Looking for a Daily Planner Template? Gorgeous Digital Planner Templates Done-For-You To Save You Hours of Grinding


Kristie here and when I first began online, I used a print on demand model on my Etsy shop and am up to 200 sale (including my first digital planner sale), but now I am choosing digital downloads.

Why? Because they are instant and people, including me, love instant downloads.

I’ve made my living online (part-time, then full-time) since I quit teaching elementary school and college back in 2007 when my kids were both headed to college.

I soon learned that creating and selling digital downloads was my favorite form of earning income online. It is an instant download for your customers, and you are not left having to stack boxes, paper, ribbons, twine, business cards and shipping labels.

Plus, you don’t have to load your car (with or without children), and make a daily run to the post office.

That described the “work from home” life of my daughter-in-law, Alexandria, for a long time. She had one little item that sold over and over into the thousands in her Etsy Shop.

The Etsy sales were great, but two babies later, it got really hard to make the item, wrap the item and run to the post office.

I remember two summers ago when we were on vacation all together one time and even had to go find a UPS office in the small, mountainous rural area where we were before we could go to the petting zoo at the historical house we were visiting that day.

Of course, we didn’t mind, but it just goes to show you that there is an easier way. What is it?

Digital downloads. Things people can print out instantly from their computer, and it doesn’t matter if it is Christmas Eve or 2 AM in the morning, they get instant access. And we are a generation of “instant.”

We love that little buzz we get when we can Add to Cart and then get what we got excited about on the sales page.

So, how can you cash in on this type of digital download?

There are lots of ways – ebooks, video courses, and others, but my personal favorite is printables (those you print out and the new trend of digital planners). Why?

Printables are so popular right now, and I know of four ladies who have personally made enough online income from selling printables to quit their jobs and stay at home full-time with their children.

If you’d like five free Canva templates to get you started with your first printables, click here or the image below.

Since I remember as a young mom that I wanted to stay home with my babies so badly my heart ached, I am writing this for you.

This is the easiest way to deliver your product online. A digital download that is “pretty” and inspiring and that people can get instantaneously.

And it’s super easy to do. I made a video course about how to to do this images that I downloaded from a graphic site that allows commercial use. And I have a confession to make.

It’s like a candy shop when you go in there, but it gives you tons of new ideas to make your printables (and planners).

Here’s an example of a planner that I created following Michelle’s course called Passive Income With Printables (and using her awesome Digital Template) which acts as a pattern to make your first one.

I tried making one from scratch and it took me all day just to make the cover until I got Michelle’s templates. If you want save time and pulling out your last hair

=>Go here to get details about Michelle’s course and templates.

You can find that here and it comes with my own personal Bonus of 99 Printables Ideas that are searched for 5 million times a month (each).

Speaking of planners, let’s talk about those. There are the printable kind and there are the newest digital kind. I guess digital planners are not brand new, but there were new to me about a month ago.

These are created especially for Ipads and Tablets with a stylus, and have hyperlinked tabs which make it super cool for those who love their Ipads and planners both in one place.

I made my first digital planner (so happy) using an EASY Digital Template like this one.

Go here to find out how you can download your own digital planner template.

What is a template and do you have to have an Ipad to make a digital planner? A template is like a pattern that you just fill in with your own fun graphics (I buy mine), and fonts. Or, you can decide to keep it pretty minimal and only change it a little bit.

Then, you upload your PDF to Etsy as a digital download. Pretty easy, when you follow Michelle’s class here.

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