Home Tour: How to Achieve Timeless Style


While the first day of October would seem to dictate the need for things dark, moody and cozy, I remain in a bit of denial about our headlong race into the heart of fall. I swear it was only mid-August like a day ago (anyone else feel like that??). My reluctance to embrace all things pumpkin themed is probably why this light, bright, refreshing home tour is totally appealing to me right now.

This home is a lovely study in timeless style. While it’s really easy to get sucked into the design trend du jour (I’m constantly tempted), this home is the perfect reminder that in fact, elegant finishes and a classic muted color palette will look rurl good right now and for years to years to come. Restraint is not such a bad thing – especially when it’s employed this well.

While the design is refined, it is anything but cold. The warm browns that carry throughout each room, combined with the luscious cream tones, layers of textural rugs, upholstered furnishings and different finishes, actually make this space feel approachable.

I love all the movement and texture in this living room space. From the photograph hanging above the sofa, to the design embedded in the rug, everything in the room undulates with soft curves. While all the elements are elevated, they feel comfortable at the same time. I’m loving the look of a more refined casual style. The rectangular coffee table mirrors the artwork and adds the structure needed to anchor the room.

The kitchen combines rich warm upper cabinetry with a light putty gray seamless lowers, without a speck of hardware in sight. The look is incredibly reminiscent of my own kitchen design (did you catch my major kitchen sneak peek yesterday??).

This floating casual dining situation is just genius. From the wall mounted bench to the custom backrest, it is a lovely, graphic, interesting pop in the kitchen. No boring old round table should ever be allowed in a kitchen again. This is now the standard.

All kinds of different materials and mix of rustic and refined textures help this bedroom feel lush.

I’m so feeling this black floating bathtub.

This is what master bedroom dreams are made of. That Moroccan rug is calling to me.

After last week I was desperately searching for a breath of fresh air and this home certainly fits the bill. I’m now off to edit 80% of the crap I still have in my house!

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design by jdp interiors / photography by jeff mindell

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