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So what is a printable? It is an image that you sell as an instant downloadable IMAGE (so you don’t have to ever touch it again, once you list it on your shop, or own your website (not required).

I use Etsy as a built-in online mall of busy buyers. You can too! This post contains an affiliate link to a program that I highly suggest you consider. I will receive compensation if you purchase through my link. Happy Printably..(just made up that word, but it’s fun!)

Here’s one I created with a graphic I purchased online. You can learn how to do this too! (And it’s super fun, and YES, people will pay you if they like it…CHA-CHING!

Kristie here and I get’re probably wondering, but if everybody is making and selling pretty 🌻Printables…is there room for ONE MORE as in…ME? YES!
Five million ladies a month search for “printables” on Pinterest so that’s five million people looking for ONE printable.
But you need to learn from someone successful. Have more questions? Michelle is doing this successfully here.
I wake up and tell myself that there is NO BETTER time in the history of the internet to create something that people LOVE and are so grateful to discover (and that can also help pay my bills).
It not only helps pay bills, but it is very rewarding to HELP someone fill a need in their life.
🍭Printables can do that.
🎈Your Printables can inspire.
❤️Your Printables can give someone a smile.
🎈Your Printables can give someone an assurance that they are loved and cherished.
As a matter of fact, after going through Michelle’s mindset section the other night, and praying about God’s direction for my life in business, I couldn’t wait to create another printable and listed it this morning on my Etsy shop.
What about you? Have you been searching for something to do online that:
(1) Isn’t complicated,

(2) FILLS your own heart’s desire to express what YOU love,

(3) Other people will appreciate, and reward you by buying it?

I hear you.

Take a minute and see if what Michelle is doing and teaching sounds like something you could start on this weekend.

And if you DO decide to get this, I asked her if she would PLEASE make another coupon for my peeps, and she said kindly said YES! Thank you, Michelle!

What her students have learned with Michelle’s course:
Note: This coupon only applies to the full payment plan, and don’t wait because it is subject to change. Email me at [email protected] and ask for the $50 OFF coupon.
And as a Special Bonus, send me your receipt and you will also get a BONUS VIDEO COURSE I created called: “How To Make Pretty Printables For Newbies” (this sells for $197), but you get it FREE if you get Michelle’s course through my #affiliatelink below in PINK.
Another one of Michelle’s Student’s Etsy Shop:

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