How To Create A Special Mantel Decor That Reflects Your Style


Even though it may not seem so sometimes, mantels are exciting and not just because they’re associated with fireplaces. In fact, it’s not mandatory to have them both. A mantel is almost always a visual focal point for the room it’s in and there are a lot of cool ways in which you can take advantage of that. We’re talking about all the different mantel decorating ideas that you can explore and customize in your own way.

Seasonal mantel decors are always nice and can take many different forms. Flowers are often involved in such projects along with other season-specific elements. This lovely decor featured on theturquoisehome has a fresh spring vibe with floral hints and a farmhouse chic character.

Here’s another fireplace mantel decor also with lots of rustic charm. The main decoration here is a large metal and wood piece that sort of looks like an elegant arched door. It has a beautiful wreath on it which adds a fresh touch of color to the mantel and the space around it. The wreath has a grapevine base with greenery garlands wrapped around it. Check out worthingcourt to find out where to find these decorations.

You can also display a few framed pictures or artwork on the mantel as a way to make the room feel cozy and welcoming. This sort of mantel decor is appreciated for how personal it makes a room seem. Of course, only decorating the mantel with framed pieces might be a bit boring so spice it up with a small vase, a planter or other ornaments. You can find additional details about this particular space on theinspiredroom.

You can tell just by looking at this mantel decor that the goal here was to create a blend of rustic and contemporary features by preserving the historic charm of this Victorian home and complementing it with modern elements. The mirror is the centerpiece in this case, featuring an eye-catching frame. Find out more about this house and its interior design on susanburnsdesign.

The fireplace mantel decor featured on desiretoinspire is a perfect example of how simplicity can make a big statement if you know how to take advantage of it. Both the fireplace surround and the mantel are minimalist and the real attraction is the set of decorations displayed on the mantel shelf.

This is a perfect way to capture the beauty and rich essence of autumn in the form of a mantel decor. There’s a very fresh vibe given by all the greenery but also a sense of coziness and warmth transmitted by the pinecones and burlap. Overall, a successful combo which would actually look great not just in autumn but in winter as well. This lovely idea comes from stonegableblog.

Because the TV was placed so close to the mantel, there wasn’t much space for decorations in this case. Still, there’s a lot going on here, not just on the mantel but around the fireplace in general. It’s a fall-themed decor which includes basic things like pumpkins and a grapevine wreath but also a few custom pieces as well. You can find more inspiring ideas like this one on lovecreatecelebrate.

The dark gray surround already gives this fireplace a distinguished look, especially in combination with the marble accents. In addition to that, it’s actually refreshing to see a mantel decor that doesn’t have a light-colored backdrop. The grapevine wreath looks fuller and the back and white framed pictures stand out in a pretty stylish way. This charming decor idea comes from beckdesignblog.

A large mirror displayed above the fireplace mantel can have a great effect on the room’s overall decor and ambiance, reflecting the light and the surroundings and opening up the space. We like the idea of placing a vase full of beautiful flowers in front of the mirror, on the mantel. See how that would look like on desiretoinspire.

It’s quite common to put the TV or a mirror above the fireplace and we’ve already seen a few examples in this sense but there’s a third option, just as simple and practical: a framed painting or a large framed picture. It can serve as a focal point and you can complement it with other smaller mantel decor pieces like vases, candles or something entirely original like this cool piece that we found on designsponge.

When the fireplace surround is already pretty busy and ornate, it might be a good idea to keep the mantel decor simple. You could use muted colors or tones reiterated in other placed around the house in order to create a cohesive interior decor. Have a look at this beautiful home featured on casadevalentina if you want more inspiration.

Decorating with groups of similar objects is a common strategy and you can use when creating your mantel decor. For example, if you like flowers, fill the shel with vases. They can have different shapes and sizes or even colors but they should be visually linked somehow so it’s obvious they form a collection.

Speaking of vases and collections, not all are meant to hold flowers. This is a very beautiful and refined mantel decor which puts together a series of individually stylish items. No two look the same and this variety creates a dynamic display.

It’s important to create the mantel decor in accordance with the room’s overall design and vibe. The fireplace mantel should capture the essence of the room’s decor and should express it in a way that’s simple and eye-catching without being overwhelming.

Symmetry can bring a sense of familiarity and can make a space look more welcoming and comfortable. You can use this strategy when planning the decor around your fireplace, mantel included.

A strategy can also be to think of the fireplace mantel as just as a regular shelf and to fill it with what you’d normally keep on a bookshelf. For example, you can display a few books, some framed pictures, maybe a small planter and some candles too.

Once again, symmetry is the key here. This is reflected both in the mantel decor as well as the two bookcase units which frame the fireplace. We really like the mixture of stone, wood and metal but also the use of fresh potted plants to complement this rustic decor.

Traditional fireplaces are all more or less the same but that can’t also be said about modern fireplaces which often have these sculptural, artistic designs which combine multiple functions into a single element. For example, the mantel in this case extends beyond the fireplace, creating a long, built-in shelf.

We already mentioned that we like the idea of using mirrors on or above a fireplace mantel and this is another example which shows you why. The mirrors add depth to the room and reflect the beautiful and rich interior decor and they’re also pretty eye-catching even without that.

Now that you’ve seen quite a few ideas regarding mantel decor and the strategies which you can use, you can pick your favorites and combine them to create the mantel decor that’s perfect for you and for your home.

A stone fireplace like this one is already pretty imposing even with an empty mantel. You can only make it look better and more eye-catching by adding decorations such as vases, sculptures, wreath or anything you find suitable for the space.

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