Kitchen Stalking – The Most Incredible Kitchens Around


Lately, kitchens are on my mind. I’ve been kitchen stalking. Drooling over incredible kitchen designs is my new hobby. Here is a collection of gorgeous design styles I’m pulling inspiration from.


First up, Is a New Orleans beauty. This kitchen belongs to a close friend of mine. There is nothing quite like a kitchen with bright white cabinets and counters. The pairing of a beige backslash is an elegant choice. It works well with the white. 

I ran across this kitchen on Instagram. There’s quite a bit going on yet, it’s designed so well that is just works! Next up, These bright blue cabinets are so fun. I love the hidden area to store books. The best detail is the intricate tile flooring. It balances the blue cabinets beautifully. The light countertops are brilliant!

What would a kitchen stalking post be without showcasing the COCOCOZY Design House? I’m so in love with light blue cabinets and I knew it would be the perfect fit for the COCOCOZY Design House Kitchen. I paired the blue cabinets with a simple white backsplash, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances. I chose a black and white rug to add a bit of pattern to the space.

This East Hamptons home is a favorite of mine. I have been obsessed with blue cabinets lately and, they have been everywhere online. Even the appliances are teal! That’s commitment. The beige-yellow table and floor work well with the teal. They equally share the spotlight.

Next up for kitchen inspiration is this Californian kitchen is beachy, warm, and inviting. The ladder is a playful addition. The white cabinets, striped rug, and warm wood island make for a beautiful color palette. This kitchen looks fit for a chef and for a family.

I hope I inspire you to pay attention next time you visit an incredible kitchen. Or even better – inspire you to redo your own kitchen. There is a never-ending supply of beautiful images online!

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