Pretty Printable Ideas To Sell On Etsy or Your Blog


Don’t you just love all things Printable? Yep! Me too, but my story making and selling digital downloads online started a few years ago when I was still a Substitute Teacher, a pretty miserable one too.

I’ll never forget that day that I suddenly felt my cell phone shake in my hand. Trying not to look like I was actually looking at my cell phone, I saw something wonderful. It was a notification that I had made a sale of an instant downloadable digital product.

My eyes grew wide and I blinked to make sure I wasn’t just imagining it. Wait, people really will buy information online? From work I did online?

At the time I was a newly Single Mom with two kids heading to college. Although I had some savings, I knew those savings were drying up fast between paying for their college books and college cafeteria food plans. There were always unexpected expenses, and I knew my “nest egg” was dwindling.

Heck, my bank account was already suffering and I had already spent tons of money and time on weekends studying my heart out ever since the night I saw that ad during my divorce that said you could work in your pjs. I wanted to do that! Count me in…I thought.

Here’s a pic of me at an internet conference learning the ins and outs of online marketing in Raleigh, NC.

But along the way I surveyed and mystery-shopped my way through disappointing paychecks that never came or were only 5 bucks for endless pages of data to fill out.

There has to be something better I thought, but in the meantime, my bills were piling up.

So, I bit the bullet and utilized my old teaching certificate to land a Substitute Teaching position in the county where I lived.

It was something, and it gave me a purpose to get up and get dressed instead of laying in bed depressed that my marriage was over, and realizing that my life as I knew it would never be the same. Oh well. Just substitute teach for now I told myself, until I can “learn” more online stuff.

But I was dreading every single day of it. It was so bad that I didn’t want to go to bed because I knew my cell phone would ring early with teachers calling in sick, and I had signed up for some of the worst schools in the neighborhoods where a lot of teachers refused to go.

Plus, it was so weird not having my own classroom to call my own, and my own students to see progress through an entire school year.

But I had come to the conclusion that teaching on the elementary school level in any position left me frustrated at the end of each day, and wishing I had chosen another major as a college student.

So here I was in a place at a time where I felt lost and uneasy (not to mention the break-out of terrifying school shootings that would beginning to be in the nightly news.)

In fact, it was not long after that amazing day when I made my first digital sale, I was in the gym watching the third graders have gym time.

Standing in the doorway of the gym, I saw the Principal walk hurriedly down the hall toward me to take me aside.

Motioning to me to come close, she whispered in my ear “There is a ‘shooter’ on the loose nearby, so watch the doors for a man with a gun and guard your kids! The Sheriff’s office called and told her to “lock-down” the school until further notice!

Ugh! My heart raced as my gaze turned back to the left where I could see the precious little 3rd grade girls innocently trying to Hula Hoop, and the boys laughing and running around like crazy trying to put the basketball in the hoop!

This is just not real, I thought. But it was real. It was my worst nightmare unfolding, but I began to pray and ask God to protect our school, and everyone inside its door.

Watching the glass doors, and silently trying to form a plan to stand between those children and someone breaking the glass with bullets, I remember thinking this is the very reason I keep my cell phone with me at all times!

God answered that prayer that afternoon, and the shooter was apprehended before he made it to our doors, but something changed inside of my head and my heart that day.

That silent “You’ve just been paid a commission” notification had not only thrilled me, it gave me real hope that I really could work online instead.

As in for a living…as in for real, I didn’t want to do this anymore! Suddenly, a silent resolve began to form in my mind and I made a silent promise to myself that I would somehow figure out how to work online for the rest of my life.

Not only did I feel like subbing instead of teaching myself was not my calling, it left me feeling empty and wishing my life away for the hope of just doing what I wanted to every weekend. I had no life anymore. My kids were at college, I had moved in temporarily with my parents and then into a really nice apartment. But life was hard. I was lonely, but it gave me the best opportunity I could had ever dreamed of to focus non-stop on learning how to work online.

I had already spent thousands of dollars on weekend webinars and downloadable courses that I printed out and had stacked up to the ceiling in my spare bedroom to figure out how to “sell online.”

I had actually began my online journey by writing a book of poems for $37 about how to soothe your broken heart after a traumatic divorce, but it only sold one copy to a guy in Singapore. My kids were in college and begging me to make “this internet stuff work” and not go back into the schools anymore.

And that one sale was enough to convince me that I could make money while I slept since people around the world are all on different time zones, and that people actually buy digitally downloadable ebooks, pretty printables and digital planners.

And they buy them by the thousands. So, to save you hours, you can download this list of pretty printables to get you started.

Why is this so important? According to Pinterest, people are looking to buy printables by the millions each month, but it’s important to know what TYPE of printable to create, so you don’t waste your time.

In fact, Pinterest says there are 5 million people looking for all types of printables from awesome life guides like this one, to hobby printables.

This is the year of delightful Printables and Digital Planners and Canva templates. I’ve discovered something wonderful so I’m glad you are here.

If you go into Pinterest’s advertising dashboard, and figure out how to search audiences, you’ll discover information that most people don’t have a clue about.

First, there are estimated to be 250 million Pinterest users and some stats say that 87% of them have bought something from seeing a PIN or picture of it on PINTEREST.

Now, that’s pretty exciting because other social platforms like Facebook are there for people to socialize and watch funny cat and dog video (my personal favorite are English Bulldog puppies).

But, Pinterest is also a powerful online billboard where people look on their cell phone when they’re watching a Netflix movie, or in bed while they’re just “vegging.”

I’ve done it too! I bought our wedding cake topper from a lady on Pinterest who specialized in making University of Tennessee bride and groom cake toppers and when I remarried, it was one of the happiest days of my life.

So, I’m living proof that people buy from Pinterest and they do it often. So, why printables?

Printables are some of the easiest things to make and sell if you know two things:

#1 – You want to create a Printable that people are already looking to buy in niches or topics that they love.

#2 – That people really do buy on emotion.

It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that someone would actually fork out money for something I created in Canva.

Here are some pretty printables ideas that people are looking for:

#1 Organization

#2 – Scrapbook Journal

#3 – Planner for College

and believe it or not, I found 6 MORE that Pinterest’s own ad platform says that 5 Million ladies are looking for each month.

If you’d like to jump ahead of the learning and searching curve, check out this:

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