Phos House by Stone & Walls


We’re off to the dreamy island of Paros – one of the most popular of Cyclades – to get a taste of living by the Aegean Sea.While summer has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere, our hearts will always be warmed by the slow and sunny Mediterranean life. Taking us there is Greek design studio Stone & Walls with the Phos house, that enjoys prize views of the harbour of Naousa. Amid the whitewashed houses, paved streets and quaint dome churches, the Phos House is a modern day reinterpretation of Cycladic architecture, tapping into the very essence of tradition Mediterranean design.In the northern part of the island of Paros and just a short drive from the capital of Parikia lies the traditional fishing village of Naousa. Renowned for its beauty, the Phos House is blessed with balcony views of the charming harbour on the first floor of an old building. For Stone and Walls this meant ensuring the simplicity of the region’s architecture and its surfaces, as an integral component to their ode to the old.Working within a small footprint, the studio focused on the open living area and its layout. In a bid not to segment spaces, the kitchen island bench forms a storage cabinet in the living room. This streamlined approach brings a comfortable spaciousness to the home and focuses the occupants on the ease of outdoor/indoor living, by putting the sea views to the fore. We can just imagine enjoying the gentle breeze coming through the French doors, opening up the living room to the picturesque vista.JTVCcmVsYXRlZC1mZWF0dXJlJTVEOut of respect for the historical and environmental context of Phos House, Stone and Walls kept to a simple and natural material palette, but used it to a highly detailed effect. Throughout the interior, beige cement mortar has been used on the walls and floors, balancing the rich timber furnishings and doors. Handmade objects such as the dining room pendant made from recycled paper combine with rustic linens in the two bedrooms (with adjacent ensuites) for warm and calming atmosphere.Any excuse to amuse the idea of living on the island of Paros is welcome, but Phos House makes for a special one indeed. Stone & Walls have given us a taste of contemporary Cycladic style, while retaining what makes the Aegean aesthetic so enduring – and entirely harmonious.

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