Top 60 Furniture Makeover DIY Projects and Negotiation Secrets


hrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and even Craigslist are great sources for finding old furniture pieces to remodel. Old furniture can be purchased very inexpensively and you can create beautiful pieces that look fresh and updated with just a bit of time and creativity. Imagine turning an old dresser that you bought for $20 into an entertainment unit that looks like it costs hundreds.

You just have to enjoy DIY and redoing furnishings and you can literally change any piece of furniture into something that is perfect for your home.
The next time you visit a thrift store, yard sale or anywhere that you may find furnishings, pay close attention to the price of old furniture. You may be surprised at how cheap it is. Now, start looking at pieces that you may want to redo. We have a lot of ideas for you here that will show you how to turn boring, old pieces into fabulous new creations with very little time and money.

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Beautiful DIY Dresser with Textured Panels

This is an absolutely beautiful dresser that features textured panels to give it a unique look. You can choose any color that you want for the base and for the panels so it is perfectly customizable. The dresser is actually one from IKEA that has been redone to give it this very expensive and very gorgeous look.

Via: centsationalstyle – Textured Panel Dresser Makeover

30 Ways To Repair, Restore, Or Redo Any Piece Of Furniture

Old furniture is great. It’s cheap and best of all, it gives you lots of opportunities to redo it the way you want. Practically any piece of furniture can be restored if you know how. Tables, dressers, chairs, really anything that you have that is old and outdated can be restored and when you do it yourself, you can save money and have pieces that you are proud to show off.
Via: Apartmenttherapy30 Ways To Repair, Restore, Or Redo Any Piece Of Furniture

Refinish That Dresser Yourself – Beautiful DIY Idea for Old Furniture

This beautiful DIY project comes from Jessica at Paint in My Hair. It’s an old bombe dresser that has been completely refurbished to make it look new. The dresser design is stunning and the grey paint really makes it stand out. It has stunning silver leafing on the sides and is coated in dark wax to give it a real antique look. You can do this technique with any old dresser that you may have and give your home an instant pick me up. Just be sure to do your painting outdoors or somewhere that is well ventilated. Mix and match the colors that you choose to create an entirely different look. The point is to have fun and make your furniture unique.
Here’s a little bombe dresser redone with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey on the body, Paris Grey & Old White Striae on the drawers, and Graphite underneath silver leafing on the details.
The entire piece was triple waxed–first Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax to seal it, Dark Soft Wax to antique it, and another coat of Clear Soft Wax to finish it up!

DIY Re-Upholstering – Make Your Armchair Look New Again

Whether you just want to give your living room furniture a new look or you have an old chair that you want to put to use, you can re-upholster your own furniture and make it look new again. Make It and Love It has proven that it is completely possible to refinish your own furniture and make it look like you bought it at a premier furniture store. This gives you an excellent opportunity to match your furniture however you want it and think about the savings that you will enjoy not having to replace your chairs so often.Via: DIY Re-Upholstering – Make Your Armchair Look New Again

DIY Bathroom Étagère

Black metal shelves aren’t just for the garage. With just a can of silver Rustoleum paint, you can completely transform those shelves into something not only suitable, but perfect for the bathroom. If you have little storage space in your bathroom, this is a great way to get additional space without taking up too much floor room. If you aren’t a fan of silver, just use any color that you want.
Via: CentsationalgirlBathroom Étagère

Lovely Bar Cart Before & After Reveal and Polka Dot DIY!

Bar cart makeover DIY project from a bubbly life, simple and easy to follow instructions with a cute description. We’ve never imagined a bar cart can be so cute and decorative, this is a perfect Sunday morning diy with a huge decor return for your home.

Bar Cart Before & After Reveal & Polka Dot DIY!

Thrift store table makeover

A cheap old table and a little white paint is all you need to create a stunning table for your bathroom, bedroom, entryway or anywhere you want. You just have to paint the table, which will give it a distressed look, and add new hardware if you want. This is a great way to make use of old tables and still keep your home looking stylish with new décor.
Via: BellanestThrift store table makeover

My Top 10 Thrift Store Shopping Tips: How To Decorate on a Budget

Decorating on a budget – you’ve heard of it but do you actually do it? There are so many ways that you can create a beautiful home interior without spending a small fortune. Start paying attention to flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. You know what they say – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You can pick up furnishings for every room in the home and spend way less than you would if you buy retail. Via:LivelovediyMy Top 10 Thrift Store Shopping Tips: How To Decorate on a Budget

