Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Playrooms


Wall scones on Nunu | Rainbow wall rug on Crate & Barrel

When squirrelly boy was little, I made an intentional choice to put a few out at a time and change them weekly. But over the years as the toys (and children) multiplied, that method fell by the wayside. Recently I decided to try it again and you know what? I noticed a tremendous shift in their play. Toys buried in the toy bin are new again, and they are playing with them in a more interactive way. Watching imaginative play come alive is an incredible sight. It’s why I’m looking at Montessori and Waldorf inspired playrooms for our playroom/family room design.

But here’s the thing. Those wooden toys are beautiful but insanely expensive. And let’s be honest, I just don’t have the time or energy to constantly swap out the room to be instagram picture perfect. But I can gain inspiration from other amazing instagram moms and educators who have fully embraced this style of play. While I may not go full out, I’m looking at these instagram accounts (and the above colour palette) to help infuse just a little bit of this play style into our lives and our play space.








I have a few simple DIY’s in mind to make this approach a bit more affordable, and I definitely have fun design plans that I’ll certainly let you in on, either here and/or on Instagram

Do you follow the montessori/waldorf play philosophy? Is it manageable (time/money wise) for you? If so, teach me your ways!

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