Ten of the most loved items our readers bought in 2020

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At the end of every year, I love to look back at all my posts to see what resonated most with my readers in terms of content. Apart from comments and shares, I like to see which décor and craft items were most popular with my readers. I think this year is pretty telling as to the state of the world in 2020 and I thought it would be fun to write a post about ‘ten of the most loved items our readers bought in 2020’ so you can see what I mean.

Some of the items which made it into my top ten most popular items were no surprise to me. There are always blog posts which remain popular year after year and for which I continue to get lots of questions.

There were a few surprises in my top ten list though and one item, in particular, was extremely popular with you and sold like hotcakes! Can you guess what it is? Maybe you bought one yourself!

With all the lockdowns and restrictions this year, shopping online has become something many of us have preferred to do. I know, I have made more online purchases this year than any year before. Shopping online is a more convenient and safer way to shop during quarantine. You never have to worry that you’re going to forget your mask!

Well, I’ll start from ten and work my way down to the number one spot on my list of ten of the most loved items our readers bought in 2020.


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ten of the most loved items our readers bought in 2020


Most loved items our readers bought in 2020

Here are the most loved items our readers bought in 2020, starting with 10th place.

10. Pressed flowers

I use them in so many ways in my home décor. Two of your favourite craft projects where I used pressed flowers are the pressed flower lanterns and pressed flower prints. I love them so much that I’m sure there will be another project on the blog this year using these lovelies!

Where to buy pressed flowers

You can find gorgeous pressed flowers here if you are in the USA and here if you are in the UK or here if you are in the EU.

How to make beautiful pressed flower prints

9. Round office rug

This is the rug I used in my tiny office makeover.

This beautiful round rug is made from Jute and has a geometric pattern in black. You all seemed to love this rug too. It certainly is a show stopper and the perfect size for a small office. This rug is so soft and at the same time robust, it helps to keep my feet warm and toasty underneath my desk.

You can find the round rug here.

How to make a DIY corner desk

8. Farmhouse riser

This was a bit of a surprise for me and comes from my easy Christmas woodworking tutorial. I made a farmhouse style pedestal table or footed tray and added some farmhouse risers to a list of pre-made versions to buy. It seems many of you loved the idea of decorating with a footed tray but didn’t have time to make one yourself. I’m so glad you liked the pre-made versions too.

You can find the farmhouse risers here, here, or here.

7. Farmhouse style flower prints

So many of you loved these pretty farmhouse style botanical prints! It was no surprise to me that these made the list of my top ten reader favourites.

You can see all the beautiful botanical sets in the post ‘Stylish and affordable botanical wall art’.


6. Removable wallpaper

I suppose it’s because it’s so quick and easy to make a change to your décor with this peel and stick wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is also a fantastic option for renters. It’s so easy to remove when you move.

Peel and stick wallpaper can also be used to easily up-date furniture and shelves. Take a look at my post ‘How to update furniture and make it look more modern’ and my ‘Urban Farmhouse’ post for some ideas for using peel and stick wallpaper.

Find Removable wallpaper here if you are in the USA or here if you are in the EU.

5. My Sewing Machine

Given the year we’ve just left behind this one shouldn’t be such a surprise. For one thing, until they became more available, we all started making our own masks but that wasn’t all. We all had time for hobbies and crafts. We were stuck at home A LOT and had time to pursue creative projects.

Two of my most popular posts in 2020 were sewing projects. You all had so many questions about making a tufted mattress cushion and how to make cushions with an invisible zipper.

You all loved my sewing machine. I hope you love it as much as I do – you crafty things you!

Here’s where you can find the sewing machine.

4. Stencils

You all love stencilling projects just as much as I do! That’s so good to hear because I’ve got a corker of a stencilling project coming up this year too!

The three most popular stencils this year were:

The wall stencil I used in my wall stencilling tutorial.

Find the wall stencil I used in the project here.

This pretty flower stencil I used to stencil my pumpkins.

This Christmas tree stencil I used in my Christmas crate stencil post.

3. L-shaped corner desk

This corner desk shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did!

Before we even knew anything about the Covid-19 virus, I had transformed the dead space at the top of our landing, into a tiny office.

I built an L-shaped corner desk and put up shelves and styled them. Little did I know, when I created that small office that I would soon be working two jobs from there.

We created the office so that I could have a space to work on my blog. Then, the Coronavirus hit and everyone who could, was asked to work from home. I ended up having to take all my computer gear home from work too. I ended up with three screens and two keyboards in that tiny office. I was so thankful for that space.

Because my husband and I are both still working from home, we decided it was time for him to take over that small office space now. So where am I working? It’s a secret for now but it’s an exciting project that I’ll share on the blog soon.

So many of you found yourselves in the same position as me so I added some ready-made desk options to the post. One desk seemed to rise above all others to become a firm favourite.

Find the L-shaped corner desk here.

2. This beautiful vintage rug.

We’re getting close to the number one spot now! The next item is another surprise for me and is from the ‘Shop my style’ page. It shouldn’t be such a surprise since it’s absolutely gorgeous and so affordable too!

So many of you loved and bought this rug! If you are one of those people, congratulations! The earthy colours in this rug are a designer’s dream for 2021.

This gorgeous rug is on sale right now too so if you need one and love this then snap it up before it gets sold out!


Find the beige vintage rug here.

1. These pretty embossed rolling pins.

I’m so glad that you all love these beautiful embossed rolling pins as much as I do. I’m sure many of you bought these as Christmas presents as well as for yourselves.

If you love them so much, don’t forget, they will make fantastic Mother’s Day, Easter or birthday gifts for the baker in your life.

I love that these embossed rolling pins come in so many beautiful patterns. Don’t forget to grab the best cookie dough recipe for embossed rolling pins from my post. There are lots of tips that will make sure your embossed cookies are a raving success!

So that was ten of the most loved items our readers bought in 2020. What do you think? Did any of them surprise you? Did you purchase any of these yourself?

I am in the middle of a room makeover, which means I’m busy searching for items online once again. I’ll be sure to share them with you in my posts. It will be interesting to see if any of them make it to my top ten most purchased items next year – we shall see!

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