Halloween Food Ideas-18 Mouth-Watering Treats


There is no better way to show your creativity be it in your food recipes, home decor, or costumes than Halloween. I have already shared my best Halloween decoration ideas and Halloween costumes ideas, now it is the time for Halloween food ideas.

These Halloween treats includes DIY Halloween food ideas for kids and Halloween food ideas for adults as well.

Halloween food ideas will certainly win your praises. Let me also add there is Halloween themed recipe for all kinds of food be it appetizers or desserts or Halloween snacks.

Let’s dive into

Halloween Party Food Ideas

1.Strawberry Ghosts

Details on blog.candiquik

Aren’t these cute? Kids just adore Strawberry Ghosts. All you need is mini chocolate chips to make eyes and mouth, strawberries, and vanilla coating.

2.Brownie Dirt Pudding

Check the recipe

This is one of the easy Halloween food ideas. You only need gummy worms, candy pumpkin,candy ghosts,brownies,sweet condensed milk,chocolate pudding mix.

3.Toffee Apples

Toffee Apples Recipe here

Toffee apples look so delightful. It takes around 25 minutes to prepare.The ingredients include granny smith apples,granulated sugar, black food coloring and corn syrup. It is a perfect Halloween recipe.

4.Candy Corn Cupcakes

It looks and tastes delicious. The dish is not only liked by kids but adults as well. The ingredients include kosher salt, baking powder, vanilla extract, egg, skim milk. You can see the details here.

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5.Mouth Snack

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This is creativity at its best. Who would have thought a dish like this? The most interesting part is apart from being unique it tastes super delicious.

The ingredients required are marsh mellows,peanut butter and of course apple.

6.Mummy Cupcakes

Full recipe on Goodhousekeeping

Mummy cupcakes are one of my favorites. It looks so cute, every time I ate one of those I felt like I was on top of the world. All you need is candy eyeballs, green and black food coloring gel, chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla cream.

7.Layer Cake

It is an eye-catching cake and certainly grabs a lot of eyeballs. You require vanilla extract, food cake mix, pumpkin spice, whole milk, food coloring. You can see the details here.

8.Pumpkin Cheesecake

Recipe on Le Creme De La Crumb

The first word that came to me after eating this is Yummy. I was short of words. You have to eat it to believe me. The ingredients include pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, gingersnap cookie, white chocolate chips, cream cheese.

9.Green Grinch Rice Krispies

check the recipe

Rice Krispies can be your special treat on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. People just love it irrespective of the occasion. You need rice Krispies cereal, green food coloring, butter, marshmallows, and candies.

10.Forest Pudding

Get the details on Country Living

Looking for some amazing dessert? Have a look at this delicious beauty. The recipe includes cornstarch, vanilla extract, chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate candy melts, and candy pumpkins.

11.Mummy Meatballs

Recipe on Delish

One of my favorite savoury Halloween food is Mummy meatballs. The ingredients include beef, parsley, breadcrumb, egg, black pepper, yellow mustard.

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12.Easy Caramel Apple Slices

See the recipe

The taste and look win every kid’s heart. Just look at it, it really will make your Halloween memorable. You need 20 minutes to prepare this. The recipe includes granny smith apples, caramel, cream, lemon juice.Optionally you can use candy eyeballs, and melted chocolate.

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13.Cute Peanut Butter Cookies

Recipe on mommymusings

It looks so cute that I did not want to eat it but I could not resist the temptation.Sorry,cutey spider.

It is very easy to make .All you need is brown sugar,vanilla,peanut butter,candy eyes,chocolate chips.

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14.Mummy Hot Dogs

Recipe on Delish

I totally love this food.This smells so nice and hot do is my favorite.You need hot dog,dough,melted butter,mustard.This is one of my favorite Halloween finger food.

15.Ghost Milkshakes

Recipe on lilluna

Time for dessert again. It takes only eight minutes to prepare. the ingredients of this delicious milkshake includes vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla extract, cream, and whole milk.

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16.Saucy Spider Leg

Get recipe on Womans Day

Well, I am trying to scare you and at the same time want to delight you as well. Its time to be a little scared of saucy spider legs. Though it looks scary it tastes awesome. The recipe includes grated Parmesan, black olive, marinara sauce, pizza dough, and eggs. This is one of my favorite Halloween food recipes.

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17.Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

Recipe here

It is one of my favorite Halloween recipes.I just love it. Kids love this food. It takes over six hours to prepare at a temperature of 325 degrees. You need cream cheese packs, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, corn starch, butter, and whipped cream.

18.Cute Witch Hat Cupcakes

Check the recipe

This looks adorable.The ingredients includes chocolate cupcakes,Oreo,Hershey’s chocolate.

19.Witches Hat and Broom

Find recipe here

This is one of my favorite Halloween treats. The ingredients include Hershey’s chocolate kisses, Milk chocolate Hersey Kisses, Kebbler Grasshopper cookies, and food coloring.

20.Oreo Turkey

Details on Our Best Bites

One of the cutest recipes is Oreo Turkey. Kids just love this. In fact, they play with this treat for a while too, and then enjoy this delicious treat. The recipe includes Oreo, candy corn, peanut butter, whoppers, and chocolate.

21.Zombie Brain Hemorrhage

Recipe on celebrating generation

The shot looks very unique.You need Grenadine,peach schnapps,Irish cream.

22.Eye Popping

Details here

There are a few traditional Halloween food you can try like apple bread,caramel corn,pumpkin bread and candy corn.

23.Brew Brownies

Brew Brownies Details of the recipe

I completely love these brownies.They look so adorable.You need boxed brownie mix,edible eyes and candies.

24.Grinch Pancakes

Pancake/Recipe Here

I love these green pancakes with cream on it. They look so different yet very yummy. Kids just love it. You need flour, cream, baking soda, vanilla, melted butter, sugar, and green food coloring.

25.Monster Doughnuts

recipe here

I love doughnuts and I know you too. So why not make Halloween special doughnut this year. It takes only forty minutes to make a yummy doughnut.

26.Colorful Halloween Pancakes

halloween food ideas
Complete recipe here

These are the coolest pancakes ever.You need flour,vanilla extract,eggs,cream,baking soda and different food colorings.

27.Halloween Meat And Cheese Board

Details on Sugar And Charm

The trick here is to make sure you put dark colors which will give Halloween vibe like you put black and blueberries. You need to put a variety of cheese on the cheeseboard like soft cheese, goat cheese, pub cheese, cheddar cheese.

Also add green olives,tart,crackers.

28.Cake Balls

see recipe details

Kids love this so much. Even after Halloween, they will request you to make it again. You need funfetti cake mix, parchment paper, soft cream butter, white melting chocolate, vanilla, and flour.

It is still few days for Halloween but I can’t wait to eat these amazing dishes.

If you have any more ideas to share,let us know and we would love to share it with our readers.

Halloween Food

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