Using Garden Lanterns: 10 Favourites


Who loves spending the summer months outside at every chance you get? Summer seems to go by so quickly! Even though the days are longer we still want to stretch our outside living to the max. Using garden lanterns is an easy way to add lighting and decorative interest to your outdoor space.

Creating different lighting moods by using garden lanterns and lighting fixtures is a nice way to extend the day to absolute end. Here are some ideas and inspiration for outdoor living for past when the sun sets.

This small balcony makes the most out of every inch of space, managing to fit two pieces of furniture seating out there. The boho style creates a relaxed and casual feel.

Source: Authenteak

These garden lanterns brighten up a minimal concrete roof terrace adding decorative interest and ambient lighting. A modern setting while not distracting from the view.

A beautiful summer campaign from The White Company. I love the different variety of lanterns set on the table as a decorative feature.

Source: Pinterest

Another cozy balcony setup. You could easily end up sleeping outside with a nook as comfy as this one. A perfect spot for some alone time with a book or a catch up with your loved one.

Takeaway the lanterns and the trees and this corner living spot could be easily set up inside in your home. A prime example of outdoor living.

Garden Lanterns: 10 Favourites

  1. A modern set of black wired lanterns that will look great in any outdoor space.
  2. With these brass hurricanes its sets an elegant outdoor living space.
  3. These bamboo lanterns give a beachy, chill vibe without having to be anywhere near a beach.
  4. An unusual and pretty decor piece, a bear chasing his honey. Hang a couple of these on a wall as a feature.
  5. Industrial metal mesh hanging lanterns create an modern feel.
  6. A pretty capiz hurricane that you can use a table decorations for a garden party.
  7. Beautiful rattan lanterns that evoke an exotic Indonesian feel.
  8. These white decorative rustic lanterns would be a perfect as a romantic dinner date.
  9. Different height slim line lanterns clustered together can make a nice little welcome to a front entrance or your back door.
  10. How pretty would these star lanterns hanging in a tree look?

Are you planning to spend longer than usual outside during the summer months? What are you favourite things to set you up for relaxation? Let me know in the comments below.


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