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Getting new lamps doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create the specific lamp that you need with an old one that you can find at a thrift store or yard sale. You just have to paint or even apply gift wrap to the base using a little Modge Podge. Add a new lamp shade and you have the perfect lamp and the best part is, you can create the perfect lamp for under $5 in many cases.
Via: AthomewiththebarkersThrift Store Lamp Makeover

Thrift store mirror to cafe chalkboard

Getting unique décor for the kitchen, or any room for that matter, is not difficult. If you have an old mirror or you can pick one up pretty cheap at any yard sale or thrift store, you can turn it into a great café type chalkboard for the kitchen. Just paint the mirror frame white and add chalkboard paint to the actual mirror part. This is a really cheap and easy way to get great décor for the kitchen.
Via: YouaretalkingtoomuchThrift store mirror to cafe chalkboard

Spray Painting!

You can completely change the look of any old vase or jar with just a little spray paint. Whatever the vase looks like now, it can perfectly match your décor if you just grab a can of spray paint and begin painting away. If the vase has a design on it, you may want to begin with a coat of primer so that the finished product is smooth and uniform.
Via: sweetsomethingdesignSpray Painting!

10 Common Thrift Store Finds (And Ways to Use Them for DIY Projects)

You would be amazed at the great things that you can find in a thrift store. Everything from dishes and blankets to huge pieces of furniture and they can all be redone to match whatever you need them to. If you have a thrift store close-by, stop in and see what they have. You never know what great DIY projects you may end up with and for very little money.
Via: Apartmenttherapy10 Common Thrift Store Finds (And Ways to Use Them for DIY Projects)

Fabulous thrift store lamp redo

If you have an old lamp that you are not using, think about redoing it and giving it new life. A few coats of glossy white paint and a new lampshade will completely change the look of that old lamp and make it perfect for entryways or just anywhere that you need it. You may even want to DIY the lamp shade just so you can really brag about your newest project.
Via: VanillabeangirlsThrift store lamp redo

Lovely DIY picture frame shelves

Some old picture frames and just a little time is all you need to create stunning and very unique bookshelves. You just have to build a small box that the frame can enclose and then attach everything together. This is a great idea for frames that you can find really cheap at flea markets and thrift stores and gives you a great way to display those favorite books.
Via: ChangeofsceneriesLiving room unveil

Craigslist Negotiating Secrets

Negotiating for a good price on used furniture, or anything that you are buying for that matter, is a good idea. If you are purchasing old furniture from Craigslist for instance, you want to know how to ensure that you are getting the best price possible. You have to be a bit patient so that you do not come across as desperate, even if that antique buffet that you want is at risk for being sold. Take your time, figure out what you can afford based on what the piece is worth and learning a few other tactics for haggling wouldn’t hurt.
Via: Productivity501Craigslist Negotiating Secrets

Ten Tips for Negotiating

Can you really negotiate prices at garage and yard sales? Of course. In fact, most people expect you to haggle just a bit. When you find that perfect nightstand that you just have to have for your next DIY project, take a few steps back and use a few negotiating tactics so that you get it at a really good price. You should always ask them what their bottom dollar is before you offer them anything. Be sure to point out anything that is cosmetically or physically wrong with the piece. This may get you an additional discount and above all, remember that these are normal people and not professional salesmen. You will likely get a much better deal if you are friendly.
Via: BrodowTen Tips for Negotiating

Cute mirror makeover

A simple mirror can transform boring bathroom walls into the most stylish décor in your home. If you don’t have a mirror that you can use, pick one up at a flea market or thrift store. If you have lighter colored walls, you can paint the mirror black which gives a great contrast and makes the wall a focal point. This is one of those easy and cheap DIY projects that we all love.
Via: Littlenostalgia – Cute mirror makeover

Fabulous Mirror Makeover

A couple of really cheap mirrors (no matter what color they are) can make a beautiful addition to your home décor. Just paint them white and add a contrasting color and you have an elegant setting for any room. The best part is that you can find old mirrors pretty cheap (under $10 in most cases) and paint is really inexpensive.
Via: DanielleoakeyinteriorsFabulous Mirror Makeover by Danielle Oakeytarget

Fabulous Antique Desk Makeover

You can make a beautiful old-word distressed chair with any old chair that you can find at a thrift store or flea market. Just strip the chair down, paint it white and then sand over it lightly to give it a distressed look. If the chair has a padded seat, you can just cover the padding with a material that will match the look you are trying to create.
Via: goodwillglam – Fabulous Antique Desk Makeover

