How to Make Money Selling Journals ( Printables, Low Content Books, Planners)


I am so excited to share an easy way to make money from home selling Printables and low content books.

How much can you make selling Printables and low content Books, Journals? You can make anywhere from 200 dollars upwards. There are people making 6000 dollars per month and more.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.

How do you make money selling Printables?

First, find the type of printables people are willing to spend money on. Second, you create printables and third, you list them for sale.

Printables are usually priced low. It was found that 2.99 dollars was the sweet spot for selling printables.

Rarely you will find highly priced printables.

The highly priced printables are usually collections. A collection of printables can include many printables and usually sells at a higher price point.

Basically, you create a printable such as this and put it up for sale.

We will look at a strategy which can get you earning quickly.

  • Find out what printables would be purchased by people
  • Create the printable – you can learn how to create amazing ones using this course
  • Sell them on Etsy, or use SendOwl

How to make 6k a Month with a Printable Business

Here is a lady making 6k per month with her printable business.

A brand new cloud-based tool that allows you to create eBooks, reports, whitepapers or other digital books on the fly, quickly and easily.
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This is how she does it.

  • She gives away free Printables to make her email list.
  • She writes one post per week and publishes it on Sundays. These are usually list posts like “25 Craft Ideas for kids”
  • She pins her article on Pinterest
  • Every other day she makes a printable and publishes it on her store
  • She pins these Printables to Pinterest
  • She sends an email to her list giving them a chance to purchase the Printables before others do.
  • She mentioned she used this blog course and this printables course to get started
The Course mentioned in video – Printables Course

Just like I always do.. I checked her website…

The statistics show very less Google Traffic.

How to get Traffic to your Printables Shop

I find almost all the ladies having blogs and selling Printables are making one mistake…

They are simply focusing on Pinterest for their traffic. It is easy, quick and you see results almost instantly.

Btw Pinterest is by far the best platform to promote your printables. It will help you generate some serious passive income.

And …

If you use this Pinterest Course to get your Pinterest SEO right, you will make money very quickly.

I have a small Pinterest account but I set it up using the strategies in the course and I make a big chunk of sales from such a small traffic.

I am waiting to use her advanced strategy once I can finish some other core blogging jobs.

Check this Pinterest SEO course.

What if she focused just a teeny bit on SEO?

Well Google is the biggest search engine and sends a lot of traffic and love if you are on the first page.

Even those posts which are on second page eventually see traffic for me…

Just a little SEO would boost her traffic and sales.

This free SEO Course was very helpful for me. I am sure it will help you boost your traffic, sales and income.

Check Free SEO course.

What if you cannot design the printables?

Many people do not have the time or the motivation to create printables.

There is another way to do this. You can purchase commercial rights for the printables.

Here is a lady who sells low content Books and printables – printables for resale

Basically you purchase the rights to sell the printables and sell them yourself.

So don’t let fear stop you.

Simple resell printables and low content Books and journals.

How to know which Printables and Low Content Books, Journals will Sell?

There is a simple strategy to understand what your customers are looking for and then make those.

This is a secret Ninja trick which 6 figure earners use.

They reverse engineer and find what people are buying.

This is how to do it.

  • Go to Etsy, Shopify, Pinterest and search for printables
  • Look at what are the top suggestions.
  • Look at what they are selling, how many bought them – this is shown in Etsy
  • In Etsy it also shows how many people added the product in the cart.
  • This is pure gold – this means the product is popular
  • Now outsource your creation or make your own and list them for sale.
  • Keep a list of your competitors products – how they name them, what they include in description, what’s the cost
  • Use this to sell yours

How to Create Printables and courses

You can make them on Canva, Google docs, PowerPoint.

If you are super creative try photoshop.

You can learn all the techniques in this course. It also has some easy to copy templates and shows you how to create and sell them.

Check the Printables Course.

Where to sell Printables and low content Books and journals?

I found some websites which allow you to sell products. Some work on a monthly fee, some are free but take a commission from your earnings.

I am listing the websites here.

Before that..

You can sell low content Books on Amazon Kindle. If you want to go that route the strategy will be a bit different.

Check this method.

I will share that strategy also in this article.

No monthly fee
Unlimited products
Real-time analytics
Customer management
Limited posts and workflows
SD streaming
5% + charge fee (3.5% + 30¢)
$0 /mo
+5% transaction fee
All features
Unlimited products
Unlimited revenue
Pricing is flat rate and based on the number and size of your products. Minimum fees is 10 dollars per month

How to Make Money selling Low Content Books, Journals and Planners

Now let’s look at an easy way to create and sell planners, journals.

  • Create or purchase the Digital products to sell
  • Customize it as per your requirement
  • Design high quality Covers. Find People on sites like Fiverr
  • Upload your books to Amazon KDP, Lulu, Etsy, Shopify
  • Include Sales Triggers

Step 1: Create low content books

Use the pre created toolbox to create low content Books easily. Check this program.

Step 2: Upload your books to Amazon KDP

You can upload to any platform such as Etsy, Lulu…

Step 3: Include Sales Triggers

There are certain subtle things which can help trigger sales.

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat to maximize your income!

Start making low content books today

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