My Trip To Magnolia Market & Things to Know if You Visit


Well it’s been a few days since I got back from visiting Magnolia Market and honestly, the whole thing felt like a crazy whirlwind. It really went by in the blink of an eye. Plus I was basically on a cupcake induced sugar high the entire time we were there, which probably added to the haze of it all. But I’m so excited to chat with you all about my trip, I have tons of photos to share and a few reflections about the experience overall–as well as the surprising lesson I learned while in Waco. And be sure to check out the end of this post if you’re planning to make your own trip to the Silos, I have 5 key things to know before you visit. And also tips on visiting Waco!

My husband I flew into Austin, Texas on Friday–we arrived around 3:00 in the afternoon. We rented an SUV and headed out to Waco as fast as we could, expecting the drive to be about an hour and a half. Well, it didn’t exactly happen that way. There was TONS of rush hour traffic getting out of Austin, then lots of congestion and heavy traffic between Austin and Waco. Unfortunately that really slowed us down and it ended up taking us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there, which meant we rolled into town right before Magnolia Market was about to close up for the day. This actually worked out in our favor, because the place was practically empty, which meant I got a ton of awesome photos which you’ll see in this post. You guys, I was running around like the happiest pregnant lady you ever saw–grinning from ear to ear. It was definitely a bit surreal to be standing in front of those iconic silos for the first time.

Walking into the store for the first time was so dreamy. Every single detail is perfect, it’s really just amazing. Joanna and her team have done an incredible job at styling the shop and making it an experience in itself. I’ve been to a LOT of antique shops and boutiques over the years and I can say this is hands down the coolest shop I’ve ever visited. We were so lucky to get in right before closing on Friday night so I could snap a few photos for you guys. Everything was decorated for spring and so lovely.

It was awesome to be in the shop when it was so quiet. I didn’t realize it at the time, but we were lucky to be able to take it all in without all the crowds. I know it may sound silly to some, but it was so inspiring to just be there and have a few moments to soak it in by ourselves. When we returned on Saturday morning, it was a completely different story–TONS of people and lots of long lines. It was actually pretty cool to see how many people were just as excited as we were to be at the store.

How stunning is this?! It might have been my favorite display in the whole shop. These faux flowers really had me fooled for a bit, I thought they were real!

The whole place is just amazing and you could definitely spend several hours there without getting bored–at least we did. There’s wonderful music playing throughout the entire property, a giant astroturf field that is perfect for kids to run around and play, food trucks, a charming garden, a giant swing set, etc. It’s really incredible. Unfortunately it rained heavily while we were there, so we so we didn’t get to really enjoy the outdoor space as much as I was hoping, but it was still awesome. And honestly, it was such an inspiring place. The whole time we were there I just kept thinking about how much I admire Chip and Joanna’s entrepreneurial spirit. If you’ve read their book you know their amazing story. From their early days of renovations and fixing up rental properties, to Joanna selling decor out of her house and then opening her own little shop, which she eventually closed down to stay home with her babies. It’s really remarkable. And if you’re crazy like me, you’ve read Joanna’s blog from years and years ago, so you know what a truly incredible woman she is–driven by her faith and love for her family. It’s just so cool to see where they are today. You really can’t visit this place without being inspired.

After finally visiting the Silos for myself, I think the biggest thing I got out of the trip was to take more risks in life. So much of what Chip and Joanna have accomplished is due to the fact that they said YES when they weren’t entirely sure of what the outcome would be. They went for it, even when the road ahead was unclear. That’s what I want to do. Set more goals and be less afraid to go after my dreams. Fear is such a crippling thing and it can keep us from doing amazing things in life. So that’s my big takeaway from this trip: less fear, more trust, and more going for it!

5 things to know before your visit Magnolia Market:

Tip #1–Getting to Waco: Whether you’re flying into Dallas or Austin, both are about 90 to 100 miles from Waco, make sure to schedule your arriving flight early in the day if at all possible. This will help you beat any of that late afternoon traffic that slowed us down so much. And the same goes for getting back into the city from Waco, try to schedule a flight early in the day.

Tip #2–When to visit the shop & bakery: The best time to visit the shop is in the early morning right when the doors open at 9:00am, or any time after about 3:00 in the afternoon. We were there early, so we got right in when they opened. But by 10:00 people were wrapped around the block just to get in the store. Since they can only let so many in at a time, they have to start cutting it off and forming a line. One person in, one person out type of thing. Not ideal, but it has to be done in order to control all the crowds. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait in any lines because we got in right at 9:00. We went back around 3:00 in the afternoon and the line for the shop was much less intense. We actually didn’t have to wait to get in, which was awesome.

The same is true for the bakery, which opens at 7:30am. Definitely do everything you can to get there right at 7:30 if you want to avoid waiting in massive lines. That’s what we did and it worked perfectly. In addition to baked goods, they also sell a few different biscuits and coffee, so we grabbed a light breakfast there and just carried our cupcakes around and ate on them throughout the day. It was worth the early morning because every time we saw the line for the bakery–even up until they minute they closed for the day–it was wrapped all the way around the block. But I will say, those cupcakes are insanely good and definitely worth the wait if you can’t get there early. We had 4 and they were all absolutely delicious.

Tip #3–Where to park: The side streets fill up pretty quickly, but there are many paid parking lots within walking distance of the store. We actually found a free lot on the south side of the property that is reserved specifically for Magnolia customers. It’s right behind all of the food trucks and it had plenty of space every time we parked–it’s almost like people didn’t realize it was there. Definitely check this spot first, it’s super convenient.

Tip #4–Choose wisely when you ship: The lower level of the shop actually has a FedEx shipping station, which is super convenient if you’re buying any large items. But keep in mind it’s definitely expensive shipping. We actually had this wood and metal mounted basket shipped, which cost about $75. Pretty pricey–especially when you consider the fact that I could have ordered it from their website and paid a fraction of the cost for shipping. Ooopsie. But I did learn that some items at the store are not available on the Magnolia Market website, many are reserved just for customers that make the trip to Waco. For example, the store had several authentic vintage seltzer bottles that were all very unique. I bought one and it’s probably my favorite find from the entire trip. So my suggestion would be to do a quick check to see if what you want to purchase is on the Magnolia Market website. If it is, you might want to consider ordering it online. You’ll save a lot of money in shipping that way.

Tip #5–Know the Store Hours: I’m pretty sure the store hours fluctuate depending on the time of year and any special events that are going on, so definitely check the Magnolia Market website before you go. And as far as I know, they’re always closed on Sunday so keep that in mind too!

I hope this post helps if you plan on visiting Magnolia Market soon! Also be sure to check out my post about where to stay, eat, and of course shop for antiques while you’re in Waco! Read my tips here.

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