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover (End Tables)

Need new end tables? Instead of heading off to the furniture store, why not just revamp the ones that you have? Or, you could pick up a pair at a yard sale or somewhere else pretty cheap and then add your own touches. You just have to sand them down a bit and paint or stain and since you are doing it yourself, you can make them any color that you want so they will perfectly match your living room furniture.
Via: SerenitynowblogThrift Store Furniture Makeover (End Tables)

Ugly Bookcase To Cottage Charm

You can take an old bookcase to a whole new level with just a little TLC. If you have an outdate bookcase, you just have to re-stain and add a few other key elements to get an updated and very expensive looking piece (Only you will know how inexpensive it really is). Paneling in the back and dark wood on top can give the piece a great country look.
Via: My1929charmerUgly Bookcase To Cottage Charm

A Thrift Store Chair DIY Update

Redoing chairs is so easy and you can pick up old chairs at any thrift store or flea market for a little of nothing. You just have to choose fabric for the seat, which you will staple on, and then paint or re-stain the wood of the chair. You can have great new chairs for your home that may cost as little as $5 each.
Via: MadiganmadeA Thrift Store Chair DIY Update

BEFORE and AFTER: DIY Distressed Desk

Distressed furniture is very popular and even if you can’t afford to buy it new, you can still have it in your home. If you want to redo your desk, or if you just bought an old desk that needs a facelift, you can give it the distressed look by simply painting it white with a brush. Clean up the hardware or add new pieces to give it a really great look.
Via: ThriftdivingBEFORE and AFTER: DIY Distressed Desk

Cute DIY Homemade Play Kitchen

So if you have a little girl, or a granddaughter, you can make a great play kitchen out of an old nightstand. You will have to paint the wood (pink is a great color) and then draw on the stove burners and other elements. A little skirt at the bottom makes a great addition and gives your little one a great place for storing play dishes and foods.
Via: LaforcebewithyouHomemade Play Kitchen

Pallet Backed Bookshelf

You can add pallets (which are relatively cheap) to the back of a bookcase to make it look rustic and to help make it sturdier. If you have an old bookcase that you are a bit afraid to use because it’s a tad wobbly, adding pallets to the back will strengthen it and give it a great look. Just add a fresh coat of paint and you have a practically new bookcase that costs very little to create.
Via: OverthebigmoonPallet Backed Bookshelf

Seeing Red a Fashionable Furniture Makeover

Have an old armoire or other piece of bedroom furniture that just really doesn’t go with your theme any longer? You can paint any wooden furniture and in any color of your choosing. If you want something really bold, think red. Red is a great color and looks beautiful on wooden furniture. It will give your entire room a great new look and works well for focal pieces.
Via: SavvysouthernstyleSeeing Red

A Painted Texture Table Makeover on the Cheap

Painting an old table will definitely give it a fresh new look but imagine what you can do when you add texture. You can mix and match your paint colors for a unique piece and then add roping along the edges (or another material of your choosing) to really bring out the colors. This is a great idea for any room in the home and will cost you next to nothing to complete.
Via: ThehappyhousieA Painted Texture Table Makeover on the Cheap

Chalkboard Desk and Chair Makeover

A chalkboard desk works great in a kid’s room or even in your home office. You just need an old desk and a bit of chalkboard paint. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your office space, this is a great idea. You can even doodle on the desk when you want and then just wipe it clean when you’re finished.
Via: TheboldabodeChalkboard Desk Makeover

White + Wood Chest

The next time you are shopping in your local thrift store and see that old chest of drawers, buy it. You can completely remake it into something that will look beautiful in the living room with just a little white paint. If you don’t need a table in the living room, you can use it in the bathroom for towel storage or just anywhere that an extra storage solution will come in handy.
Via: CentsationalgirlWhite + Wood Chest

Color Splash: Painted Cabinet

Need to spruce up a little one’s room or add storage? A tall cabinet works like a charm, particularly when you take time to give it a fresh new look. Some white paint, and another color for the shelf interiors, and you will have a great storage solution that is fun and updated. Add a bit of crown molding on top to finish off the piece and it will look like you got it straight from that expensive furniture store down the block.
Via: CentsationalgirlColor Splash: Painted Cabinet

Buffet Reveal: Distressing Painted Furniture with Stain

Imagine a beautiful distressed antique buffet in your dining room. Even if you don’t have one already, you can find one and give it the distressed look yourself with a little stain and some paint. This is a project that may take a day or two but once you are finished, you will have a fabulous buffet that will look good and be great for additional storage.
Via: IshouldbemoppingthefloorBuffet Reveal: Distressing Painted Furniture with Stain

