Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces


Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Our living room ideas for small spaces is perfect for those of looking to decorate your apartment, condo, or townhouse. Although you may feel that your walls are beginning to close in you at times you are probably working with the perfect amount of space.

Living in an apartment, condo, or townhouse is a pretty common experience for most young people and city folk. They are convenient, affordable, and easy to upkeep for people on the go. But even the busiest urbanites need a little rest and relaxation. Living rooms are perfect for not only putting your feet up but also entertaining your friends and family.

OK so why don’t we have a look at some of those living room ideas for small spaces.

The Keys To Decorating A Small Living Room

Map Of The World Wall Art

How To Maximize Space In A Small Living Room

Funky Positive Vibes Wall Art

One of the best ways to maximize your living space is to by dual purpose products. A couch that doubles as a bed will give you a second bed for friends and family. A TV Stand with shelves can double as an entertainment unit and library. An end table with a lamp can double as a bar. You just have to get a little creative with your living room ideas for small spaces.

Below we have put together five life savers we have used when we had to decorate a smaller space.

5 Tips To Furnishing A Small Apartment Living Room

  1. Measure And Measure Again – Space truly is the biggest issue to deal with when furnishing a small living room. Make sure you not only know the dimensions of the furniture your are buying but also know how how big the door to your building is, the size of your elevator, and also your front door. A lot of people who are new to living on their own forget to check these before they buy furniture.
  2. Less Is More Beautiful – Clutter is for hoaders! and you don’t want to be a hoarder right? One of the best ways to open up your small living room is to buy functional storage. A trendy shelf with some bins or baskets will get the clutter into a safe hiding place and keep you off your friends and families radar.
  3. Place Furniture On The Outside Walls – When floor space is limited you need to feature it. One of the most important tips we can give you when decorating a small living room is to push your furniture to the outside walls of the room unless you are dividing two living spaces.
  4. A Mirror Here And A Mirror There – A mirror on the wall can almost double the feel of the living space you are living in. So why not add a couple. They will give your guests the perception that the room is a lot bigger than it actually is. They will also make your small living room feel a lot brighter and more inviting.
  5. Can’t Paint? No Problem – I think most apartment building owners shop at the same place for their paint. It’s usually not quite white, not quite brown, and not quite appealing. To make matters worse most leases won’t let you paint. To liven up the living room its a good idea to add color and texture to the room. One of the fastest way to bring a room to life is with a classy vase and some fresh flowers.

Trendy Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Below is a little inspiration to get you out designing with a purpose. No matter your style we are sure some of these images with spark your creativity a bit. Another great place to get inspiration is to grab a friend and a coffee and hit up an Ikea. The European designed furniture is designed specifically for apartments sized spaces. Have a look at their website as it is full of living room ideas for small spaces.


Love Quotes For Your Living Room

Common Trendy Color Palettes For Decorating A Small Space

  • Metallics – Silver, Chrome, Black all give a room a more modern, clean, and trendy appearance.
  • Darks – Blacks, Reds, Purples and Blues aren’t usually found in traditional homes but they will give your home a more hip feel.
  • Brights – Using yellows, oranges, and greens will give your trendy little living room a new life.
  • Features – Choosing a focal point and using something bold is another trick to bringing a small room to life. Painting and curtains are great ways to show your guests just what your style is.

Extra Large Paintings To Add Dimension

Unique Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Decorating is 100% about expressing who you are as an individual. Some of us are traditional and some of us are unique. Even the most traditional decorator has a one or two unique tastes in them.

Here are some unique solutions that you might just end up buying.

Small Living Room Inspiration To Live a Little Different

Farmhouse Coffee Tables For Small Spaces

Cheap Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

By cheap we mean inexpensive. Decorating your living room should be a lot of fun. And to be honest fun does not always have to be expensive. Their are a lot of beautiful items that can be found a a good price both online and in retail stores. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

Small Living Room Decorating Inspiration

So we have covered a thing or two on how to decorate and furnish your living room. Below is just a little bit more inspiration to get those creative juices flowing!

Wall Art For Small Living Rooms

Wall Art Sets For Small Spaces

Mirrors For Small Living Rooms

Mirror Stickers For Confidence

Accent Furniture For Small Living Rooms

Vintage Accent Chairs For Every Corner

Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces – Accessories

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