How To Create Low Content Books Like Journals, Notebooks & Planners to Sell On Kindle & Etsy?🌻


Did you know that five million (mostly ladies) on Pinterest search for the term “printable” every month? As in five million ladies search for “printable” every 30 days. Do a search for planner? 5 MILLION searches a month. Do a search for the word “journal” – 5 MILLION searches a month (and that’s not long-tailed keywords such as phrases).

Ahh…so that’s what’s happening….

And it’s why I started making 🎈Gorgeous Print-On-Demand Journals in 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy (super-easy). And how Michelle Rohr retired her husband selling 💓Printables on Etsy found here.And why Melissa and Nicole at Coach Glue sell their outstanding 🍍already DFY planners found here.And the reason why Kate Riley uploads Journals, Planners and Printables to Etsy, Amazon and other marketplaces and 💃🏻offers DFY Offers Here.

Hint: The first three teach you how to make your own, while the last TWO mentioned give you a license to RESELL their DFY as your own.

The low content trend is massive, as in millions of dollars being spent in purchases. In fact, I bought a new journal yesterday at Target to record my blog earnings. And it’s the second one I’ve bought since Christmas since I filled up the other one up, so I needed a new one. So, I see this huge trend and huge opportunity, and I want you to also. This is a massive online opportunity for you.

It boils down to this, because the MORE simple you keep your marketing, the faster you usually succeed. And the more you FOCUS on one thing, the more you WIN.

So, if you want to be ALL IN, in this awesome trend (and have fun doing it), you have two choices:

You can make your own like Sarah, Michelle and I do.

Or, you can UPLOAD Planners and Journals already done-for-you like Kate and Coach Glue offer in the niches that are proven winners.🍭

Imagine if you could upload your first Printable, Planner or Journal this weekend? Hmmm…I could SO do that. Start with ONE of these: ❤️Click here to see Michelle’s How To Make Printables To Sell❤️Click here to see Coach Glue’s Already DFY Amazing Planners & Journals❤️Click here to see Kate Riley’s Already DFY Pretty Planners❤️Click here to see (my own) Kristie’s 🎈Gorgeous Print-On-Demand Journals in 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy (super-easy)

You’re going to love this content,

Pick ONE, and go ALL in this weekend.

Imagine if you just started with one? But if you are wondering how you know what kind of printables, planners or journals are selling, go with Kate’s Low Content KDP Hot Sellers, or Coach Glue’s DFY Planners. These ladies both have their pulse on the market. That’s key. You have to know what is selling, so check those out at the links above that are bolded.

Today, I’m here (snow flurries are falling, I’m wrapped up in a blanketby the fireplace with my Hazelnut Cappachino, and waiting toanswer your questions. So just send away @[email protected]

If you can download a PDF, you can create low or no content journals or planners such as these below to sell on Kindle (Amazon) or Etsy.

From Kate #affiliatelinkstosomethingamazing.

So you may or may not know this, but the largest “buyer” search engine in the world is Amazon. If someone is on there searching for a product, they are a buyer – which is the EXACT person you want to target.

But here’s the problem – “selling” on Amazon can be exhausting, and it is so huge that you can get lost in there.

In Kate Riley’s Words: A few years ago, I decided to start publishing low content books on CreateSpace (now Amazon KDP Print). Coming from a fiction publishing background with over 100 romance novels under my belt (and a couple of New York Times bestsellers!), I thought I knew everything there was about selling books on Amazon through their self-publishing platform.

What I discovered when I branched out and began selling low (or no) content books blew me away. While I was making 6-figures a year with my romance books, they took me months to write. So even though I was making a great income from fiction, I was always dealing with deadlines, writer’s block and burn out. I needed a break. Or at the very least, a side hustle to break up the monotony.

Enter low content books.

With low content books like planners, coloring books, sketchbooks, journals and notebooks, I can publish dozens of books a week without having to spend more than a few hours creating high-quality interiors and covers.

But the question is: can you really make money publishing low content books?

The following interview outlines how a coder-turned-low content publisher is making thousands of dollars a month with low content books. No experience and no background in publishing. What started out as a simple side hustle has quickly turned into a full-time, somewhat passive income for him.

Here’s how he’s doing it.

Question: How soon after you started publishing did you start seeing sales?

Answer: I started selling journals in the first week I published, but my first month generated only a little over $400 in sales, however it didn’t take long before I hit my first $5k month.

The last few months have been mind-blowing with a high of just over $20,000 in December and a major win of almost $27,000 in January-Feb.

Go here to read the rest of Jake’s Story and all the juicy details.

These type of low content books sell very well everyday on Kindle and Etsy as well. They are easy to create and there is no end of niches to discover. In fact, if you do a search in Amazon, you will find some great examples that might surprise you. Here’s some examples of ones that are selling well on Amazon Kindle:

You would first have to create or use a Template for a low content journal, or use ones that are already DFY in a course like this one.

Read the interview with Jake (made $27K in one month).

And remember, you can Sell these Journals or Planners on Kindle and Etsy too!

Let’s take a look at the types of planners and journals that are selling in Etsy in 2019:

There are thousands of planners and journals being sold in all sorts of niches such as Gratitude, Wedding Planner, Mom Planner, Wellness Planner Food Diary, Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, Fitness Planner, Social Media Planner, and Small Business Planner.


Q: If everyone is doing this same business model, won’t it get overly-saturated? Not on your life.

A: There are thousands of keywords to create these low content planners or journals around.

Q: If people are downloading the same course about it, won’t everyone be creating the same journals, planners and notebooks to sell on Kindle and Etsy?

A: Unfortunately, most people never use the information in a course. Most just go on to the next course, hoping for an easier solution to creating a side or full-time income. The few that are successful are the people who know that you have to hunker down and work hard to see results. You have to “test the market” to see what sells and then do more of “that”.

Again, if you want to get a great guide on how to create your own low content planners and journals with the most important part being the keyword research, click the link below. The key is in the keyword research. Why? You have to sell what is your passion with a purpose that meets people’s needs. Otherwise, only you and your grandmother will buy it. The secret is in doing the keyword research to find out what people want. Then, give them a lovely journal as the answer.

=>How To Make Money Publishing Planners, Printables & Low Content Books On Etsy & Kindle #affiliatelinks

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