Office Redo – How to Reupholster a Chair that I bought for $5

Reupholstering furniture is not nearly as difficult as it sounds and learning this little trick can come in really handy. Instead of throwing out your furniture when it needs to be refinished, you can just fix it yourself. You can also go ahead and buy those great chairs that you saw at the flea market, even if they do have tears and cracks in them and then give them a completely new look.
Via: BatchelorswayOffice Redo – How to Reupholster a Chair that I bought for $5

Dresser mirror frames

Old dresser mirrors make excellent command centers. You just have to paint the inside with chalkboard paint and then use your imagination to finish off the rest. So, if you just bought an old dresser to restore and you don’t really have any use for the mirror that came with it, make it into a great chalkboard command center to keep family messages organized.
Via: SassytrashDresser mirror frames

Thrift Store Highboy: Elegant UpDo

What can you do with that old highboy dresser that really doesn’t go with anything? Why, redo it yourself of course. With just a little sanding, a fresh coat of paint or stain and maybe some new drawer pulls, you can turn a dingy old dresser into a fabulous piece of furniture that you can display anywhere you need the additional storage.
Via: CentsationalgirlThrift Store Highboy: Elegant UpDo

Frightening To French – French book shelf makeover

A French inspired bookshelf would look beautiful in a bedroom or foyer, but who can afford them? You could always create one yourself using an old kitchen cabinet and a few pieces of left over wood from other projects. Crown molding or decorative shelves come in handy for trim and once you finish and give it a fresh coat of paint, no one will know that you didn’t spend a year’s salary on it.
Via: 4theloveofwoodFrightening To French – French book shelf makeover

Vintage 1970’s Dresser Becomes Modern Buffet A Dresser Revival

Have a spare dresser that you really don’t need? You can easily turn that dresser into a beautiful buffet for the dining room by just adding some claw and ball legs and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Buffets are great but they can be a bit expensive. Making your own from an old dresser will cost you only the paint and the legs, unless you have an old table that you can use for that.
Via: SouthernrevivalsVintage 1970’s Dresser Becomes Modern Buffet A Dresser Revival

Fab Dresser Makeover Classic Black and Gold

How about making your own stunning black and gold classic dresser, from something that you find at a thrift store? You just have to sand and re-stain or paint, add the new drawer pulls and you have a fabulous contemporary dresser that costs very little. Add a large mirror and you’re all set.
Via: SouthernrevivalsClassic Black and Gold – Tres Chic

Faux bamboo chest makeover

Bamboo is a beautiful material and you can find lots of furniture made from bamboo, for relatively cheap. It’s really not in style like it used to be so if you love the look of bamboo, you can make out like a bandit at flea markets and thrift shops. You just have to give your pieces a fresh coat of paint or stain and they’ll look brand new again.
Via: CentsationalgirlMy Bamboo is Peacock Blue

Pottery Barn Style Dresser Revival

Never, ever pass up cheap furniture at yard sales and such. You just never know what you can do with it. Even a dresser with missing drawers can be converted into a beautiful side table with just a fresh coat of stain. You can add baskets in where the drawers are missing and give it a great look and lots of storage space.
Via: SouthernrevivalsPottery Barn Style Dresser Revival

Full Room Furniture Revival

Instead of tossing out your old outdated bedroom suit, why not give it new life? You just have to do a bit of sanding and staining or painting and you could completely change how your bedroom looks. Have missing drawers? Replace them with wicker baskets. Painting darker wood white gives you the chance to have the distressed look which is gorgeous and so in style right now.
Via: SouthernrevivalsFull Room Furniture Revival

Computer Armoire Makeover

An old computer armoire (that you can pick up for under $20 at some yard sales and flea markets) would be perfect in the kitchen or a kid’s bedroom. You just have to freshen it up a bit. Years ago, these computer stations were done in dark wood. If you want to liven it up a bit, consider a brighter color. Paint a chalkboard on the inside of the doors or use it for a memo board for family messages.
Via: CentsationalgirlComputer Armoire Makeover

Billy in the Bedroom

A couple of old, thin bookcases are the perfect start to creating a focal point around a large window. Just redo the shelving to add a bit of dimension, install some crown molding on top and surround your window with two beautiful display cases that can hold books, knick-knacks or whatever you want. If you match the crown molding to what’s in the room, it will look like a built-in feature.
Via: CentsationalgirlBilly in the Bedroom

