Quick, easy and beautiful twin slot shelving.

by myklist

This is one of those blogs I’ve been meaning to write for weeks and weeks, but when I’ve thought about taking photos it hasn’t been the right time of the day, or the girls bedrooms have been a total no go pig sty (yes, believe it or not we are also human in this house, all those lovely tidy snapshots aren’t representative of every day life)…

So anyway, I’ve decided to make do with the pictures I have as I’d like to share with you what we’ve been up to.

I remember white twin slot shelving from school, both my parents were teachers at my Primary, I spent many hours at the start and end of the day examining the contents of their classrooms, searching for exciting coloured pens, confiscated items that I would temporarily adopt! I remember the shelves well for some strange reason.

You see it every day and may not even notice, it’s the go to simple solution for shop fitting, they use a giant version of it in diy stores…but in it’s raw form it can be a little uninspiring.

I wouldn’t have thought about using it in our home, until I stumbled upon an image on Pinterest, which very annoyingly I can’t find now!

But then I started to research the idea more fully, check out this beautiful nod to Mid Century shelving by Dabito

Thanks to a few people on the fab Housfolk Facebook page and their inspiring shelving hacks I thought I’d go for it. It was the perfect budget option for both the girls bedrooms, a way to future proof the styling, practical, adaptable and multifunctionable.

I ordered the components from Ironmongery Direct, they went above and beyond to help me when I accidentally ordered mismatched bits, don’t order after midnight, post Prosecco consumption and double check you order the same brand wall bracket and shelf brackets The fact both girls have the shelves in their rooms was more to do with using up the 2 sets of everything I ended up with, that a plan I had in mind, but it worked out well in the end!

You can buy from places like B&Q, but it’s all much more expensive, so it’s worth having a look around online.

I sprayed the brackets using Montana Gold Gold Metallic Spray paint

You may have noticed I have used this brand for many previous makes, it’s great quality and I would definitely recommend. They have a brilliant colour selection.

Be careful when using the metallic spray paints, even if you’re used to using standard colours, it handles differently and is very prone to running. On the first coat I had several gloopy areas, but by the time they were finished they looked great. I bunched the components as closely together as I could, which meant the ‘wasted paint’ that becomes airborne then lands on other pieces close by.

I did all on this on a very chilly Sunday morning, slipping around in the mud bath that is our ‘garden’ at the moment.

We had some large pieces of 24mm thick birch-faced (or as autocorrect would like to call it, bitch-faced) ply left over from various other creations, so continuing my ply love affair I knew I wanted this as the shelves, quick, simple and as ever I just love how it looks.

For Eula’s room, which is tiny, I needed the shelves to function for book and toy storage, I want to keep as much off the floor as possible, to avoid it feeling cluttered and stressful.

She has a beautiful ply bed that my clever husband made (stay tuned for more on this soon) and a beautiful vintage gentleman’s wardrobe and these shelves. That’s about it really, a small amount of floor space to play and despite being the smallest room in the house it’s one of my favourites.
Nancy’s room feels more grownup (again more on this soon). I wanted her to have a space that would last through the coming years. At the moment she’s 5 and has little need for a desk, aside from it being a place for her to pile her 5 changes of clothes a day, yep, we’re in that phase! But as she gets older I hope she won’t outgrow the space, with room for a more grownup book collection on the shelves above, a place to enthusiastically get on with homework (wishful thinking!)

I’m totally in love with this moody ‘Diana’ print, by Ashley Goldburg. Bought from Catching Doodles, she reminds me a lot of Nancy!

I imagine in the future I may turn the bottom shelf in Eula’s room into a little desk, that’s the beauty of this system, it’s easy to adapt and add to and if I completely change my mind (it has been know to happen!!) then they are very easily removed.

So there, a little overdue Friday share. What do you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you have something similar in your home?

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Have a wonderful weekend xx