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I have a new obsession lately: whimsical hanging light fixtures made of tree branch.

Well, that may sounds a little bit random and specific, but I promise once you see those beautiful pictures I discovered on Pinterest, you’ll be obsessed too! In this post, I’m sharing 10 ideas to hygge your home with these dreamy hanging branch fixtures.

Tree branch hanging fixture inspirations

This photo is what initially drawn me into this tree branch fixture thing. It looks so dreamy, isn’t it? It is obviously a winter scene, but you can easily change it to summer by replacing the color of those ornaments and add some greenery.

via Pinterest

This is another great example, like the previous photo. The medium tone wall help those ornaments and string light to pop more.

House Beautiful UK

A more modern Scandinavian take on the hanging branch fixture idea. But see how much the decor and light add to this space? It just encourage me to personalize my home more.

via Pinterest

If DIY a tree light fixture seems to hard for you, how about place a dried branch and tangle some globe light to it?

via Pinterest

To anyone who is obsessed with birds, what can beat a tree branch light fixture with birds on it? The candle light is so romantic, and plus you don’t need to connect electrical to it!

via Pinterest

This dining space just looks so cozy with those little glass lanterns and the rustic branch hanging.

via Apartment Therapy

This light fixtures looks pretty sophisticated, but it might be just some string light wrapped into a circle and add some berry branch on top. I would be interested to give it a try.

52 Flea

Looks like a simple and effective light fixture DIY to me! Also I have seen those light branches in my local craft store a lot – should be a easy DIY 🙂


I just cannot get enough of the beautiful color – I have never thought orange is so pretty in home settings. This giant hanging fixture speaks romantic to me.

via Pinterest

If you already have this type of light exist, how about adding some ornaments and branches to it? It would turn a builder grade light to a dreamy one-of-a-kind!

via Pinterest

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