Professional Makeover of Uncle Joe’s 1800’s Dresser

Even really, really old dressers can be given new life. Just add a fresh coat of paint. If you have chipping, you may need to sand a bit or fill in with wood filler. Once you have it smoothed out, just paint it whatever color you want. You don’t actually have to leave these old pieces looking like they did originally. Make them useful and create something that you will be proud to display.
Via: SouthernrevivalsUncle Joe’s 1800’s Dresser

French Furniture Makeover with Maison Blanche

An old French cabinet can look like perfectly new again when you take time to give it a fresh coat of paint. Consider changing the coloring just a bit. Older pieces tend to be in colors that aren’t nearly as popular any longer. If your cabinet is yellow for instance, why not paint it black and white? You can choose any color scheme you want.
Via: FoxhollowcottageFrench Furniture Makeover with Maison Blanche

Greenlicious End Table Tutorial

Green is a fabulous accent color. Painting your old side tables green will give your home décor a bit of country flair. Just paint over the wood (after you clean it of course) and then sand it however much you want to get the level of distressing that you prefer. No need to buy new tables when you can give your old ones a fresh new look.
Via: The36thavenueGreenlicious End Table Tutorial.

Dresser Turned TV Stand

Turning an old dresser into a TV stand is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You get a new TV stand and you get to make use of that old dresser. Missing drawers are no problem. You can just use the space to hold gaming systems, satellite boxes or Blu-Ray players. Plus, wooden dressers are a bit sturdier than those cheap stands on the market so your entertainment equipment will be safer.
Via: TwotwentyoneDresser Turned TV Stand

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover (End Tables)

New living room tables don’t have to be expensive. With a cheap set of tables that you can pick up at a thrift store or yard sale, you can have a beautiful set that looks like it came right off the pages of Home and Garden magazine. You just have to choose the color that looks best in your living room, sand and paint.
Via: SerenitynowblogThrift Store Furniture Makeover (End Tables)

The Magic of Decoupage

Decoupage is great and you can do it yourself to change the look of any old furniture. Have an old dresser that you just don’t know what to do with? You can add a bit of decoupage and create a stunning furniture piece that will look great in any room. Best of all, decoupage is as fun to do as it is stunning to look at.
Via: MarthastewartThe Magic of Decoupage

Step by Step Painted Nightstand

You don’t actually have to find the perfect matching nightstand for your bedrooms. You can create beautiful nightstands out of any old pieces that you find. Just sand and paint or stain them however you want. Incidentally, white is a great color and goes well with just about any other furnishings and it makes a great contrasting piece for darker woods.
Via: CentsationalgirlNew Painted Nightstand

Vintage chairs modern makeover

Vintage chairs can look modern again with just a little work. You can either reupholster them yourself or find someone to do this for you. It shouldn’t cost much. Once you have the upholstery taken care of, just choose your color and paint the chairs to match whatever room they will be in. You end up with modern chairs for a vintage price, which is always a major plus.
Via: TwothirtyfivedesignsSome little lovelies

Style Tips for Bargain Decor

Some older cabinets have glass doors which are great, but you may want something different. Instead of getting rid of the cabinet or replacing the doors, why not just use fabric to cover up the glass? You can match the fabric to your curtains, upholstery or anything else you want and create a beautifully unique piece with your old cabinet.
Via: bhgStyle Tips for Bargain Decor

Metal Patio Furniture Makeover

Remember that old metal patio furniture? Wasn’t it just great? Unfortunately, many of those original pieces are now rusted. Enter the DIY way. You can restore those metal patio pieces with just a bit of sanding and a fresh coat of Rustoleum. Choose your colors and you can even paint new designs if you want to give them a more modern look.
Via: AlittleclaireificationMetal Patio Furniture Makeover

Dresser Turned Media Stand

So, modern media centers are great but the really good ones are a bit expensive. The solution? Purchase an old dresser from a thrift store or yard sale, unless you already have one on hand that you aren’t using. Then just sand down and paint the dresser to give it a more modern look. It will be sturdy enough to support your huge screen TV and you will have loads of drawers to store movies, games and other items.
Via: LovepomegranatehouseDresser Turned Media Stand

Aqua Chalky Painted Table

If you need an updated table in the living room, or any room for that matter, think about using an old nightstand or side table. Just give it a good cleaning, sand down any rough spots and paint. Choose a bright color if you really want the piece to stand out. Light blues and whites are great for those looking to achieve the coastal look or you could be really bold and choose yellow or red.
Via: RestorationredouxAqua Chalky Painted Table

