A Long Distance Christmas Gift Guide


Well, it’s starting to look like we may not get the whole family together for Christmas this year. Thankfully, with the internet, we can still stay in touch, video-call, etc. and have a long distance Christmas. Even though we are physically apart we are still spiritually together. So, when coming up with Christmas gift ideas for everyone this year it’s going to take some clever-ness to get it done. Now with having family and friends all over the world, it’s not as easy as popping into your local bookstore and grabbing the newly released “Stuff You Should Know” book. (Not a sponsor, just really love their podcast!)

This year, we have to come up with fresh ways to show the people close to us how much we love them! Especially during times like these, it’s important to reach out, check in on people and remind them that you are there for them and how much you care. If you want to go the extra mile and send them a little something-something then why turn to anywhere but Etsy to help you out?! Not only will you definitely find them the perfect gift with their endless options for all types of people, but it will also be easy to send it to them! You can get whatever special gift you pick mailed directly to their home. There are a lot of Etsy sellers will even go the extra mile to gift-wrap or add a special card. Don’t be shy, check-in with the artisans, and see what options are available for making a long-distance Christmas special.

Below I have started you guys off with some ideas to get that Christmas spirit buzzing. But make sure to check out Etsy’s gift guides for even more ideas!

A Long Distance Christmas Gift Guide

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For Your Far Away Sister

Blood, or not, a sister is a sister! If you are feeling the separation of not being able to be with that sister this Christmas, we got loads of ideas to make you feel a little bit closer. Friendship can go the distance and so can your gift. Bestie travel mugs, sister squad friendship bracelets, artwork transformed from your favorite selfies, and simple matching necklaces that will keep your sister close to your heart.

Etsy Shop: LYNNMinimalist
Etsy Shop: By Sarp
Etsy Shop: Pine And Cord
Etsy Shop: DanniBe Collection

For your Distant Brother

Whether it’s your biological brother, your favorite funny dude from work, or your bestie from Kindergarten, a brother is a brother. Etsy makes shopping for guys easy and has a huge selection. A lot of male-focused shops will help you be sure that your gift will be loved. Self Care kits, home-state bottle openers, customized bathroom kit bags, and aromatic candles.

Etsy Shop: Zaaina
Etsy Shop: Clark and Taft
Etsy Shop: RV Metal Shop
Etsy Shop: Arcadia Natural

For your Nieces and Nephews Abroad

Your favorite nieces and nephews will love receiving Christmas gifts from their favorite aunt/uncle. Personalized Christmas items like a puzzle name board or a baby doll carriage make wonderful gifts. Or, they will adore you for their new fun play place. Etsy has a ton of ideas for little tykes and kids of all ages.

Etsy Shop: Tuku Tuk
Etsy Shop: Domestic Objects
Etsy Shop: Child Universe
Etsy Shop: Love Plus Lore

For Mom and Dad Back Home

I adore all the creative ideas for framing a family portrait when you can’t all be there to take the picture together. The wooden figurines, the watercolor prints, the laser cut necklaces! The Etsy shop has the most original ideas for showing mom and dad that you’re thinking of them when you can’t be with them.

Etsy Shop: Glue Paper Scissor Shop
Etsy Shop: Fox House Printable
Etsy Shop: The Joyful Life Company
Etsy Shop: Classy Jewels Store

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Stay safe and stay in touch this season. Checking in with loved ones and reminding them that you love them is more important than ever. Let the holiday spirit shine! Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list to keep updated with more holiday-inspired posts coming your way.

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