

Wow! This attic bathroom is an amazing example that size doesn’t matter! Even though it’s small it’s luxurious!

25. Use of Space

Even the wall that separates the shower is used in this tiny bathroom! Opt for a wall instead of glass in your shower to make more usable wall space.

26. Light and Breezy

Let in the light with large windows and let in the breeze by allowing them to be easily opened!

27. Add Art

Get artistic and add some beautiful paintings and interesting patterns to your small bathroom to make it a comfortable and pleasent place to be.

28. Transparent Furniture

The transparent stool beside the toilet is hardly even noticeable! A great design trick when working with a small space!

29. Skip the Storage

If you’ve got an extra closet or hidden storage space outside of the bathroom then consider storing your toilet paper and towels there! Keeping the bathroom clutter-free will really make it feel bigger.

30. Statement Pieces

Charm your guests with interesting and unique statement pieces and they won’t even remember that they are in a small bathroom!

31. Cabin

Wooden panels covering the wall and ceiling brings nostalgic memories of the summer cabin on the lake! A charming way to add warmth to a small bathroom.

32. Black and White

Now here’s a unique bathroom! Bold black and white stripes painted vertically make the ceiling feel taller and the small bathroom feel quirky and cool!

33. Warm and Cool

This small bathroom uses white and light grey tones to make it feel brighter but also utilizes warm woods to make it feel comfy and cozy!

34. Functional

There are so many things right with this small bathroom design! The clever design with the slanted ceiling, the pull-out hamper and just look at that large sky light!

35. Chalkboard Walls

You won’t even notice how small your bathroom is when your so busy reading all the funny messages written on the walls!

36. Moody Oasis

A moody oasis for you to really relax in. Get out the candles, the incense and bubbles for a peaceful night in.

37. Dark Ceilings

Black painted ceilings, a dark tile and ceiling to floor shower curtains elongate the room making it feel roomier.

38. Step Stools

An open sink leaves room for storage underneath, including brightly colored step stools for the kids to pull out and use!

39. Adjustable Lighting

Maybe you don’t have natural light in your bathroom but you can create the perfect lighting with adjustable wall lamps!

40. Perfect Shelving

Plan your shelving to make sure you have exactly the space you need and nothing more nor less! Even the three toothbrushes have their perfect spots! This is a great way to keep things organized and clean.

41. Alcoves

Adding alcoves into the walls so that the shelves go in and not out is a great way to keep things out of the way and to really save room!

42. Plants

Plants are a must-have in a small bathroom! They add liveliness, keep the air fresh and bring you joy! Add them where you can.

43. Hanging Plants

Another example of how plants can really transform a space! This time, hanging beautifully above the bathtub make it an extra special place to be!

44. Boho Bathroom

Go boho in your small bathroom to get an eccentric and charming look that will take advantage of the cozy space and make it even comfier!

45. In the Jungle

A tropical theme to any room will always be happy and pleasing! That’s why a tropical bathroom should be in your design plans!

46. Curves

Curved furniture gives more space for walking than a sharply angled corner. Plus it looks stylish and luxurious!

47. Modern Toilet

Stop living in the past! There are modern toilets out there that take up less space and look way more stylish than the traditional toilet!

48. Ceiling to Floor Tiling

Tiling that goes from ceiling to floor elongate the room and therefore make it feel larger. A clever design trick that you can use in your own small bathroom.

49. Turqouise Accent

Look how beautiful this bathroom looks with a simple turquoise tile that accents the wall and adds color to a simple and small bathroom.

50. Tiny Tub

If your bathroom is small but you just can’t live without a bathtub, then there are still options out there for you! Just check out how charming this tiny tub is!


Have you been charmed? Small bathrooms can be just as stylish and impressive as a large one! They can become a cute escape to relax in an antique clawfoot tub or straight-to-the-point room to get things done. You can go crazy with design by using eccentric wallpapers or keep it minimal with simple pieces and a soft look. Go bold and colorful with fun patterns on the floor or in the tiling or use warm woods to highlight certain areas.

So get out your pen and notepad and start taking notes on your favorite design elements of these small bathroom ideas! In no time you will be relaxing in a chic and practical small bathroom!

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