Repurposing a Lamp into a Table

We’re going to bet that you have at least one or two old lamps just sitting around. If not, you can pick them up for less than $5 each at many second-hand stores. Why would you want them? You can use them to make a great side table. Imagine an adorable little table made out of a lamp and this really easy project will cost you very little and give you a great table that will be the perfect accent for any room.
Via: ThriftyandchicRepurposing a Lamp into a Table

Small Antique Buffet

Creating a great look in your dining room is easy when you find an adorable baby buffet. You can pick these up at second hand furniture or thrift stores. Just give it a quick sanding to smooth out any rough places and add a fresh coat of paint. Voila! You have a very unique and very functional small buffet which will work perfectly for homes with smaller dining rooms.
Via: TheweathereddoorSmall Antique Buffet

A Dipped ‘n’ Striped DIY Chalk (and Craft Paint) Painted Chair

Old wooden dining room chairs are a dime a dozen. You can literally pick them up at a lot of thrift stores for just a few dollars each. What can you do with them? Plenty. Imagine painting colorful stripes and lines and using one in your child’s bedroom for a desk chair. There are so many ways that you can customize those old wooden chairs that you may find yourself doing more than one.
Via: ThehappyhousieA Dipped ‘n’ Striped DIY Chalk (and Craft Paint) Painted Chair

Potting Table Makeover

Old potting tables make beautiful lawn and garden decorations and even if they are literally falling apart, you can redo those tables to give your yard a fresh new decoration. Just be sure to replace any wood that may be rotting and give it a once (or twice) over with a sander before you add that new stain or paint. Then just add any accents that you want to customize it.
Via: PinkpolkadotcreationsPotting Table Makeover

Go Dark and Dramatic

Black furniture is very popular these days and even if you can’t afford to replace all of yours right now, you can still get the look. An old dresser or chest of drawers can be converted into a modern piece by just adding a couple of coats of black latex enamel paint with a roller. Add a few accents in a different color and replace the hardware and you have a piece that looks brand new.
Via: MyhomeideasGo Dark and Dramatic

DIY: Painted Thrift Store Cabinet

An old curved cabinet will make the perfect hiding place for stuffed animals, bathroom supplies or anything that you need to store, once you have redone it. You just have to paint it and add a bit of contact paper to the inside to give it a great new look. You may also want to add new hardware just to give it a fresh new look.
Via: CentsationalgirlDIY: Painted Thrift Store Cabinet

How to Paint a Chair

So, instead of throwing those old chairs out because the paint is fading and the cushions are worn, why not give them a fresh breath of life? Painting chairs is really easy and you can make them any color that you want so if you need them an odd color, that’s fine. Redoing the seat is not difficult either and it can help you to save a fortune on new chairs.
Via: ThediydreamerHow to Paint a Chair

Vintage Metal Cart Makeover

Remember those old metal carts that your grandmother used to have? You can pick those up for next to nothing at thrift stores and flea markets and if you take the time to sand and repaint them, you can have a great little shelf for the kitchen or bathroom. Rustoleum comes in many different colors these days so you have some great color choices.
Via: Posedperfection – Vintage Metal Cart Makeover

Reshaping the glider

Glider rockers were great in their time but today, many people prefer something a bit more comfy. You can redo that glider rocker and make it into a comfortable and beautiful rocking armchair. You will need to reshape just a bit using cut pieces of wood and choose a slip cover (or make your own) that will match the size and shape.
Via: RockpaperscissorgraphicsReshaping the glider

Jen’s Quatrefoil Paint Project(s) & Free Printable Stencil

Quatrefoil is a beautiful look – it may remind you of those yummy Girl Scout cookies. Well, if you really love it, you can use it to create beautiful furniture pieces. Imagine a table with the Quatrefoil look on top or even a lamp with this design on the base. Whatever you want, you can create it and give it a unique appearance when you pain on the Quatrefoil design.
Via: ThecsiprojectJen’s Quatrefoil Paint Project(s) & Free Printable Stencil

$3 Thrift Store Chair

You can make a beautiful old-word distressed chair with any old chair that you can find at a thrift store or flea market. Just strip the chair down, paint it white and then sand over it lightly to give it a distressed look. If the chair has a padded seat, you can just cover the padding with a material that will match the look you are trying to create.
Via: Thewoodgraincottage$3 Thrift Store Chair

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