6 Best Loyal, Hardworking Farm Dog Breeds


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If you live on a farm, you know it’s more than a peaceful, picturesque slice of life in the countryside. It takes a lot of work to keep a farm going, and you usually need all the help you can get.

Before many of our cherished dog breeds became our family members living at home, they were hardworking farm dogs doing their part to keep it all going. From guarding livestock to herding other farm animals, dogs played an integral role helping farmers maintain order and protecting livestock from predators.

But not all dog breeds were meant for the rigors of the rural life. There are some dogs who were just born to be in the outdoors and run free.

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Here are the six best farm dog breeds that enjoy life in the country.

1. Border Collie

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Originally from the borders of Scotland, these very smart pups were born to herd sheep. They’re one of the hardest working dogs who love to please their pet parents.

Border Collies have endless energy and a strong work ethic, which might make them the ultimate farm dog. Their astuteness and intuition make them easy to train, and their gentle and loving nature makes them excellent companions at home, as well.

2. Dalmatian

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When a Dalmatian comes to mind, we most often think about them riding shotgun on a firetruck in the city. But these energetic pooches can also enjoy the freedom of the countryside.

In fact, these dogs used to run alongside horses and carriages and would protect them from stray dogs and other animals.

Dalmatians love the outdoors and are very protective of their humans. This makes them perfect as companions in the countryside.

3. Australian Shepherd

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You might think, given their name, that these shaggy pups came from Australia. But these dogs originally come from the western United States.

Some believe Australian Shepherds are descendants from breeds in the Basque countries in Spain, and they got their name because they used to herd sheep imported from Australia.

Whatever the case, these dogs love spending their time outside and are very helpful on a farm.

4. Great Pyreness

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Dogs of this large breed are gentle giants who are very protective of their humans. This makes them great family pets at home. But because these big pups are protective, they make great farm dogs and can safeguard livestock, as well.

As intelligent as they are, the Great Pyrenees can also be very stubborn. These dogs need consistency in training and socialization.

But it’s all worth it, as they’re very trustworthy and will also be there to defend you.

5. Komondor

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These big pups look like they have a mop on top of them due to their long-corded coats. But it’s that very same coat that helps protect them from any condition of weather they might face. They can also blend in with the sheep they were trained to defend from predators and strays.

These giant dogs are great protectors of livestock in general, as well as their owners. If you have a Komondor on your farm, then you know how wonderful and protective they can be.

6. Standard Schnauzer

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While the Standard Schnauzer might not be the first type of breed that comes to mind when you think of farm dogs, they are actually pretty useful to have around.

These tough, decent-sized pooches helped German farmers by guarding livestock and keeping rodents away. They’re also very loving and protective of their humans and will stay by your side as you work away on the farm.

What do you think of these farm dog breeds? Do you have a farm dog at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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